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DigiSender transmits you Sky Digital/ITV Digital/DVD pictures with stereo audio to other TVs around your home without wires.

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    1 Review
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      04.09.2008 17:13
      Very helpful



      Fantistic device. Solved my TV's bad reception problems

      If you're a bit of a telly addict and have TV's in every room, purchasing one of these DigiSender X2's is a fantastic decision, particularly if your reception is flaky.

      Prior to acquiring my DigiSender X2, I'd just bought myself a nice little flat screen integrated digital telly, complete with Freeview, for the kitchen. It was intended to replace my old analogue TV which was taking up too much space, despite only being a 14 incher. Flatscreens are great for space saving.

      I have no connection to the main rooftop aerial in kitchen so I've always had to rely on set top aerials with varying degrees of success. Anyway, I plugged in my new TV and disappointingly, wasn't able to see much through the snow on the screen. I couldn't tune in any Freeview channels at all and thought I'd wasted my money.

      However, on reading through the instruction manual, it mentioned that in areas of particularly bad reception, a sender might be the only option. A sender is a little contraption that you attach to the main television (connected to a mains aerial) and you 'send' that picture to other televisions around the house.

      After a bit of research as to what was available, I trotted off to Argos and bought this DigiSender X2 for the princely sum of £69.79. What a Godsend. Not only can I receive a perfect picture in the kitchen, I can also put a DVD on and watch it in the kitchen as well as all the Freeview channels that the main TV picks up. In fact, I also purchased two additional receivers for the other TV's in my flat so they can all receive decent pictures.

      I linked up my DigiSender and the additional receivers with no trouble at all. The instructions are very straightforward with clear pictures and diagrams to explain each step (there are only 3 steps). Also, there's a useful troubleshooting guide at the back of the manual if you do experience any problems.

      You attach the DigiSender to your main TV and the additional receivers to any other televisions around the house. There is a 'Magic Eye' that has to be placed in front of the infra red light at the front of the television or DVD player (whichever items you wish to control remotely).

      They provide you with various options for setting the magic eye up, including little extension pieces so you can slide them underneath the DVD player, say, then slot the Magic Eye in place. Watch out if you have small children though, because this proves to be an endless object of fascination. My 3 year-old snapped the stand within the first day. But, this magic eye is a tough little dude and it still works perfectly even though the eye no longer faces the infra red directly.

      Problems I've Experienced:

      Although I rarely experience any problems with my DigiSender, occasionally there will be some interference on the screen in the kitchen. The causes are usually the same. One of them seems to be when my upstairs neighbour uses some extremely noisy mechanical machine. I'm sure it's them because as soon as the noise stops, the interference stops. Another cause of interference is if I have the kitchen door half way open. The DigiSender doesn't seem to like this and protests until I either push the door nearly closed or just open it wide. For the TV's in the bedrooms, the reception has always been perfect.

      Another possible cause of contention can be if you are watching something being sent from the main TV. Suppose you are watching a DVD in the bedroom or wherever which is being sent from the main television. Then someone changes channel on the main TV. You'll end up viewing whatever is being watched on the main television. This has resulted in a few shouting matches between me and the kids, but I usually win!

      Purchase Information

      I bought my DigiSender X2 from Argos for £69.79. This includes the transmitter and one receiver. You can purchase additional receivers for other televisions at a cost of £34.59. It comes with one transmitter, one receiver, a Magic Eye system and 2 power supplies.

      Technical Features:

      * Watch any TV channel on any television in your home;
      * Can connect 2 devices to the DigiSender ie your satellite receiver and DVD player;
      * Auto switching inputs. If you are watching satellite TV then switch on the DVD player, the DVD will now transmit instead;
      * Transmits hi fi stereo audio and is compatible with an A/V source;
      * No spare scart socket required on your source equipment;
      * Two scart inputs on the receiver;
      * Transmits through walls, ceilings and doors.


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    • Product Details

      DigiSender transmits you Sky Digital/ITV Digital/DVD pictures with stereo audio to other TVs around your home without wires.

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