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Cook's Essentials Electric Slicer & Grater

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Brand: Cooks / Type: Slicer / Grater

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2007 13:05
      Very helpful



      Electric Slicer/Grater

      With all the well broadcast ‘advice’ last year (and on-going) about eating our five fruits and vegetables, I decided during last summer that salads where the order of the day. The ‘easy’ way of getting the suitable mix, of course, was to buy a packet from Tesco’s. That is, until I saw this item on QVC.

      Cook’s Essentials is one of QVC’s own brands – so obviously this is the best place to buy it. As a kitchen gadget I have found it to be one of the best – and unlike most others it has remained out (and in use) on the worktop in my kitchen.

      I have to say that I already had a mandoline slicer – top quality with all the required attachments – however, once the novelty had worn off, like many other new toys, it was relegated to the bottom of the cupboard – mainly because it was too much trouble to get it out and fiddle about with the different blades. The added bonus with this electric version was that I was no longer able to grate my fingers!

      The size of this item is: 12cm x 34.5cm x 21cm (4.7” x 13.6” x 8.3”) and it comes in a sparkling white plastic – standing on a clear box which catches the items processed. This box has a capacity of 1.2 litres so is a useful size. The motor is housed on the top and there are six different blades. These can easily be stored in the box when not in use – so all ready for instant attachment. The overall effect is of a rather odd shaped food processor! As with a food processor (which of course it IS in a way) there is a chute on the top where you feed the food through – with the required food pusher to keep your fingers safe.

      There are six different blades – for thick or thin slices, thick or thin Julienne, a grater and a French Fry (chip) blade. These blades fit into a frame (one at a time, of course) which in turn fits in the top of the box – and you’re ready to go!

      I have found no problems at all with this slicer/grater and it is certainly much quicker and easier than doing it all by hand – and, thinking about it , much more hygienic with no grated knuckles included!

      Making salads – as I already knew – became SO much cheaper and included all the things I liked and I knew were fresh. I’m sure I can’t be the only one, for instance, who bought a ready-made salad only to find that the grated carrot was more like coloured string and almost totally inedible. The guinea pigs I used to have would have appreciated it but, as it was, it often finished up in the compost heap.

      The Mandoline is completely dishwasher safe – of course, with the exception of the motor. It comes with a very comprehensive instruction book complete with plenty diagrams and instructions as to what each blade should and should not be used for.

      This item is available from QVC and the current price is £28.72 plus postage and packing of £5.45. The item number is: 824133 and I notice that it has been renamed as an Electric Slicer and Grater rather than an Electric Mandoline as it was when I bought it.

      I hope you will have found this interesting and I thank you for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Make coleslaw, salsa and vegetable crisps in no time at all with this handy electric mandolin from cook's essentials / There are six enclosed interchangeable blades so you can be more creative and stay completely safe / The powerful motor means it can slice, grate or julienne fruit and vegetables in just seconds, saving you the effort of normal slicing / It has a removable 1.2L collection tray / keeping your surfaces nice and tidy / The machine is dishwasher safe, except for the motor / The slicer measures: 12cm x 34.5cm x 21cm (4.7x 13.6x 8.3).

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