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Ecosavers Water Drop Eco Shower Timer

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Brand: Ecosavers / Type: Timer

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    3 Reviews
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      13.01.2013 18:47
      Very helpful



      Take up the four minute shower challenge but not with this gadget.

      This is a tear drop shaped count-down timer for use in the shower to conserve water. It has an LCD screen to tell you the seconds and minutes and is battery powered.

      The plan is to reduce your personal damage to our long-suffering planet. We are terribly short of water for growing food and for drinking despite all the rainfall in the UK. We need to help every human and animal to have access to water - you can help save lives, in a small and simple, way by taking four minute showers.

      The alarm comes in two other designs which will be particularly good for engaging children in becoming environmentally aware. These take the form of cute green frogs and delightful yellow ducks.

      Educational and money saving values:

      This little alarm teaches us all the importance of saving water. You can set your alarm to the time you decide on and challenge yourself to reduce this time and it is loud enough to be heard over the running water. The less water used the less we deprive our natural world and the more money we save if on a water meter and we save on the cost of fuel. About twenty percent of your fuel bill is spent on heating your water so a quicker shower can make quite a difference to your outgoing expenses. Using gas and electricity increases world pollution which creates global warming and leads to many of the weather disasters we are witnessing around the world. We can each take steps to help to slow this down but we have to do it now or we will not survive long-term in this world.

      Fault One:

      This has suction pads with next to no suction power what so ever. Interesting, that when the sole purpose of the pads are to suck onto the wall and stick they are unable to do that simple task. It's not that they've deteriorated with age, even in a brand new state, they just slipped off the tiles and the bathroom wasn't even damp. The few times I managed to get it to stick it popped off within seconds and gave me a shock to boot! That is design fault number one and quite a big failure it is too.

      Fault Two:

      In order to be able to read the countdown timer to see how many minutes you've spent in the shower it needs to be within your eye line. Due to the popping off the wall problem it ended up on the side of the bath where I had to bend down in order to read. This action sets the shower spray into a new direction and you've guessed it some of the water went straight down onto the timer and got it wet. So if fault two is that you have to bend down to view the alarm it won't take a giant leap to figure out the next fault.

      Fault Three:

      A gadget designed for the bathroom, a room which gets wet and damp from the humidity, is not waterproof! I'm serious. This thing doesn't like water and it corrodes within days.

      Fault Four:

      The screen developed condensation and made the timer unreadable.

      Fault Five:

      Drying it out in the sunshine should have at least sorted that out but once it had dried what do you think should happen next? The timer failed! I pressed re-set and... nothing as blank as a head without a brain.

      Fault Five:

      I don't think I managed to keep the alarm going for more than five days though it got four uses a day. What a waste of money. This gadget, designed to have a positive impact on our environment, ended up in the bin and somewhere in landfill. This contradiction to the original and very laudable purpose is, well, plain stupid.

      How to save water:

      There are many ways to save water. Have quicker showers and you could invest in a waterproof watch if you have trouble estimating the time.

      Have a water butt installed so that the gutter rainwater collects and can be used to water the garden plants.

      Put a device in the toilet to lower the amount of water used when flushed.

      Check with your water company for freebies and offers on water conserving devices. I've seen egg timer devices for £2 which suck onto the tiles which is half the price that I paid for this gadget. Don't be a sucker and fall into buying this.

      The ideal time spent in the shower is four minutes. This will significantly cut your spending on utility bills and help to keep our reservoirs full whilst lowering our impact on global warming.

      Can you meet the four minute challenge? Just make sure you don't try it with this gadget!

      It gets one star for the concept behind it.


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        12.01.2013 19:23
        Very helpful



        Helps you save money and be kinder to the environment

        During 2012 I decided to become more economical when it came to the power I used in the house in hopes of not only being more environmentally responsible but also in hopes of saving some money along the way.

        I bought a myself a shower timer to help me minimize just how long that I was showering for as I read an article about how much water we all waste on a daily basis with bathing and showering. Showering might use less than a bath but obviously staying in a shower for prolonged periods of time will use loads of water.

