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Constant Jumbo Alarm Clock

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2 Reviews

Brand: Constant Jumbo / Type: Alarm Clock

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    2 Reviews
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      28.02.2014 14:08



      Great novelty clock, lasted me 15 years so far!

      I have had this alarm clock for many years, about 15 if I remember correctly!

      My grandad bought it for me when I was about 8 years old and I found it fascinating! The numbers are gigantic. I have in on a shelf at the foot of my bed, so this is great as you can easily see what time it is when lying in bed.

      The snooze button is also nice and large, and easy to hit when sleepy!

      The is a light which shows if the alarm is set and another light to show if it is AM or PM which are both very useful.

      It goes without saying that this clock has stood the test of time, it has fell off my shelf on numerous occasions, yet 15 years later, it is still going strong.

      The time is always accurate and it doesn't gain or lose minutes like some cheap clocks do.


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      07.11.2013 11:59
      Very helpful



      A good alarm clock for those who simply want to be woken up in the morning

      A tradition that has continued from my family home since starting our married life together five years ago is that of annual stockings at Christmas. As a result, we often get caught up in trying to outdo one another with better gifts than the previous year. One such gift I received a couple of years ago was this Constant Jumbo Alarm Clock. My husband gave it to me and then, after a year's use, replaced it with a newer alarm clock. Knowing that my old alarm clock still had a fair amount of life left in it I gave it back to my husband for his daily use. Now, two years after purchase, it is still going strong in our bedroom and this is my review.

      ~How do I look~

      This alarm clock is fairly plain to look at if truth be told. The clock is constructed in rather a lightweight plastic which is charcoal grey in colour and has quite a cheap feel to it in my opinion. On the front of the alarm clock is the digital display strip and this has a black background featuring rather noticeable lime green text which glows rather brightly in a darkened room. The shape of this particular alarm clock is rectangular however the display strip does curve as it reaches the top of the unit. The back of the clock curves inwards, which makes this alarm clock easy to move around and handle. Dimensions wise, this is quite a large alarm clock and this is proven in its vital statistics which are; 11cm high by 20 cm long by 6cm deep.


      In our house we power this alarm clock via the black lead which provides sufficient reach to be able to plug the clock in to our nearest point. However, I believe that it can also be powered via batteries, although having not done this before I am not able to comment on how successful this is.

      ~Telling the time~

      An important feature of any alarm clock in my opinion is its ability to easily tell the time. This is always an issue in our house as we often wake up during the night and it is useful to be able to instantly assess the time and see if we should go back to sleep. This is where this alarm clock excels in my opinion. The large green numerals measure 5cm tall and glow a bright green and this means that they are extremely noticeable in a dark room and would be easily readable even by people with limited eyesight.

      It is important to note that this is a digital clock which tells the time in 12 hours rather than 24, therefore in the afternoon for example the time still shows as 1 - 12 o'clock pm. In order to solve this problem when setting the alarm for example a small green light tells you when the time is pm and in am this light is switched off.

      ~Technical details (or lack of) and use~

      Technically this alarm clock does not have many gizmos compared to some of the more flashy clocks on the market which can tell you the weather as well as what time to get up in the morning. This alarm does not have a radio or even a choice of alarm noises however its basic function is more than adequate for our needs.

      On the top of the clock are a number of controls which include a pair of dials. The first of these dials enables you to adjust the brightness of the letters and this gives two options of low or high dimmer. In my opinion the higher of the two settings omits a very bright green light which does have a tendency to illuminate the room in green, and therefore the lower of the two settings is preferable which is a slightly more toned down bright green. The second of the dials allows you to turn the alarm on or off. It is quite a fiddly switch in my experience and one that dictates a need to really get up in the morning in order to be able to see what you are doing. After a bit of practice I did get the hang of this switch however, given the jumbo size of the alarm clock, it might have been helpful for it to be slightly bigger.

      Following the two switches, four smaller buttons allow you to adjust the alarm hour and minute and the time hour and minute. To use you simply hold down the time which you wish to adjust and then press the hour and minute buttons to get the precise time. Doing so will create a rather loud clicking noise which only added to my opinion of this being quite a cheap plastic design. Once the alarm is set a small green light will glow to the left of the screen which indicates that the alarm is on and this goes out when the alarm is switched off.

      On the far right of the clock is the snooze button which is larger and more easy to press down than the others, you just have to remember where it is located when you are in the depths of a good dream. Although I haven't used the snooze button before, or at least I don't remember doing so, I believe that it stops the shrill beeping for five minutes before it starts again.

      ~How does the alarm sound~

      Arguably the most important feature of any alarm clock is how it sounds first thing in the morning when you are in the depths of an amazing dream. Rather like the general appearance of this alarm clock the alarm noise is as simple as the clock is constructed. A sharp intermittent bleep indicates that the alarm is going off and although not the most noisy alarm noise I have heard, it is still able to wake me up in the early hours if only to switch it off. The alarm sound is constant and does not increase in volume the longer it is left as other clocks do. That being said, I have not had a problem with it waking me up in the morning.

      ~Cleaning and Maintenance~

      It goes without saying that our Jumbo alarm clock does not get particularly dirty during the week however it does have an uncanny ability to pick up dust. To clean it I simply wipe down the face and body of the clock with a cloth and some general furniture polish to leave it looking as good as new. Despite having owned this clock for two years, it still looks the same as it did the day I got it and therefore it has weathered well.

      ~My Opinion~

      My opinion of this product is that it is good at telling the time and functional for getting up in the morning. It does not make getting up any easier with soft relaxing music or soft lights to replicate daylight however it does the job in our house. Aesthetically this alarm clock is not the best looking on the market but with its sleek grey and black body it doesn't look out of place next to our bed. The size of the numerals on the face of this clock and the bright green colour of them make this clock very easy to read and even a well placed cloth might struggle to tone down the bright light. The alarm noise is shrill but does the job, the only thing I have found difficult in using this alarm clock is the small and fiddly dials on the body which means that you really need to look at what you are doing.

      ~Price and Availability~

      I have only seen this alarm clock in one store that being Argos where it is currently priced at £14.99. In my opinion this is a fairly standard price to pay, however considering you can buy alarms with a built in radio for a similar price it is arguably not the best value for money.


      In summary this is the perfect product for those who want a simple to use, basic alarm clock and don't want to spend a fortune. It is also ideal for being able to clearly tell the time at night even if I do turn ours round to face the wall during the weekend. For these reasons I would recommend this product to people who are looking for a simple to use alarm clock.

      As a result of this review, I would score this alarm clock three stars making this a good if not excellent purchase.

      I hope this review has been of help and thanks for reading! x


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