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Acctim Dot Matrix LCD Alarm Clock

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2 Reviews

Brand: Acctim / Type: Alarm Clock

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    2 Reviews
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      28.03.2011 14:31



      Good little clock for the money.

      I needed a cheap little alarm clock when I moved house and choose this one because it was both cheap and would fit with the colour scheme of the room.

      On top of the unit is a large snooze/light button and smaller switches to program the time and set the alarm. The unit is made of plastic and is quite sturdy, there is a backlight function which is useful in the dead of night to check the time.

      I've only had two issues with the alarm, the first is the alarm volume is quite quiet and the beep is easily blocked out. As a heavy sleeper I really need something much louder and annoying, but that is personal taste. The second is the battery life. I've been using premium batteries but they last only a month or so before running out, not sure why this is, but the clock seems to drain a lot of power compared to other alarm clocks I have used. This is very annoying when you realise the clock has died after sleeping in. The clock also does not adjust for daylight savings, but it is a budget model.

      Overall a cool little clock, brilliant for getting kids up for school, somewhat less so for a heavy sleeper or someone who needs to get to work.


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      09.01.2010 18:24
      Very helpful



      A little pink wake-up call. Nothing rude thanks.

      I decided I wanted an alarm clock to assist in the dark winter early mornings.

      Unimpressed by the usual digital alarm clock offerings, I came across this one by Acctim (never heard of them) in Argos for £7.99.
      I'm unashamed to say that I was swayed by the colour and design.

      The spec is as follows:

      * Crescendo alarm with snooze.
      * SuperBrite pink backlight.
      * 12 hour format.
      * PM indicator.
      * Size (H)4.8, (W)10, (D)8cm.
      * Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

      I only require a bog-standard alarm as I tend to use my phone, and this is more of a back up (I really don't like waking up!!!).
      This meant that the basic spec was fine - I'm not fussed about needing to know the room temperature etc - if it's hot/cold I'm usually aware of this!

      The alarm clock itself fairly compact, and fits easily into the palm of my hand (to give you an idea of size).
      The casing is clear plastic, allowing you to see the components inside. The sides are colourless, but the main body is a nice transparent pink.

      There isn't an option to plug this into the mains, as some occasionally do have. I've had this alarm clock since Christmas and haven't noticed any decline in battery power yet. The backlight is normally very bright, so I'd imagine this would give you an indication of when the batteries were starting to die.

      The actual face is a very respectable size, with the numbers being around an inch or so high (no squinting required with those bleary eyes).

      Setting the time (12 hour format only), and the general workings couldn't be easier.
      You have 3 buttons situated on the top of the casing; a large 'snooze/light' button that spans the top of the clock; an 'hour', and a 'min' button on either side. You then have a switch to the rear of the top with 4 positions, allowing you to; time set, alarm set, alarm on, alarm off (this slides easily, and 'clicks' into the desired slot so you know you have it in the right position).

      It is all incredibly self explanatory, but should you need it, the clock does come with instructions.

      Using the clock:

      The backlight (activated by the snooze button) is a bright pink one, which allows the numbers to stand out clearly.
      I really liked this (as I am somewhat childish it appears!); it is not too bright to press in the dark, but allows you to see the time with no issues at all. The only thing that lets it down a little, is that there is no way to adjust the length of time the backlight stays on for once the button is pushed.
      It stays brightly lit for around 4 seconds, before fading off fairly rapidly. This is only really an issue for me if I'm trying to set the alarm in the dark, as the alarm set button doesn't automatically turn on the backlight. I find that I have to light it up a couple of times to give myself a chance to set it.
      To be fair this isn't really a huge issue for such a basic alarm clock and the price paid.

      Once set, the display will show you a picture of a bell and two Z's to let you know the alarm is definitely set.
      The alarm only has one tone (a basic beeping as I'm sure you can imagine). It starts off fairly quietly, and then builds up louder, with quicker beeps. Admittedly it's not the most desirable sound, but then again nothing set to wake me up of a morning particularly pleases me! At the end of the day it does it's job, and that's what I got it for.

      If you like to play the ol' snooze game (as I do), the snooze will go off every 4 minutes (again, this is non-adjustable) until you turn the alarm off.

      * * * * * *

      Overall I'm very happy with my little pink clock. It looks cute next to all of my girly rubbish on my bedside table, and makes a nice contrast to Mr Fruity's boring-black-alarm-weather-station-thingy (of which I cannot work at all, hence wanting my own clock).
      This clock would also be perfect for children, as it really is so simple to use, and I'd imagine would especially appeal to any little girls that like all things pink.
      The large buttons, and easy to read display makes it ideal, and I quite like that you can see the innards too. The bright pink light pleases me a great deal and I like pushing the button just to light it up - although I'm not sure I should admit to this...

      All in all a great little clock.


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