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Bluw Illuminated Bath Gem

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Brand: Bluw / Type: Gadget

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    1 Review
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      13.11.2009 00:06
      Very helpful



      Bath gem

      Bath gem

      At a recent party, instead of the usual goody bag filled with not so good for you sweets, Little Miss was given this bath gem as a gift from the party girl.

      The gem comes in an easily opened (thankfully) box with all of the information and instructions on the back, which is handy since I had never seen these before and so didn't know how it would work.

      The gem itself, once we got it out of the box is large red diamond shaped object and is surprisingly light- I thought it would have been heavier. Inside the gem there is a bulb which is clearly the thing which makes it light up and the top of the gem can be unscrewed. Obviously, when it is not in water it is not illuminated and just looks waht it is- a red plastic thing.

      To illuminate the gem, it has to be immersed upside down in water until the lower cavity is full; at first it was a bit unclear as to what is upside down but once we used the gem it became clear that upside down is the base which is the wider part of the gem and the bit it "sits" on. When the gem is immersed, the small bulb instantly lights up, not brightly but with quite a pleasant glow which looks rather nice in the bath. The light will stay on until the top is unscrewed , and the water drained, but this is a really simple process and the top does come off easily so with no trouble at all the light turns off.

      I don't know how long the batteries last but it has been on in the bath intermittently for a couple of weeks and seems fine so far. The packaging does tell me that the rechargable batteries should be removed before being charged but they are a strange type of battery and I don't have a charger for them- i am sure the novelty will wear off before the batteries need recharging and if it doesn't then I will have to think again.

      I have looked on the website and the gem seems to be available only on the US site at a cost of $15.95 which seems a bit steep, although I am sure they are available in novelty shops for less than this. The website for information about the product is www.bluw.com and they do seem to sell a lot of this type of novelty toy.


      The toy is a nice novelty addition to bath time although it doesn't have any function other than to illuminate bath time. It seems quite sturdy although it is light and the batteries appear to last a long time, at least long enough to enjoy the novelty value.

      I don't think it's something I would necessarily rush out to buy but given the choice of a bag full of sugary sweets and this for an after party gift, I would choose this every time.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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