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Casio MS-120MS Calculator

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Brand: Casio / Type: Calculator

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2013 13:08
      Very helpful



      No need for mental arithmetic

      As part of my career it is very important for me to have a good calculator. Being a qualified Surveyor I do my fair share of manual calculations and therefore probably use my calculator at least a handful of times every day. When it comes to calculators I do like the Casio brand as I always find them to be good quality and durable and therefore when I recently ordered this Casio MS-120MS I was keen to see how good it was compared to my old model.

      This calculator is pretty standard in looks with a silver fronted body and grey plastic back. Unlike a scientific calculator which has a plethora of buttons, this calculator has just 29 and these offer the various functions to enable me to do my job correctly. The buttons include the usual addition, minus, multiplication and division buttons and some slightly less used buttons which include TAX +/-, COST, SELL and MAR. The buttons vary in colour and size with the numerals being grey in colour, the C and AC buttons being red and the formula buttons being black. I like the general look of this calculator and find that the various colours do assist me when I am doing my work. This calculator is medium in size and measures it at around 13.5cm tall and 10cm wide which makes it easy to find when it is stored in my desk drawer. This isn't one of those huge calculators which demands a place on my desk but nonetheless it has four feet which enable it to stand firmly on my desk surface between uses.

      In terms of power, this calculator is powered via a solar strip which sits on the front of the plastic body. I always used to take great pleasure as a youngster trying to make the screen go blank by covering up the solar strip but with this calculator it doesn't seem to make any difference to the display of the numerals. The screen on this calculator is quite a good size and displays numerals at approximately 1.5cm high which means they are obvious to see when I am working on a computer screen and glance down to read the number.

      To use this model is simply a case of turning it on via the AC red button at which point a black zero appears in the screen and then do your calculations. Upon pressing one of the function buttons the correlating symbol appears in the top right of the screen above the number and you can change this by simply pressing another symbol. It is a pretty straight forward calculator to use in my opinion and one which makes my task a lot easier. Once finished, the calculator turns itself off after a few minutes of no use. You can tell when it is turning off because the "CASIO" and unlike battery powered calculators this has no bearing on the battery life.

      Overall I think this is a great little calculator. My only criticism of it is the rather small "=" button which can be a little awkward to press at times and does mean that when I press the wrong button by accident I have to start my calculations over. This is not the largest of calculators and does require a bit more thought when using than a larger model which I can virtually use via touch typing.

      My calculator was purchased though work and as such we did receive a good discount on its price. However a look online reveals that it can be purchased through Amazon for £12.39 which I think is quite expensive. As a result I would recommend this calculator for daily use but would think it was a touch pricey for the odd occasion when you need a calculator at home.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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