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Sainsbury's SM28A 3L

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    2 Reviews
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      16.08.2012 01:54



      Well priced, Works well but feels flimsy

      This is on the lower price end of the scale when looking at fryers, but it does the job perfectly.

      The temperature control isn't too accurate. I measured it with a digital thermometer and seemed to vary a bit rather than staying constant....not great for those complex Heston Blumenthal recipes.

      Despite this it still fries well. I have used it for chips, scampi and tempura so far with great results (even ice cream tempura which i really didn;t expect to come out well!)

      The whole thing can be disassembled fairly easily to clean although the basket is a little tricky to scrub (I guess this is the same with all fryers)

      The fryer isn't going to be a stand out item in your kitchen. It looks basic and I wouldn;t say the construction is the most study in the world of fryers. In general whilst using the fryer it can feel a little flimsy (Not what you want with boiling oil)

      In summary its well priced and does the job well, but don;t expect great manufacture at this end of the scale.


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      21.05.2012 21:41



      Worth it

      Everyone who loves chips needs one of these in the house, I picked this up from sainsburys for £30 which I found to be fairly decent in price.

      *The design*
      The fryer is around the size of a small box it fits quite well on my kitchen side, the silver finish looks quite cheap and feels quite fragile when I am cleaning it. The handle on the side is very useful for when you need to pick it up. The back of it has a dial to adapt the heat settings. One downside is the lid can be very fiddling when you take the chips out and it can become annoying taking the food out because the basket tends to get caught. The noise is quite loud so you do have to take care when you cook stuff late at night.

      Frozen chips take around 6 minutes, Home-made potato chips take around 10 minutes on the highest setting depending on how full the basket is. To feed my family we normally have to fill two lots up as it is quite small, you tend to fill it with about a bottle of litre and oil does tend to splash over the place when you take it out. You can pretty much deep fry everything in there including chicken nuggets to the one time we attempted a mars bar.

      All deep fat fryers need a lot of care, oil can stain and make it very sticky and I would recommend cleaning it after every use. The fryer is easy to take apart to clean each part and the basket can go into a dishwasher.

      *Is it worth it?*
      I really do believe that £30 for this was a bargain and because of the amount of things it is useful for I would defiantly get my hands on one of these.


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