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Byron BY102 Plug In Wireless Doorbell Kit

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Brand: Byron / Type: Doorbell

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    2 Reviews
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      18.10.2012 20:35
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      a great doorbell

      == Byron Plug In Wireless Doorbell BY102==

      When we moved into our new house there was already a door bell in place but it was a very old wired one where a wire came through from the hallways into the front room into a rather large and very yellowing box on the wall. So as one of the cheaper things I could replace I didn't mind going out and buying a doorbell.

      I first chose one that wasn't plug in and thought being able to move it round the house would be handy. However this one was far too quiet and for that reason I decided on getting a plug in one to keep plugged in by the front door. Which is where this Byron doorbell comes in.

      I bought he doorbell from Argos which is where I get most of my items such as this as it tends to be a good price and easy tot return things if you are not happy with them. It cost me £16.99p which was around £8 more than the one I had previously bought but it seemed like a far better option.

      The doorbell has two parts to it - the button which sticks on the outside of my front door and then the unit that is plugged into to a power point.

      The outside button is simple yet sleek. It is a white plastic casing with a grey rubbery type of oval button in the centre. It has a double sided sticker with which to apply the chime to the door frame but I didn't find this especially sticky and have applied an added bit of glue from the glue gun just to make sure it doesn't come off. This unit on the outside does need one of those button cell type of flat batteries but this is supplied with the set and hopefully should last a very long time as I generally find these buttons do.

      The chimes are set from the inside of the button unit and there are a choice of four. A couple are a bit long winded and I want nothing fancy (like my mother in law who changes her chimes according to what festivities are on i.e. she has a Christmas tune at Christmas and a spooky sounding one for Halloween etc. Not my cup of tea). I generally just want something that goes Ding Dong and luckily I was able to choose that out of the four chimes that this doorbell has to offer. The ding dong will repeat itself to so its not at all easy to miss someone ringing your bell.

      The inside plug unit is rather chunky but it looks okay and tucked away underneath my radiator I can't see it but I can certainly hear it! The unit itself is a white colour and looks a little like a plug in air freshener and probably about the same size. It doesn't look at all offensive. The instructions that it came with state that the unit has a 60 meter range which is not something I have tested out because I have the bell plugged in right inside the front door and I find it is loud enough even to hear in the garden (should I keep the back door open).

      This doorbell is fantastic and really worth every penny. It looks so much better than the old type of wired doorbell that was fitted into the house when we moved in. It is loud and has a nice selection of basic chimes which I am sure will suit everyone. The units look sleek and inoffensive and I can really find nothing at all to pick fault with when talking about this Byron Doorbell.

      It has to be a tops core of 5 out of 5 stars and a high recommendation!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        26.10.2011 14:34



        A good, reasonable priced doorbell that works well.

        When our old doorbell died on us, we decided to try a wireless one, rather than having to mess about with the electrics. We went for this particular model and I have to say that we have been very pleased with it.

        It comes with all the fixings that you need to install it, including a battery (CR2032) so all you need to do is fit the bell to the door and plug the unit into the mains socket. It has a range of 60m, so is very portable and has 4 different melodies, including an ordinary 'ding-dong', which I personally prefer. The volume is loud enough to be heard, without being 'tinny' and we have no problems hearing the doorbell if we are upstairs or out in the garden.

        The battery life seems to be quite good. We have had this bell for about a year now and we are still on the same battery it came with. The plug-in unit is a little on the big side, so would suit a socket that is out of the way, but it looks OK and as it's white it is quite unobtrusive.

        I would certainly recommend this particular doorbell and think it is quite reasonably priced at £16.99 in Argos and £22.93 in Amazon.


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