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Duracell Voyager CL-1 LED Torch

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Brand: Duracell / Type: Torch

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2014 13:24
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      Duracell Voyager Torch

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      The Torch
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      I am reviewing a Duracell Voyager torch which I recently purchased when going on a Torchlight tour to Brooklands museum. The torch has 3 LED bulbs so is nice and bright making it suitable for a range of different uses on different occasions and in different weather. The torch is water resistant and also shock proof which means you can use it in wet weather without having to worry. It also has a clever anti-grip slip finish. The torch is has 15 lumens brightness with a range of 30 metres so this was going to be perfect for what I wanted it for. It does require 2 x AA batteries but these are included with the torch. The torch and batteries come in plastic packaging which then has cardboard in. This holds the torch in place and also shows you diagrams of how and how not to use the torch. There isn't much writing on the packaging as such apart from the model number of the torch.

      The torch itself comes in one colour which is mainly black, although it does have a few silver bits on it as well. The torch has a rubber like finish to it which I presume is the anti-grip slip finish. This makes the torch easier to grip and also makes it a little softer too. There is a small rubber like hook towards the end of the torch which I presume you can use to attach some strong or cord. There is a silver part on the torch which has Duracell engraved onto it so there's no mistaking what brand this torch it. The on/off button to the torch is an oval shape and is also silver in colour. The torch is approximately 4.5/5 inches long so it's not too big and I don't think it feels too heavy either. Although there aren't any instructions with the torch it's fairly obvious to me that you need to unscrew the lamp part of the torch in order to put the batteries inside. This is obvious because no other part of the torch unscrews. The batteries are easy to put in the torch and it's easy to screw the lamp part of the torch back on ready to use.

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      I purchased the torch from my local Robert Dyas store where it was reduced to £4.99. You can order this from the Duracell Direct website (www.duracelldirect.co.uk) but it will cost you £9.98, without postage.

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      Using the Torch
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      The torch can be held nicely in my hand and it doesn't feel too heavy or big when holding/carrying it. Due to the anti-grip slip finish it means that you can get a good grip of the torch, even with gloves on. The button on the torch is in a good position so I can press it on/off easily when needed. I find that you don't need to press the button too hard either, unlike some torches. When using the torch on the tour that I recently went on in the dark which included going down some dark tunnels, I found this torch to be very good as it was quite bright which enabled me and a few other people to see where we were walking whilst on the tour. The torch isn't too big or bulky so when not in use I was able to fit the torch into a small bag that I was carrying with me. Although I find that I don't really need a torch much I do keep this in my rucksack just in case as you never know when you might need one.

      Depending on how long and often you use the torch depends on how long they last. I had the torch on and off during the 90min torchlight tour and the batteries were still fine at the end of the evening. This would be a handy torch to keep in your car or even in your bag just in case you need one. It's also a great torch to have in the home, should you have a power cut as it's nice and bright. I have used the torch a few times now and haven't comes across any problems with it yet. I did manage to drop the torch once, but the thick casing and soft grip of the torch meant that it luckily didn't break. If you dropped the torch on the front end where the light comes out then I think this probably would break. When walking home from work, I sometimes have to walk through dark alley/garages so this torch is perfect to enable me to see where I am walking which also makes me feel safer as well.

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      Overall Opinion
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      Although this is a Duracell product so I expected it to be reasonably good, I wasn't really sure, just how good it would be. Although there were lots of torches to choose from, I did go for this one because of the make and the fact that it was also half price as well, and a lot cheaper than some of the other torches. I only wanted a small handheld torch and nothing too big, so this was perfect for me. As the torch has LED lights, this makes the light that comes from the torch really bright, which is a lot brighter than what you get from other torches.

      I like the small and slim design of the torch and the anti-slip covering the torch is perfect, especially in the cold wet weather and places where you may need to wear gloves. The torch isn't heavy, despite carrying it in my hand for at least 60mins during the tour that I went on. I haven't come across any quality problems with the torch and don't expect to. In terms of value I think the torch is very reasonable as it's made well and is by a well-known, good quality brand. My dad was impressed with the quality and the brightness of the torch so he actually went out and bought one himself around a week later. I would definitely recommend this torch as it's handy to have whether it's in your bag or in the house as you never know when you may need one.

      (review will also appear on ciao)


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