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Bush FC026 Deep Fryer

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3 Reviews
  • Good value for money
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Sides get warm
  • No lid when cooking
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    3 Reviews
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      07.04.2014 14:56
      Very helpful


      • "Quick and easy to clean"
      • "Good value for money"


      • "Sides get warm"
      • "No lid when cooking"

      Good value for money if you do noy use one often.

      I know, its not the healthiest item in the kitchen, but good, traditional chips just have to be eaten!
      We wanted a cheaper deep fat fryer as we do not use it that often and one that would do two people. The bush FC206 fitted the bill. It is chrome in colour with black handles on the side, black feet, handle for lid and the rear controls are black. It is rectangular in shape and holds 3L of oil. It has a good length of cord and the cord/plug can be placed in the back of the unit out of the way, when not in use.
      It came in pieces with an easy to follow, basic, instruction book.
      Easy to set up, the separate parts are:
      Rear control panel and heater elements
      Outer case
      Internal oil holder
      Basket and separate handle
      No screwing or bolts, just put the unit together, fill up and you are ready to go.
      The control panel has a temperature switch from 130*C to 190*C and an off position. It also has a red and green light, red for power on and green for ready, these are easily seen.

      The basket has a detachable handle and a clip on the side to keep the basket above the oil, this allows the food to 'drip dry', to a certain degree.
      The instruction book gives a few different temperatures for various foods, so even a novice can play with it!
      The main draw back is that while cooking the lid should remain off, therefore a small amount of 'spitting' needs to be cleaned up. The sides of the outer case also get warm, so be aware.
      As the unit comes to pieces, quickly and easily, it is easy to clean.
      Very good value for money if you do not use one often.


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      17.09.2010 21:01
      Very helpful



      worthy machine

      This Bush deep fat frying gadget, while not getting a lot of use, performs perfectly when ever called upon. It has the perfect look to match any sort of kitchen style. Its stainless steel finish, and perfect size and shape means it can slot perfectly on to any kitchen work surface and not look out of place. It has an easy to use cable storage space, which keeps the fryers wires out of sight making it look even more tidy. The only negative comment I have to make on the look of the machine is that the feet are ever so slightly bulky, but they serve the purpose of keeping the fryer stuck fast to the surface when in use.

      It has easy to use controls, with a temperature range of up to 190 degrees. It also has a temperature light indicator, which shows when the fryer has reached the desired temperature, allowing you for absolute precision cooking. As a gauge of size It has enough basket space to cook chips for roughly 3 people, depending on how hungry/greedy people are feeling!

      The parts are easy to use and clean. The basket handle is easily detachable, and the basket is completely removable for easy food distribution and immersible cleaning. Also, if you feel the need to give the fryer a thorough cleaning, the element is also removable.
      In terms of its cooking ability, I can honestly say I have never had any problems in terms of cooking time or temperature variation. It cooks to perfection.

      In terms of the price, it isn't exactly the cheapest deep fat fryer on the market, with a price range of about £30-£45, but in my opinion it is one of the better ones on the market. If you are looking to invest in a new deep fat fryer, this model should serve you up a few good meal ideas for the week ahead.


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      14.11.2006 07:57
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      10/10 for a great product

      Bush Deep Fat Fryer Chrome FC026.

      Yet again, the time came for one of my beloved small kitchen appliances to take itself into retirement last week after five years loyal service. Now do not get me wrong the appliance served me well and in my opinion gave a good loyal service for a deep fat fryer. Time for another shopping venture, which I was not envying at this time of year, so I thought I would first chance my luck and browse through the countless sales leaflets I am always receiving from many mail order companies.

      Usually you find they are always full of sales on products and appliances that you do not need to replace, or would ever consider buying. However, this time lady luck was shining down on me and whilst browsing I found that homeshoppingdirect.com had a half price offer on the Bush FC026 Deep Fat Fryer. It was on offer for £24.99 reduced from £49.99 and I liked the appearance of the fryer straight away. This particular Bush Fryer is also available in silver/black and has a separate code FC026SIL however; this one was only reduced to £28.99 and in my opinion was not as nice in appearance as the chrome model.

      I placed my order immediately as I wanted to insure they had stock and I was luck and whilst ordering I was informed that it was being dispatched direct from the manufacturer and would arrive within three weeks. I did not really mind this as I was getting a bargain and the time scale is about the same on all goods being dispatched form the manufacturer. Anyway let us cut to the chase, I was very surprised when 6 days later my deep fat fryer was delivered.

