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  • Reliability
  • easy to clean
  • disadvantage to our waist line
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    3 Reviews
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      02.01.2015 04:53
      Very helpful


      • "easy to clean"
      • durable
      • "well set up display"
      • inexpensive


      • "disadvantage to our waist line"
      • ""
      • ":) to easy to fry everything"

      Great value, easy to use, easy to clean.

      When I ordered this on amazon I was not expecting the high quality item that I received. Yes, this is a very basic looking deep fryer cook up. But this one is a bit more. and well worth the purchase price.

      First the thermostat and power control have very clear markings, they are very easy to seem which in my opinion is rather rare and is very appreciated. It has a power indicator light and another for temperature , the later is lit when the oil is being heated and off when not. It holds apx. 3 liters of oil. The accompanying booklet suggests suitable oils and warns against using some alternatives. It doesn't have a filter for fumes or steam. The lid is simply a cover that is to be removed when the fryer is in use.

      Most of the fryer is easy to clean chrome or black plastic. The fryer easily disassembles for emptying and cleaning. All of the parts, except the thermostat and control portions, can be immersed for washing. If the heating element needs to be cleaned, you can do that with wash rag when cold and all excess oil is drained.

      The basket is somewhat narrow. I find you need to size food pieces appropriately. Using a mandolin slicer it makes amazing chips. I have also used it for chicken, fish, chips, crisps, and fritters to date. The size is ideal for 2 or 3 servings. It does have a quick recovery time so I am able to use it when we have guests. But for the two of us this little fryer is ideal.

      My only complaint is that with it we are finding it way to easy t o fry foods.


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      26.04.2013 02:43
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great value deep fat fryer, looks more expensive than it is.

      =Breville VDF059=

      =Stainless Steel=
      We had this fryer for about 12 months, it is a stainless steel deep fat fryer, it looks very stylish and I spent around £30 on the fryer.

      This holds 3 litres of oil, with a 1kg food capacity.

      The deep fat fryer, has temperature control and goes up to 190C. The sides are a cool zone technology, there is built in cord storage.

      =After Every Use=
      This deep fat fryer, has a removable enamel bowl, this holds the oil and the heating element. The outside of the fryer is stainless steel, but this does show up the fingerprints.

      When you have put 3 litres of oil in, this comes to about half way up the fryer, although there are no actual marking inside of the fryer, to show where the level is, once switched on it takes about 10 minutes for the oil to heat up to maximum temperature. There is a light system, the red light is showing that the oil is heating up and the green light comes on when the oil is at the right temperature.

      The deep fat fryer heats up to maximum temperature very quickly, within ten minutes the red light has gone out and the green light is lit indicating that the oil is at the desired temperature and ready to fry.

      There is no timer on this fryer, but I find that a 1kg bag of frozen chips cooks in about 10 minutes.

      =Cleaning the oil=
      There is no filter on this fryer, which is an absolute let down, so we would have to wait for the fryer to cool then remove the oil with a plastic jug and then filter this back into the empty oil bottle.

      From here the enamel bowl comes out to be washed as does the element, we give the stainless steel a wipe over.

      The width is 40cm, the depth is 24.5cm and the height is 27cm. The weight without oil in just under 2,5kg.

      =Instruction Booklet=
      This fryer comes with an instruction booklet which I would recommend reading before use.

      This fryer is excellent quality, and it value for money, it looks expensive, works well, with us emptying the oil after every use, the oil would last about 5 to 6 sets of frying before needing changing, this did depend on what was frying, if I cooked sausages, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, these seemed to dirty the oil quicker.

      =Would I recommend=
      I was highly impressed with the fryer, and it is great value for money. I find it healthy as having to drain the oil after each use, tend to eat less fried food.


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      07.03.2013 16:37
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Easy to use, easy to clean, keep an eye on the waist line.

