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Breville DF28 Easy-Clean Deluxe Fryer

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    3 Reviews
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      10.02.2012 11:37
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      • Reliability


      A useful and effective everyday fryer

      Whilst I do try and eat healthily for most of the time I am partial to eating home cooked chips. Whilst I have in the past tried to cook potato wedges in the oven, I have to admit that even my normally enthusiastic oven does not find chips the easiest. It was with this thought that I bought my Breville DF28 Deluxe Fryer just before Christmas. Whilst this is not the cheapest fryer on the market it is made by a renowned appliance manufacturer and had a number of uses and I therefore happily took my new purchase home to try it out.


      Upon taking out this fryer from its packaging, I was pleased that it was relatively modern and simple in appearance and fitted within my neutral kitchen. The body of this fryer is white in colour and is made in a plastic finish which is highlighted in silver detail around the base and feet of the fryer and around the handle. This appliance has a large viewing window on the top to enable the user to safely look inside whilst cooking. It also features a silver temperature control dial to the front right of the fryer which allows the user to vary the temperature form between 130 and 190°C.

      A quirky little feature of this fryer is a series of four small illustrations on the top which illustrate mushrooms, chicken, fish and chips and show a recommended cooking temperature for each. In addition, a small digital timer to the left of the fryer allows the user to select the required cooking time.


      This fryer is not the most petite of appliances and measures in at 34.5cm wide x 24.5cm deep x 26cm high. On my limited worktop space this is a slight issue as it means that in between use I generally tuck the appliance back into the box and into the cupboard to give me more room to prepare food.


      This fryer can contain 2 litres of oil and can cook up to 1 kg of food which makes it suitable in my opinion for cooking chips for up to four adults. I generally cook for just myself and my partner and therefore the capacity is adequate for this.

      ------Safety Features------

      One of my biggest worries in purchasing a fryer was the safety issues, especially after hearing the fire hazard they can potentially cause. However this fryer has a number of features to put you at rest. These include:-

      *Non Slip Feet: -
      To securely stand the fryer on the work surface.

      *A Locking Lid: -
      This prevents small hands being able to open the lid or knock it over and spill the contents whilst cooking.

      *Cool Touch Body: -
      The body of this fryer is white and plastic designed to ensure it doesn't get hot whilst cooking. It will therefore not burn hands when brushing past.

      I was quite impressed with the usefulness of the non slip feet. Although this appliance can be quite heavy when full with oil, the feet are an added comfort when located on my ultra shiny kitchen work surface.

      ------What it Cooks------

      As mentioned I bought this fryer to cook my weekly chip urges, however it can also be used for a number of other ingredients including fish, onion rings, nuggets and mushrooms.

      ------Price and Availability------

      The Breville Deluxe Fryer can generally be bought for around £40 - £50 and I bought mine for £41.99 from my local appliances store before Christmas. However, it is currently being stocked on Amazon for £48.16 with free delivery. This price makes it a good buy in my opinion given that it is used a few times a week. It also comes with a one year manufacturers warranty for peace of mind.


      Upon taking out of the box this fryer is relatively easy to assemble, and the instructions in the box are a good guide if you struggle as I do to work out which bit goes where. This fryer is powered by an electric cable and therefore needs locating near to your available power socket. It should then be filled up with cooking oil up to the required level.

      To select the temperature simply turn the dial at the front of the fryer to the required temperature and the power indicator light at the front of the appliance tells you when the oil is at the required heat. Then simply lift the basket out of the top of the machine and fill with your required food, lower back into the oil and click the handle down to lock. As the front of the appliance has a timer screen you can simply adjust the timer to the minutes that you need to give you an indication of how long and when the food will be ready to eat.

      ------Cooking Results------

      To date I have only used my fryer to cook potato wedges and have found that these are generally cooked within a few minutes once the oil has heated up inside. This is much quicker than my oven and also means that the chips are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Whilst I did worry that the chips might be quite oily, the drip basket enables all the oil to come off the chips before they are served on the plate.

      This fryer works perfectly as a chip cooker however I have yet to testify on how effective it is for cooking larger ingredients such as fish.


      Once the appliance has completely cooled down, which can take a while due to the heat of the oil, it is safe to clean. The outer skin of this fryer is very easy to clean being that it has a plastic finish and you are therefore able to wipe any oil spills of it easily. Inside, the contents can be fully disassembled and this includes the lid of the fryer which can be completely taken off.

      The basket can also be lifted out of the fryer to enable it to be soaked in hot soapy water to rinse any oil off. The only difficulty I have found is trying to clean the oily base of the fryer as whilst the oil is a difficult substance to clean in the first place it is also very difficult to get into all the nooks and crannies where dirt and oil have built up during cooking.

