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Morphy Richards 45470

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    2 Reviews
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      27.07.2009 11:39
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      An elegant, easy to use fryer, for those chip moments.

      Tired of dried up oven chips in my fan oven, not as though they are cheap either, always take up valuable space up in the freezer. And the fan oven uses it's fare whack of electricity.

      I bought this purely for the chip factor last year for just under £50. Totally aware that deep frying food is not particularly a healthy option these days though. Sometimes a little of what you fancy...

      This all slots together and comes apart very easily, but securely enough to keep everything safe. Controls are simple, on off switch and temperature dial and light. No strange little symbols looking like cartoon chickens or the like. The cord tucks away in the back so it's easy to store.

      Armed with a bag of desiree, 4L of sunflower oil and my potato peeler I set to work. Soaked my perfectly formed thick cut batons in water, poured 3.5L of oil into the tank, which settled the level just above minimum, and switched it on, turning the temp dial to 160 deg.

      Drained and dried my raw chips, in a thick tea towel and patted dry with kitchen towel. The more surface moisture you rid the better - and safer - your deep frying experience will be. Temp light off, chips in basket and away we go. Oil bubbled up nicely - no where near the top of the tank but enough to cover the contents of the basket. There was a little steam,and not being of brand new kitchen status I don't have the luxury of an extractor - but I do have a thing called a window, which sufficed to loose any wafting smells.

      Anyway 3 minutes later lift basket up allow the chips to cool and drain (in basket or on kitchen paper - I think Gary Rhodes actually puts them in the fridge for 30 minutes) for around 20 minutes (switched fryer off). Children now displaying signs of being hungry and have gathered in the kitchen attracted by different noises and smells ie the slow cooker isn't on for a change - but that's a different review.

      Right last dipping for these little beauties at 190 degrees for 3 - 4 minutes or a little more depending on oil, personal preference and potato !

      Once done eat immiediatly, honestly you just can't beat it. Better than chippie chips. Hot, crunchy but soft inside. There really is no other way.

      Leave the fryer to cool for at least 2 hours or overnight, you can save your oil after filtering - depends what you've cooked, chicken and fish tend to leave after tastes. Because this is purely for the chip factor I tend to save my oil wash the tank (dishwasher safe) wipe the element and put it all away until the next time the chip monster calls :)

      I recommend this plain and simple fryer, pretty sure that economically it uses less power than having your oven on for 40 minutes (pre heating and cooking) those strange 'oven chips'. I'm free from them !

      Note : Written by me on Amazon.


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        04.01.2008 03:40
        1 Comment



        steer well clear

        I brought one of these last christmas from latifs for £30.

        I chose this fryer in particular as it was the only fryer i knew of that you could take the element off and put the rest of it in the sink to wash so after getting fed up with my circular deep fat fryer with internal element that i had to spend hour trying to clean i got me one of these.

        I used this fryer once and once only.

        I set the fryer up, put the vegetable oil in to the fryer turned the temperature to 180 and left it to warm up.
        After about 10 minutes i put the chips into the basket and attempted to put them into the fryer.
        I say attempted as at this point the fryer foamed every where scalding me for no reason, i spent christmas night in A&E.

        I hadnt done anything wrong, i had filled it in the middle of the low and high setting so couldnt see any reason for this happening.

        I wrote a letter complaning to the manufacturer as latifs would not refund as it was used and they sent me a letter back saying that oil should not be heated past 120 but there temperature dial goes to 205 and i used to use my old fryer at 180 with no problems.

        Needless to say i bined the fryer and went back to my old one.


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        Short name: Morphy Richards 45470

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