      The fryer arrived in a large box, which displayed a picture of the fryer on the front and was securely sealed. The fryer was extremely well packed inside the box as well to ensure there is no damage during transit. After unpacking the appliance and checking it for damage, it was time to get the fryer ready for use.

      The Fryer.

      The fryer is an oblong in shape and the base unit has two black plastic handles on the chrome outer casing to allow you to move the fryer around with ease. The fryer has a chrome lid, which also has a black handle that matches the side handles. The lid itself is actually only to be used as a dust cover for the fryer and must never be used whilst you are cooking with the appliance. The lid is only to be replaced when the fryer has fully cooled and this will prevent the lid becoming mis-shaped and to stop any dust getting into the oil.

      The temperature dial of the fryer is located on a solid piece black backing unit, which attaches to the main base unit by a clip sliding function, which then keeps it securely in place. This black unit has the electrical cord attached to it and contains the fryers element. This is a great feature as it allows you to remove all the power and element completely from the base unit and fat for ease of cleaning and safety.

      The base unit of the fryer is a black oblong bowl, which is made of heatproof material and sits inside the chrome outer casing, which contains the appliance handles securely. This allows you to remove the bowl containing the oil completely for ease of cleaning and oil changing. The chrome base outer casing also has four plastic feet to prevent the fryer from sliding on the work surface when in use.

      The temperature control for the fryer is a dial with the temperatures clearly marked around the outside if the dial, which allows you to select the temperature you, require with ease. This dial temperature range offers a feature of temperature selection from 0ºC to 190ºC with the settings from 130ºC being clearly marked all the way up to 190ºC in 10ºC intervals but prior to that it is similar in looks to an increasing arrow. This dial also contains an off setting enabling you to turn all the power off to the appliance from the temperature dial. I personally although using this function still prefer to switch the power off at the plug and remove the plug from the wall for added safety.

      The temperature panel also contains a red and a green indicator light. The red light comes on and stays on as long as there is power to the appliance and gives a clear instruction as to whether you have turned the dial to the off position or not. The green indicator light comes on when you turn the appliance on but will go out to let you know that the fat is at the correct temperature. When you add your food, the green light will come on again but will go out when the food is cooked.

      The Deep Fat Fryer comes with a snug fitting food basket, which has a detachable handle, which makes it even easier to clean. The basket has a clip style feature on its side to allow you to hang the basket on the edge if the fryer base unit to allow you to drop the food in to the hot oil slowly and safely. This fryer suggests that you keep the basket out of the oil whilst heating the oil for cooking as this is a safer and secure method recommended by the manufacturers.

      The temperature casing unit has a hollow section on its rear side, which is there to allow you to store the cable and plug away safely when the appliance is not in use and gives the appliance a much tidier appearance when not in use. Finally, the fryer comes complete with an excellent and detailed instruction manual, which gives you pictures and clear instructions on assembling, using cleaning and appliance safety. The instruction manual also gives a list of temperature settings, which they suggest, types of foods; however, they still recommend you follow the foods cooking instructions to ensure food is cooked correctly.

      This appliance is supplied with a one-year’s manufacturers warranty which will happily repair or replace and faulty parts or the appliance providing the appliance has been used for domestic purposes only and within the manufacturers guidelines. Please note none of the parts of this fryer are user-replaceable or user repairable.

      I have already had the pleasure of using this appliance three times and must say I found it very easy to use. I was very surprised at how quickly the appliance got the oil up to temperature. I did find the basket to be very deceiving but in a good way do not get me wrong. I found I was able to cook more food in one go with this fryer even though I cooked enough to feed half of my street. As I assembled the appliance, it made me realise how easy this appliance was going to be to clean and I must say I was very happy with this as it is not the nicest of household tasks but this appliance has the features to make it so much easier and safer.

      The instruction booklet of this appliance was great and very easy to follow, but the thing I love the most about this appliance is the price I paid and the look of the appliance as it reminds me of a professional deep fat fryer. So far, I give this product 10/10, which as you know is rare for me, but the facts I am face with I cannot give it any other result. The appliance is actually even quite quiet when it is cooking especially when you consider it does not have the cover on it during cooking. I highly recommend this deep fat fryer form Bush to all.

      Welshwickedone© November 2006


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