      In the run up to Christmas my Husband was given a £40 Amazon voucher as a gift from the company he works for, he then passed it onto me to spend on whatever took my fancy. I had decided to apply it to my account and then wait till Christmas day when I got my new tablet and add new books to my kindle app, I could imagine myself Christmas day with a glass of wine, a box of chocolates, relaxing on the settee and reading a brand new book on my brand new tablet. Alas it was not meant to be, as with all great plans I fell at the last hurdle, the knob snapped off my deep fat fryer.

      I was more than happy to continue using the deep fat fryer, only needing a pair of pliers to set the temperature, but the Husband insisted that I order a new one immediately from Amazon using the voucher he had given me a few days earlier. My fantasies of a relaxed Christmas morning surrounded by wine, chocolate and e-books flew out the window and I was soon browsing for a new deep fat fryer.

      The one that caught my eye was the Breville VDF059 Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer, it cost me £34.00 with free delivery, and although this was a great bargain I was counting the cost in books.

      I have always had a good experience with Breville kitchen products, and this was one of the things I took into consideration when looking for a new deep fat fryer. I also wanted something that fully disassembled so I could clean it easily, held 3 litres of oil and had a 1kg food capacity. The VDF059 ticked these boxes as well as having variable power control up to 190 degrees, cool zone technology, cord storage and an immersed heating element.

      When the deep fat fryer arrived I left it sat for a few days boxed, I still bore it a grudge. When I finally unboxed it I was impressed, the brushed stainless steel looks clean and modern and the contrasting black plastic handles give it a professional finish. The removable enamel bowl looks clean and has a little bit of weight to it that tells me that it is quality. The basket has a detachable handle, I remove this when I put the deep fat fryer in the cupboard otherwise it would be too long to close the door. The control panel looks nice and neat, I like that it is stainless steel rather than black plastic like my last one. I found that the temperature and power on writing soon rubbed off when the control panel was plastic.

      The deep fat fryer was very easy to assemble, it was not long before I had poured 3 litres of rapeseed oil onto the enamel bowel, the oil only comes half way up the bowel and I can not find any sign of level indicators.

      The deep fat fryer heats up to maximum temperature very quickly, within ten minutes the red light has gone out and the green light is lit indicating that the oil is at the desired temperature and ready to fry.

      I have had consistently excellent results from the Breville VDF059, I have cooked frozen chips, home made chips, fish fingers, onion rings and home made scotch eggs with ease. All food has been cooked to perfection, nice and crisp and not greasy. The shallow basket easily holds a 1kg of frozen chunky chips or about 12 fish fingers, it is tempting to cram a few more in but this seriously adds to the cooking time and detracts from the quality of the finished cooked product.

      As the deep fat fryer has no timer I like to stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on proceedings, food can go from nearly cooked to over cooked very quickly. The deep fat fryer is used without a lid so there is no way of filtering the greasy cooking smells that emanate while in use, I find it best to stand the deep fat fryer under the extractor unit so that the steam is pulled out of the house.

      Cleaning the deep fat fryer is a breeze, the whole thing disassembles enabling me to wash the enamel bowl and stainless steel outer and lid with ease, each time it is cleaned it looks as new. I wipe the control panel over with a warm soapy cloth and clean the heating element with kitchen roll.

      I previously mentioned that the deep fat fryer seems a little long so here are the dimensions for you to make your own mind up w40cm x d24.5cm x h27cm. When full of oil the deep fat fryer is quite heavy, the unfilled weight is 2.37kg, and I would recommend allowing it to cool before moving it about.

      Common sense is needed when using the deep fat fryer, always read the enclosed instruction booklet before using for the first time.

      In conclusion I am more than happy with my purchase, although I can't help but think of the books I could have brought with the voucher whenever I use it. It quickly and easily produces enough chips for my family of four, the oil stays clean for a long time, I usually change the oil after four fryings (about once a month) from personal preference not because the oil is dirty. I happily give the Breville VDF059 deep fat fryer 5/5 stars.

      Thank you for reading.


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      Short name: Breville VDF059

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