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Acctim 12340 Alarm Clock

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2 Reviews

Brand: Actim / Type: Alarm Clock

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    2 Reviews
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      10.08.2011 11:54
      Very helpful



      Good simple alarm clock!

      The Acctim Auric 12340 is a budget alarm clock which is readily available to buy in the UK. The Auric alarm clock is simple in both appearance and function, but performs its purpose as an alarm clock very well. The product cost me £7.50 from a local homeware shop and is now my regular alarm clock.

      The alarm clock is made from plastic and features a blue backlight. The sides of the product are a plastic coated silver colour, with a black top panel. On the top are a few buttons, one which slides in the form of a switch and a large oval shaped button which has both snooze and light functions. The screen of the product is large and easily red, with the company logo in the top centre of the screen in white font. The clock is about 10.5cm in width and is relatively small and compact. Once you press the light button at the top, the blue backlight comes on for about 5 to 10 seconds before going back off again. The product was supplied with an Acctim presentation box and did not include batteries. 2 AA batteries are required for it to work and need to be bought separately.

      I've used the product for quite a while now and it has become my regular alarm clock. It took over from a novelty but rather annoying flying rotor alarm clock and has been a more sensible investment. The durability of the product has been really good, I've noticed no software or physical problems with the clock and the display and casing are still in perfect working order. I did knock the alarm clock off my bedside drawer once and the clock sustained no damage. The product is sturdy yet is only really made from coloured plastic, but the plastic is good quality and the alarm clock is tough.

      There are no real advanced features with this alarm clock, just simple essential features. I don't believe the alarm clock was designed for an advanced range of features but was targeted at the consumer for cheapness, reliability and ease of use. The product does have a large display screen, a blue backlight which stays on for 5 to 10 seconds and a snooze function but that is about it. The time format is in 12 hour format only, not 24.

      Ease of Use
      The product is really easy and simple to use. There is a switch at the top along with some other circular buttons which are used to set the time and set the alarm. I found this easy to do and the product does include instructions. Possibly an older person using the clock for the first time may struggle with the switch, but with experience it is a relatively easy and quick process. You need to press the snooze/light function for the backlight to come on, the blue backlight is not constantly on. I think even people with bad eye sight would have little trouble reading the time as it is a large display. I have had the same 2 AA batteries in for a long time now, and they have lasted well, so I would conclude that the battery life of the alarm clock is very good.

      I paid £7.50 for the product from a local homeware shop. I thought this was reasonable for an alarm clock as I wanted a cheap, simple and durable alarm clock which would function as an alarm clock and nothing else. The product is also sold online, namely Amazon UK for £6.99 including free delivery. In terms of a basic alarm clock, the price currently is very reasonable.

      There were a few drawbacks when it came to the Auric 12340 alarm clock. The product was not supplied with 2xAA batteries, instead I had to buy them separately. The second was that the snooze/light button at the top was a little stiff and you had to press the button down firmly to get the backlight to come on. Also, depending on how you had the alarm clock placed, I found it had to be flat as if you look at the clock at an angle the numbers appear dim. If you look back at the product straight on, the numbers are more bold and clear to see. I think this is a drawback with an LCD display screen in general on a lot of products rather than this one in particular. But it is worth taking these drawbacks into consideration before buying an Auric 12340.

      I found the product to be a brilliant investment and it is currently my well serving alarm clock as of right now. The sound quality is good, the basic functions are easy to use and all you need from an alarm clock and the display screen is very easy to see. The alarm clock is small and compact yet still sturdily built, which contribute to a good durability score. No batteries were included, the backlight/snooze button was a little difficult to press but these were only minor problems for a £7.50 budget alarm clock. Overall, a good simple alarm clock for those on a budget.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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        24.06.2010 13:38
        Very helpful



        Good value, functional, reliable.

        I bought this alarm clock from Asda about 3 years ago, unfortunately I can't remember the exact price but I'm sure it was under £5.

        In those three years I haven't had to replace the two AA batteries yet so I can safely say it has excellent battery life. The alarm clock I had before this one needed to be plugged into the mains so I much prefer this one as its cordless and I can take it with me wherever I sleep, or into the kitchen if I need an alarm for cooking times.

        This alarm clock is very user friendly, it came with instructions but you really don't need them. A simple switch on the top of the clock has the options of 'Time Set', 'Alarm Set', 'Alarm On' and 'Alarm Off'. There are also two buttons to adjust hours and minutes when in the time or alarm set modes and a large button which illuminates the display and also functions as the snooze button when the alarm is going off.

        The alarm itself is loud enough to wake you up every time without being so loud as to cause a horrible shock every morning! Its a discrete beeping sound. The snooze button gives you an extra 4 minutes of sleep which is always nice.

        The display is clear and the numbers are big enough to see across a room, the clock is 12 hour with a small 'PM' symbol to indicate which half of the day you're in if you didn't already know. A bell symbol is displayed when the alarm is set.

        This alarm clock is not the most attractive available by any means, its made of a cheap grey plastic which scratches easily, but it is small and compact an unobtrusive which is handy if you don't have a lot of space.

        I've been very happy with this alarm clock for a long time and I hope it continues to keep me happy! I would definitely recommend it to others.


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    • Product Details

      Digital clock featuring, blue backlight, snooze and alarm Indicator / Short name: Acctim 12340

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