      ------My Summary------

      I have found this to be an incredibly useful cooking aid in my household and saves time with what can only be described as an arduous job cooking home made chips in the oven. Whilst some would argue that it is a fair amount of money to pay for an appliance that only cooks fried food, I would counter that it is more than worth it if you want to ensure that the food going into your mouth is home made and well cooked and doesn't come straight out of a packet.

      This appliance heats up quickly, cooks thoroughly and is relatively easy to set up and work. It is also a safe appliance given the points listed above. My only criticism is the difficulty cleaning this fryer, a problem that I know only too well being a bit of a neat freak.


      Based on my comments above, I would recommend this appliance, both as a tool for small households, and also for those with a family who need a safe method to fry food.

      This means that I will be scoring this appliance 4 stars out of 5.

      Thanks for reading! x


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        13.01.2012 13:24


        • Reliability


        A safer, cleaner way to fry food than a chip pan!

        Sick of using our chip pan, I thought it was about time that I went and purchased a fryer to sit on our worktop. I liked this one because it was covered, and with a small child running around it seemed a bit safer than an open top style that could spit oil. I also have to admit that I was taken in by the easy-clean claim, as cleaning oil is a pretty horrible job. I paid £40 for this on an offer from my local supermarket, and I don't think I would have paid anymore than this. I have since found this item for sale on Amazon and other online retailers for anywhere between £50 and £70.

        Setting up the unit was very straightforward and I really only glanced at the full instructions provided. The unit takes 2 (ish) litres of oil to fill and it's heated by an electric element that is found under the oil pan. The front of the unti has a dial that you can adjust the oil temperature for various food types and a light to indicate when the oil is at that temperature. The basket holds about a kilo of food, which is just enough for a small family, although if you have more than 3/4 people you will probably be better getting a larger fryer, because you will need to do a couple of loads with this one.

        All in all the fryer gives really good results with all different types of food and I'm really happy with it. The only problem with this fryer is cleaning it, but I hate cleaning anything that had oil in it. I wouldn't say that pulling this apart and cleaning it is easy, as the manufacturers claim. Oil is difficult to clean off anything because of it's natural aversion to water. I don't think any fryer is easy to clean, so I think you're not loosing out buying this one.

        All in all a great enclosed fryer that's just big enough for a small family!


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        17.10.2011 21:12
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        As fryers go it is quite a good one

        About eighteen months ago my Tefal chip fryer spewed hot oil all over the worktop and floor just once too often and found itself banished from our lives.

        I went in search of a new fryer with only one specification...it must have a lid that closes while it is frying.
        In my local town to get from the car park into the main shopping centre the easiest route is through the co-op. Just inside the entrance to the co-op is their electrical department and as I have a co-op dividend card I thought I would have a browse there first before going to Argos which is the only other store we have that sells electricals.

        Most of the fryers available at that time were the stainless steel professional style open fryers that seem popular but as I had just ended a very bad relationship with one I wasn't interested these. I eventually found tucked away on a bottom shelf the Breville DF28. I was immediately interested in the fryer because it had the lid I coveted. I was also attracted to the fryer because it was in the sale at £29.99 and I had enough dividend points to cover the whole purchase.

        The fryer is white with a fold away handle a pop up lid and a small basket. It takes approximately two litres of oil to reach the correct level for cooking and the basket can hold around one kilo of food. The heating element is in the bottom of the fryer and the pan than holds the oil sits on top of this so the elements are not in the oil but underneath it. The pan lifts out easily for cleaning and the lid can also be removed for this purpose.

        Putting the fryer together is very easy but the fryer does come with full instructions. On the front is a dial to alter the temperature and there are suggestions regarding the best heat for certain food items. Also on the front is the temperature indicator light that shows red while the oil is heating and then turns green once it has reached the desired temperature.

        I find that to make enough chips o feed my family of six I do need to make two or even three batches so I could probably do with a bigger fryer but on the whole I have been very pleased with the cooking abilities of this fryer. The chips that I make are usually crisp and don't take many minutes to cook once the oil is up to temperature. I have also fried battered fish, onion rings and scampi and have been pleased with the results.

        My one issue with the fryer is cleaning it. Now I admit this is not a job I particularly like and I find it awkward and messy at the best of times. The manufacturer does claim that the fryer is easy cleaning but I think they have never actually tried to clean it. The pan comes out and the wire basket are can obviously be removed but they take a lot of scrubbing as the oil seems to stick like glue to them. Trying to clean the rest is just as fiddly because although you can removed the lid it still needs to be scrubbed which affects the look of the fryer. The bottom has the electric elements in it so cannot be immersed in water and trying to clean this with a cloth is almost impossible. This is not a particular problem with this fryer but it is just one of those messy jobs that I put off until absolutely necessary.

        Although I got the fryer at a very reasonable price I have not found such a good deal while researching for this review. Online the fryer is available from approximately £50 to £70 depending where you get it. It is currently (Oct 11) available from www.amazon.co.uk for £55.01 with free shipping.

        A good fryer that I would recommend.


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