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    1 Review
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      11.07.2009 11:01
      Very helpful
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      great kitchen appliance and so easy to use

      We were very lucky to be given one of these for nothing by my sister in law. Tefal is a recognised and trusted brand in our household.

      The Fryer *************
      The fryer outer casing is made of white plastic which makes it very easy to keep clean. On the top of the lid there is a window so that you can see what is happening to the food when in use without having to open the lid.
      On the front of the fryer is the lid opening button which has to be pushed before you can lift the lid. There is a small lcd display for the timer, which although small is very easy to read. Below the timer is the adjustable thermostat which is controlled by just turning the dial. To the left of the dial is the On - off button. Once the lid is open inside the lid there is an anti odour filter cartridge, so no more smells of frying lingering around whilst in use. There are easy to see levels marked on the inside indicating the maximum and minimum levels for the oil or fat.

      Using it ****************
      Its so easy to use even i got the hang of it in minutes. All you have to do is plug it in, set the on-off switch to the first position , which will pre-heat the fat. Then just set the thermostat to the heat you need the fat at. An indicator light will come on and this will then go off oce the fat is at the right temperature.
      Once the light has gone out its just a case of putting the food in the basket and lowering it in to the oil. Close the lid lock down the handle and just set the timer. All very simple even a man can do it. Once the timer stops is switches the fryer off.

      My Views ********************
      One of the first things i noticed about the fryer is how easy it is to use. This is made even easier by the easy to understand booklet that comes with the fryer. the writing is not too small that you need a magnifying glass to read it, and there are clear diagrams to make it simple.
      The best thing though is on the front of the fryer is a list of everyday things you may cook, along with their cooking times. So you do not have to hunt through the kitchen draws to find the instructions.
      The items listed on the front of the fryer are things like timings for chips, sausages, chicken and fish.
      Right, now for the most important thing, the food tastes fantastic when fried in this fryer. I am not usually a fan of frozen home made food but this has changed my opinion. the one thing i will say is for the first few times of using, when frying chips play about with different timings for the chips as following the recommended time on the fryer does not take into account if you prefer your chips thinner or fatter than the standard sized chip.

      Cleaning ****************
      Cleaning the fryer is simple and easy, for the outside you just need a wet warm cloth and detergent. The basket can be washed in hot water with normal detergent as well. You can even by a filter so that you can remove the oil and reuse it be filtering it through it.
      When you have finished frying just remove any bits of food with a scoop. What we have noticed whilst using this is that cuts out the horrible frying smells that you may get with other fryers.
      This is a great deep fat fryer that also has safety features built in such as the lock down lid. This is worth any ones money and would make an ideal wedding present.


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      Short name: Tefal 6236.17

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