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Asda Glass Wall Clock

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Brand: Asda / Type: Clocks

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    2 Reviews
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      18.01.2011 08:50
      Very helpful



      A decent wall clock at a great price

      For around twelve months I have had a clock on my wall which has read the same time! The batteries had been changed but it always seemed to get stuck on the same time and in the end I gave up changing the batteries yet left the clock there. Recently in asda I noticed they had a sale on their wall clocks and so I went over to have a look and spotted a nice glass wall clock for just £5.00 reduced from £8.00 which I felt was really good value.

      The clock comes well packaged in a cardboard box and it is also screwed into the box so you will need a small screw driver to release it completely from the box. The sales assistant did point this out to me as she had purchased it herself and spent ages wondering why it wouldn't come out of the box! The clock has a protective layer on the front as well to stop scratches in transit.

      The actual clock is a circular frosted glass with aluminium small lines in the place of the numbers. It has aluminium hands as well, but there is no second's hand, just hour and minutes on this clock. The clock looks pretty trendy and modern in my opinion. I have quite a plain and neutral front room as I live in a rented property and the clock fits in nicely with the décor so I do think it would suit most kinds of décor.

      As the clock is made of a frosted kind of glass it doesn't stand out too much on my wall either which is what I wanted in all honesty as I was not looking for a big stand out feature, more something neutral that just blended in and this clock does that well.

      The clock requires one AA battery which I think is reasonable and this is easily inserted and removed when it needs to be changed. The batteries are not included with this clock. The clock can be hung onto the wall and I use a picture hook to actually hold mine up and this works really well and it fits snugly to the wall.

      I find that it is very easy to tell the time using this call as the aluminium stands out well in place of where the numbers would be and the clock is of a good size meaning that you can always tell which point the clock hands are pointing to. The clock also keeps time well and as yet I have had no issues at all with it which is good!

      I think this clock is a really good buy if you are looking for something which is understated yet quite modern and trendy that will not break the bank. At just five pounds I have to say that this clock is really good value and I doubt you will find anything better for the price.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        26.11.2009 15:34
        Very helpful
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        This is one of those pieces you could pay more for and get less so opt for this one

        A few years ago I was moving into my own flat for the first time and had decided to make my living room have the colour scheme based on cookies and creme and have glass furniture to bring it a slightly more modern feel. Based on this I was out looking for a nice glass clock to go up on my wall but needed to try to keep the costs down so opted to take a look in my local Asda and managed to find this little gem.

        The clock is a simple and cleanly designed one which has a metal line at each of the twelve points instead of numbers making it a nice light piece which is made up of glass, aluminium and plastic.
        The clock simply hangs up onto your wall and thanks to only having a 30cm diameter it will not take up most of your wall but manages to remain a focal point of any room.
        The clock costs about £8 normally and uses only 1 AA battery making it a very cheap option that manages to retain a real feel and look of a much more expensive product.

        So why opt for this?


        - Excellent value for money
        - Simple to put up
        - Looks and feels good
        - Good size so does not take up all of your wall
        - Easy to set time


        - None

        This is an excellent purchase and one that will last you ages without you needing to empty the bank account to pick this up.


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      • Product Details

        1 AA Battery required

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