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Brand: Casio / Type: Calculator

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2011 23:48
      Very helpful



      Scientific calculator ideal for students

      I have been using Casio calculators for many years during my engineering studies and currently in my job which has a lot of analyses and calculations involved every day. I bought the Casio fx-82SX in my first year as an undergraduate because I needed a scientific calculator, and I have been using it since then. Casio is a very popular brand for its high quality calculators, trusted by students for the ease of use and the variety of products.

      - The Casio fx-82SX model -

      The fx-82 series was introduced in 1997 and Casio fx-82SX is one of the advanced models with added features. It has a single line display screen for 10 digits and 2 more that shows the power of the number. The number of multiple built-in functions is 139 in total and it can solve hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions, mathematic calculations, fractions, percentages and scientific functions.

      The calculator can carry out from simple calculations to more complicated equations, by allowing 18 levels of brackets. But the one line of the screen makes it difficult to control so many levels and it doesn't have the option to go back and review the functions. Further, there is no delete button to erase the digits if you want to correct the input.

      This calculator has the basic functions that any professional calculator can offer, it's easy to use and reliable. Several conversions are allowed through the mode function operating modes COMP, NORM and SD, angular modes DEG/RAD/GRA (so you can switch to degrees, rad and grad ) and specifications FIX and SCI.

      The pocket size with dimensions 19 x 73 x 147mm and the lightweight design (only 104 g) makes it easy to carry it in the bag. It comes in a case to protect the screen from scratching. The design is simple and it is available in dark grey colour. The buttons for the basic functions (numbers and arithmetic operation symbols) are light grey, placed at the bottom lines of the calculator. The AC and C buttons are red and the 3 top rows with the most complicated buttons are dark grey (in the same colour with the calculator). Above each button, there are more functions that can be used if you press the shift button.

      The calculator operates with 2 AA size batteries (R6P SUM-3) and they last forever. I have changed the battery only once and I have been using it for several years. To change the battery, you have to remove with a screwdriver the 6 screws at the back of the calculator to open it.

      - My opinion -

      This model is one of the simplest calculators I have ever used. The problem that I had with other professional calculators that can solve huge equations is that if you make a small mistake in a number or a sign, the final number is wrong and I had lost a few points in my exams because of this. This calculator is ideal for doing calculations in parts to check the accuracy of the results, as it doesn't have a big screen with many rows that allows the user to calculate many numerical fractions and it's mostly for simplest forms. On the other hand, the limited length of the equations that it can solve in one step could be a drawback if you want fast results for complicated mathematical expressions.

      Therefore I usually have with me a second professional graph calculator and I use this one to check if my results are logical and correct. In addition, graph calculators are usually not allowed during the exams and the simple scientific Casio calculator was the only one I could have with me.

      - Disadvantages -

      It lacks some features that the newest models have, like more lines on the screen and the ability to correct the digits in the functions. I now use my graphic calculator more as part of my job, but it's still my back-up calculator. I bought it for around 10 euros from a local bookstore a few years ago and today it can be found from £11.99 so it's an inexpensive solution ideal for students and teachers.

      - Instruction Manual -

      Casio fx-82SX is made in China from Casio Computer CO.LTD and the product manual can be found from the official Casio support page:

      The instructions are available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

      _This review also appears at ciao_


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      Short name: Casio fx-82SX

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