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Credit Card Manager

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Forget wallets and purses - keep your card and cash safe the 21st Century way.

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2008 23:11
      Very helpful



      ACM Wallet Auto Card Manager

      WHAT IS IT?

      ACM Auto Card Manager is a card holder for your credit, debit, loyalty or whatever other cards you have that are the same size as a credit card. They come in two sizes and I happen to own one of each size. One holds six cards and the other holds twelve. The six card version is roughly the size of a full pack of cigarettes but slimmer and the twelve card version is bigger than the cigarette box in width. They are made of some sort of composite plastic but has a smooth coating all over so it doesn't feel like any normal plastic. 'Slippery rubbery plastic' being the best description I can come up with! They are very light so will not weight you down too much but the twelve card version may be a big bit for some people's trouser pockets.

      What makes these card holders so special is that they are unlike any card holder you have ever seen before. They are like plastic boxes you slot your cards into but what makes them so special is how you take the cards back out to use them. With the six card ACM wallet, there are six sliding buttons and you attach a rubber pad to each one to label the slot according to what card you intend to put into the corresponding slot. You simply slide the button up to push the card you need out. So let's say you need your VISA credit card when out shopping, you simply slide the button with the VISA logo pad up and it'll eject your VISA card. It's much easier and more elegant than digging through your pocket or wallet looking for the correct card. When you're done with it, you just slot the card back and push it back down firmly into its slot.

      The rubber pads fit into the buttons and each one is labelled with pictures, a card logo or is a different colour. The pads are easily interchanged by prying them off with something pointy and putting a new one into the button. These include the major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard but unfortunately, there's no SOLO, or SWITCH / MAESTRO because it's an American product. As well as card logos, some pads have pictures like a card, a phone, etc. There are also coloured pads with no pictures for yours cards that can't be labelled with the pads with logos or pictures.

      The twelve card version has a logo and a colour block on each pad as there's still only six pads for the twelve cards, otherwise the holder would get way too big! This can be annoying as each pad is only able to label one card with a name and one colour block so you're not able to put a Visa right after a Mastercard if you want the Mastercard to be labelled with a pad with the Mastercard logo.

      E.g. A single pad might have VISA and a yellow colour block underneath, but cannot have both VISA and MASTERCARD (not enough room for that). Each pad accounts for two card slots. The next pad may be the MASTERCARD and a red colour block pad so you would need to put your VISA in the first slot, then a card you associate with the colour yellow in the second slot, and then your Mastercard in the third slot followed by a card you associate with the colour red. Can't have VISA then MASTERCARD unless you don' mind the yellow to label your MASTERCARD.

      With the twelve card version, each button slides out two cards at a time, with the first card sticking up more so you can choose one before pushing one back down.

      Just to give you a better idea of what labels / pictures are on the pads. The following pads are available.

      * Visa
      * MasterCard
      * American Express
      * Discover Card
      * ATM
      * A double helix with wings at the top (No idea what this is)
      * Telephone
      * Petrol Pump
      * Camera
      * A Car
      * Red
      * Blue
      * Green
      * Yellow
      * Orange
      * Pink


      My holders came with a protective case each to protect it but mine wore out after a while. I don't think the case was very good quality as the colour wore out and eventually looked like it was about to fall apart. I think they could have included a better and stronger case. However, even without the protective case, the ACM wallet can withstand quite a few drops. It may get dents and scratches from drops but the sliding mechanism keeps working and mine are still in one piece despite many drops.

      They also come with a money clip but I don't think it's very good as a money clip since it's a bit tight and if I had a big wad of cash (I wish!), it would be difficult to clip it all. I think it'd be better off being used to clip the card manager to your trousers or a thin belt since it's not really a very flexible clip. Also, sticking money or a receipt spoils the classy look of the device. I still say keep your money in your pocket or wallet. If you feel the clip is a waste of space, you can take it off as it's remove-able.
      Each ACM wallet comes with a pad with a picture of a camera because the manager also comes with a transparent wallet that's the size of a card where you can put a picture in. Two pictures if back to back. The instructions slip for the picture wallet tells you that you're only supposed to use the top slot for the picture though.

      All accessories, including the included variety, can be purchased separately from the ACM website in case you require replacements for whatever reason.


      Mine are both black but they are also available in silver, red, blue, hot pink, dark green, several military camouflage colours as well as colour combinations for the twelve card version such as silver and black.

      This is an American product so it is hard to come by in the UK but I originally bought my six card one from BoysStuff.co.uk for £14.99 (and this was a sale price). The only place you can really buy is from AcmWallet.com but they are based in the U.S. so you may need to pay customs and excise depending on how much you spend. They are charging $39.95 (USD) [approx £20] for the six card manager and $59.95 [approx £30] for the twelve card version, which I think is quite expensive but for such a unique and elegant item, it's well worth it. I had to pay £10 customs when I ordered the twelve card version from the ACM Wallet website so do expect that if you're thinking of buying the twelve card version.

      When you first get the ACM wallet, the slots are filled with credit card sizes 'filler' cards with the company's site on it so you can give those away if anyone asks where you bought the ACM wallet from.



      - Unique
      - Elegant
      - Convenient
      - Interchangeable labelled pads
      - Detachable money clip
      - Replacement accessories available
      - Protects your cards


      - Quite pricey
      - Shipped from the US (potential customs and excise)
      - Six card version - not enough card slots for some people
      - Twelve card version labelling system means you might not be able to have cards in the slots where you want them
      - Twelve card version is a bit big
      - Not as compact as just having a wallet and you can't store other stuff in them like a wallet can


      To conclude, it looks very classy and I do like having this around as it does make it easier to pick out particular cards. I mainly carry around the six card version so only put my most frequently used cards in there, leaving my other cards in my wallet, which I also carry around. The device is expensive but you get what you pay for and it's definitely high quality and most people in the UK don't have one which is a bonus as does definitely turn heads. I've had countless cashiers asking me where I got it from. It can also be a great gift if you don't know what to buy someone. They can also be engraved with names if ordered from the ACM Wallet website. I can definitely recommend this simple but classy gadget.

      See www.acmwallet.com for more details

      Thanks for reading


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      Forget wallets and purses - keep your card and cash safe the 21st Century way.

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