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Compucessory Footrest

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Brand: Compucessory / Type: Adjustable footrest

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2012 12:58
      Very helpful



      : A simple gadget that has significantly improved my posture and health.


      I am beginning to think that the youth of today, and pensioners of tomorrow, will be suffering a myriad of muscular and tendon related complaints and injuries derived directly from the use of present day technological appliances, like computers, laptops, mobile phones and ipads.

      It is not the use of these newfangled gadgets, a term my grandmother often used, so much as the positions we find ourselves locked into when using them that will be the cause of future problems. For example, crookneck and injured thumb tendons when repeatedly texting on mobiles over long periods, repetitive strain injuries from typing on keyboards, stiff shoulder from use of mouse arm stationary from shoulder to the wrist and of course, back problems from poor posture when using any one of them.

      However, one easily preventable problem is vascular troubles such as thrombosis caused by the reduction of blood supply to the legs, which in turn is caused by prolonged stasis or minimal movement, coupled with excessive pressure on the backs of the upper legs, when the legs rest heavily on the seat. Anyone with short legs will understand what I mean. If the feet, barely reach the floor, the weight of the legs on the seat at best will give some degree of discomfort.

      When I first set up my desktop computer on a table, I had no problem such as that described above, yet, when I bought a desk, I found it was 5cm higher than that of my table, which resulted in my having to raise the height of the chair seat. This meant that my feet no longer reached the floor without causing discomfort; in order to prevent that happening I would shuffle forward and sit on the edge of the seat.... not a very posture friendly position, I admit.. The ideal situation would be to prop my feet up onto a shallow platform in order to sit for any length of time in comfort.

      My discovery

      It would seem that someone else had also experienced the same problems, with unnecessary pressure on the backs of their legs and had come up with the idea of a lightweight, adjustable footrest specifically designed to fit under the average desk. Not the sort you would put your feet upon of an evening when relaxing in front of the telly.

      I first noticed one of these online, but was not prepared to pay the £33.49 asking price, so continued using my temporary footrest, which although not perfect, was better than nothing at all.

      Not so long after, I was shopping in Lidl and came across the exact same model footrest for the princely sum of £12.99; needless to say, it came home with me that very morning.

      Enter The Office Foot rest
      This is one piece of kit that would never win any prizes for being attractive or colourful; but since it would not be visible, tucked away under a desk, how it looked was not such an important consideration on this occasion.

      Colour: Battleship grey
      Width: 46cm
      Depth: 35cm
      Maximum height setting: 17cm
      Middle height setting: 14cm
      Lowest height setting: 11cm

      The whole unit is made of a strong, battleship grey plastic, the adjustable, nonslip platform, instead of being flat, has a bobbled surface which , it is claimed, massages shoeless feet quite effectively. It has three height settings and the platform is pivoted so that it rocks back and forth with the movement of the feet, rather than being fixed in one position. The height adjusting mechanism can be likened to the old-fashioned deck chair system, where a bar slots into grooves set at different heights.

      It is LGA tested for safety and contamination and has a three-year warranty.

      My opinion
      Setting up was simple. I positioned it under my desk and adjusted the height suitable for myself. This is easily achieved by keeping one foot on the tab on the floor and pushing the platform up with the other foot until it slots into one of the three positions.

      I have found that since using this, not only did I feel more comfortable, but could sit and concentrate for longer periods of time without fidgeting or feeling the need to shuffle forward on the seat to get the circulation moving again. In fact, my whole posture improved immensely. An added bonus is that because the platform is pivoted, my ankles are given a good workout, even though half the time I am unaware of it.

      The downside though, is that Moses, My Collie X, can no longer sit under the desk and has to make do with a sheepskin rug instead, poor thing.


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