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Argos Stainless Steel 8 in 1 Ultra Keychain

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Type: Swiss army style keyring

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2011 22:09
      Very helpful



      Store the keys to the shed or garage on one of these

      ~An 8 in 1 keychain to hang your keys on!~

      I bought one of these Stainless Steel 8 in 1 Ultra Keychains to put the keys to the shed on as I thought this was rather a fun little item that was in keeping with the fact that the key it would be taking care of was the one that opened to the door to where all the garden items, tools and equipment were. The keychain is listed here as being an Argos item as when I suggested this as a product here the link provided was an Argos one. Happily the keychain is available to buy from a number of outlets as it isn't an Argos only item, although as it turns out Argos actually have the cheapest deal on this item at the moment.

      The idea of this keychain is very similar in many ways to the much trusted Swiss Army Knife type of gadget which in this case has been made into a circular shaped item which houses a small range of mini sized tools and gadgets. The size of the circular part of the keychain is not as small as it might have been had it had less gadgets in it and it isn't really the kind of thing you might carry in a pocket as it isn't as light as it could be, although it may be handy to keep in the car, or in a bag as some of the items fitted to this can be used in a variety of situations. The materials used to make up the keychain seem to be of an average quality and over all I was happy to purchase the item as I didn't pay all that much for it, but I wouldn't want to pay much more than I did.

      ~Eight gadgets in one!~

      The 8 items that are worked into the main body of the keychain are a teeny tiny mini battery powered LED torch with a reasonably bright white light for its size. There is also a small file which works reasonably well on some items, a foil cutter which I haven't used as yet and a useful yet teeny tiny skinny tape measure. The other items that are present are a small not overly sharp knife, a bottle opener that does work with a little practice yet is not ideal, a screwdriver and finally the actual keychain itself which has been included as one of the 8 mini gadgets which make up this 8 in 1 item.

      The body and mini gadgets used to make up this keychain are mostly made from a stainless steel material which gives a nice neat and shiny look to each part of the item that makes it easy to clean if needed. The quality of the item does make this feel like rather a budget end type of thing, which might be something that will put some buyers off although if bought cheaply it does offer fair value for money. In use the keychain has performed reasonably well with some parts of it being easier to use than others, although this has never been used with much strain put onto any of the mini gadgets that it has, as it was bought as a quirky key holder more than anything else.

      ~Rating and price~

      With the little mini gadgets all opened out the keychain looks almost like a small metallic man made crab as the small tools it holds have slightly curved and rounded shapes to them making them look like a series of crab like pincers and legs. This shaped and rounded style does make the keychain look quirky yet can make using the gadgets harder or more fiddly at times. I feel that this little keychain would make a fair stocking filler gift for anyone who likes to potter with gadgets or has a shed full of tools as it makes a fun way to store the keys to the shed/ garage with a few built in mini gadgets that can be used occasionally.

      Prices for these little 8 in 1 keychains do vary a great deal with them being sold for as much as £10 and as little as £1.99. Obviously the best value for this has to be at the lower price range which is a reduced price for the item (down from £4.99) when bought direct from Argos, although it is only available for in store collection now. You can still buy this item from online sellers with a little searching and you may also be able to find it in smaller DIY stores too. As far as rating the item goes I feel it is a quirky and fun keychain with some built in mini tools etc, that is made to an average standard. I feel that the main parts of this keychain work reasonably well, although these tools won't hold up to any serious stresses or strains and as such I want to give this item a 3 star product rating.


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      Swiss army style keyring