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Brand: Tefal / Type: Fryer

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2012 22:49
      Very helpful



      An ok product but you have to watch yourself using this!

      When I accidently melted my last deep fat friers power cable I was quite simply gutted. I didn't use it all that often but hey I am guilty in-particular of loving fried chips from time to time I have to admit! However I was moving flats when it happened and had lots of other things to spend my cash on and so one of these just wasn't a priority.

      My best mate though got sick of me moaning about it. I was sick to the back teeth of oven chips and when I had guests or end my mate wanted dried chips I'd end up buying chips from the chippy and so on so I was dead pleased one day when she arrived at mine via Argos and had treated me to one of these as I had been looking at them and this one was the one that appealed to me (nice to know people listen to me from time to time eh lol).

      It basically came in a large white box where we we are told what it is and all about it and then within the box there is an instruction leaflet and the power cord is already on it with a plug. Its all very easy to put together as the lid simply pushes on the main unit (as this is removable) then the round basket has a removable handle that slides on and thats basically that your ready to go with little effort to being really unhealthy!

      Using It:

      What I like about this unit is that it is square in shape and white plastic meaning that it is easy to wipe clean and the lid as I have said comes off and that has a large see through viewing, plastic 'window to it along with lots of holes that is a permenant filter and the body is meant to have a cool wall body though do be aware that this does get very warm indeed and on mine the lid does get very hot to the touch after a while of it being in use.

      This can take an oil capacity of 1.8 litres and within the unit which is like a stainless steel inside there is minimum and maximum fill line shown. This is a 1kg unit so is a compact size but in my experience big enough for food to serve two people wit, of course depending on your appetite and what your cooking!

      On the front of the unit (to the bottom of it) we are told that it is of course a Tefal Maxi Compact and then there is a sliding black piece of plastic and above that small doodles of mushrooms, a fish, onions (I think) and chips and above them we are told estimated cooking times so fish say takes about 6-10 minutes chips 9-17 minutes to cook. All you have to do (if you want to and you don't have to) is to set that and there is a light on there which shines red when you switch the unit on at the walll till the oil is hot enough (as this goes to a temperature depending on the food you select to cook from 150c-190c!) which goes off when ready. Personally I don't use this function I just sling whatever in and watch over it and put the gauge to the highest it will go and I find my chips to cook in about 10minutes usually and southern fried chicken and the likes just a tad longer and initially once you switch the unit on fat oils up within a couple just a couple of minutes,its fast lets put it that way.

      I like the compact nature of this (Size H25, W35.1, D43.1cm) and the shape and simplicity that it has to it. The basket and the handle are dishwasher safe though I simply wipe round mine after every use and wash the basket and handle in warm soapy water. The power cable on this isn't all that long really but to be fair I never think they really are and sadly this has no power cable tidy within it. It has small black none slip feet to each corner on the base and really is a decent bit of kit that even a dummy like me can use.

      However......it isn't all good news with this sadly. First off in use the lid can just fall off at the flick of a black button to the front of the unit which releases it to open, not good considering it gets warm and the handle that connects to the basket is really wobbly and insecure meaning when I go to grab the round shaped basket the whole thing can droop back into the hot oil and splash and I've even dropped the contents out of the basket all over the floor with this one! The handle is a real let down on this.

      Although I like the look of this and think thats is a straightforward appliance to use I do not like the above issues this has with it which actually makes it all a bit unsafe. Me, well I am aware of the issues mine has so watch it when I'm using it but I wouldn't advise anyone to buy this one really which is a shame as it cooks food quickly and really brilliantly.

      Yes its a good sturdy size for just shy of £30.00 for a deep fat frier and it doesn't smell or make my kitchen hot or smelly but then I don't appreciate getting splattered in hot oil so all in all this could be a lot better by being alot safer!

      Widely available Google if interested but it is on sale for £29.99 in Argos at the moment!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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    • Product Details

      A great way to get delicious food fast the Tefal Compact Fryer is easy to store and great to use / It features a cool wall large viewing window and a bendable handle on the basket that stores away inside / There's assisted lid opening to make it easier to use / A temperature indicator light let's you know when to add food and a square design makes storage simple / Short name: Tefal FF104115

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