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Breville VDF042 3 Litre Professional Deep Fat Fryer Variable Temp

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    1 Review
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      26.11.2014 21:41
      Very helpful


      • "easy cleaning"
      • "safe to use"


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      fancy a chip

      We have owned this deep fat fryer for a number of years now, and as today was set aside to give it a good clean, it reminded me to write a review.

      Why we bought it
      We don't eat chips every day, perhaps once a fortnight , so when I am cooking them I want them to be real British chips, none of these horrible french fries or reconstituted oven chips, No, nothing else will do...they must be real potatoes cooked in real hot oil and that's that!
      I had cooked chips in a saucepan of oil for years when my husband decided we needed a deep fat fryer, so I agreed, but insisted that it must be easy to clean and of course good value for money.

      This Breville deep fat fryer descibed by breville as''' Stainless Steel Pro Fryer with Plastic Lid,''' fitted the bill at a good rprice. I believe we paid 29.99 but this is cureently available at Tesco for''' 34.99'''
      Styling and Design
      Most of my small electrical items n the kitchen are stainless steel, so this fits in nicely. It is basically a brushed stainless steel rectangle box. with a black lid and a back control panel to the rear. The box measures 17cm high x 17cm wide by 32cm front to back. the whole is lifted off the worktop by 4 small feet so the heat won't damage your worktop. The control panel to the rear adds extra bulk of around 7cm to the length and 5 cm to the hieght. The black plastic handle of the basket sticks out to the front, but this is removable if you wish.

      The control panel is very simple with just a tempurature control dial, a red on light , a green light telling you when the correct tempurature has been reached, and an on off switch. It is fittted with a 1 metre long black cable with a sealed black plug.
      Cleaning and maintenance
      This was one of the things that drew us to this machine. Chip fryers by their very nature can get very gunked up with old oil,, so thorough cleaning is essential. We only do this every couple of months , but when we do it is pretty easy.
      The fryer is composed of 5 components; the main stainless stell box that houses the fryer, the heavy metal container for the oil, the control panel complete with heater element attached, fryer basket and lid. All these things simply lift off and then all ecxept the control panel can be immersed in hot soapy water. I like to use a spray de-greaser too to get everyhting really clean and shiny.

      For the control panel I use my spay de-greaser sprayed onto a scourer pad, and then wipe clean with a damp cloth.
      Once everything i clean sparkling and shiny again, it is a simple job to just drop everything in place to reassembe. Some fresh clean vegetable oil and we are ready to go again.

      How it cooks
      I have been very pleased witht his cooker. It holds 3 litres of oil and the basket is big enough to get chips for up to 3 people. I have also used this to fry quite large pieces of cod (one at a time), prawn crackers, home made doughnuts etc etc. Although I have never actually timed this, I think it cooks quicker than cooking in a saucepan of oil, probably because the oil is kept at the right temperature. , and the built in thermostat means it cannot over heat, so it is safer to use.
      I like to lift the basket to give the food a shake during cooking, and when I am happy that everything is cooked evenly, there is a convenient hook on the basket meaning I can lift the food out of the oil, but leave it to drain for a few moments, while I get on with other tasks.

      The handle is sturdy enough to take the entire basket over to wherever I am serving up the food without fear of it collapsing on me and spilling the contents.
      We have found this cooker a real boon in the kitchen and not only would I defintiely recommend it I will also buy myself another one should it ever stop working.


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  • Product Details

    The Breville VDF042 Professional Deep Fryer has a 3 litre oil capacity and a 1kg food capacity that lets you easily cook potato chips and other fried dishes for the whole household / Also featured in the Breville VDF042 Professional Deep Fryer is a removable immersed heating element and a cool zone area that helps lengthen oil life / The removable enamel bowl and power indicators make it extremely easy to use / The entire unit can be unassembled to facilitate cleaning / The Breville VDF042 Professional Deep Fryer , with its cool stainless steel finish, will soon become indispensable to the entire family! / Short name: Breville VDF042

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