        This shower timer by Ecosavers is a pretty simple product but one that has been designed to both educate and help you understand how long you shower for and help you keep an eye on the length of time you are in the shower.

        It is basically a waterproof counter measuring minutes and seconds that you can attach to the wall near your shower to time yourself in the shower. It has an alarm function so that you can set it for a specified time after you get in the shower so that you know when you are supposed to get out again thereby minimising the amount of water you use showering and hopefully saving you some money in the process since you are using less energy and water.

        The alarm on this is pretty loud and I have no trouble hearing it even with music playing the shower pelting my face and ears.

        I have read complaints that this isn't completely waterproof and people are complaining that it soon breaks and also doesn't stick to the wall properly. I have to say that I so far after several months haven't had any of these problems. It is still stuck to where I have stuck it on the tiles and hasn't come loose yet and also it is still working despite getting wet several times. I have it positioned so that it doesn't get the spray of the shower on it but it still gets wet and is still working perfectly well for me and so far I have had no problems with it not even having to change the battery yet.

        I would have to recommend this shower timer as I personally have had no problems with it. I paid £5 for it which I thought was an ok price. It is essentially just an electric timer but one which has really helped me in taking shorter showers and saving money.


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        06.08.2012 16:55
        Very helpful



        NOT recommended!

        Living in a household with two teenaged boys and examining my rising gas bills every month, I decided that I had to take action to cut my fuel costs and save water. Both boys take a very long time in the shower and this usually leads to me hammering like a madwoman on the bathroom door, shouting to them to finish. There had to be a better way, and when I read about Shower Timers it seemed as if I had found the obvious solution.

        Unfortunately, although the idea of a shower timer is a good one, I found to my cost that the Ecosavers Alarm is a really poor product - badly made and with a terrible durability, it continually fell of the wall and broke within a week.

        I would warn anybody thinking about buying a shower timer to avoid the Ecosavers model.


        ~~What is the Ecosavers Shower timer alarm? ~~

        Shower timers come in a wide variety of cute shapes and sizes, but I chose the rather conservative and manly blue teardrop design, rather unimaginatively named DROP on the website. There are many websites selling these timers, but I chose to buy mine from Amazon at £6.45 with free delivery.

        My timer is a 7cm long blue plastic teardrop shape with a digital display measuring 1cm by 3cm. Below the digital display are three buttons with the letters M (Minutes); S (Seconds); ST/SP (start / stop).

        The shower timer is designed primarily to educate children about water use, encouraging them to save water by timing themselves to take shorter showers. It is a digital waterproof timer that can sit inside the shower enclosure.

        ~~How does it work? ~~

        To activate the timer you simply have to remove the protective tab from the battery and stick it onto the shower wall using the suction pad.
        Operation is very simple. Press the M button to set the number of minutes requires; press the S button to set the number of seconds required. Press ST/SP to start the timer, which will count down and emit a series of high pitched beeps for 30 seconds once zero has been reached. Pressing the ST/SP button will stop the beeping.

        I had to refer to the instructions to find the reset button - to reset the clock hold down the M button and then press S.

        ~~What do I like about my Alarm? ~~

        Once I set up the alarm, it really did make morning routines a lot easier. I instructed both sons to set the timer to 10 minutes, and once it had beeped, to begin the lengthy and mysterious end of shower ritual. Although I'm not sure exactly what this entails, they both say they need an extra 3 minutes once the beeper has gone off.

        This cuts down the actual shower time drastically and I am very happy that I no longer have to bang on the bathroom door every morning.

        The beeping noise is clear but not too loud. I can hear it from outside the bathroom door and it can be easily heard when I am under the shower myself.

        The little teardrop looks very nice in my shower.

        ~~What don't I like about my Alarm? ~~

        Unfortunately the timer broke in less than a week. I woke up one morning to find it beeping manically, and the only way to turn it off was to remove the battery. I have emailed the company (Ecohamster) for a replacement, but I am less than impressed.
        It was most unlike me to buy this without checking customer reviews first, but now I look on Amazon I can see that there are many disappointed customers with experiences just like mine. This timer is clearly not waterproof and not designed to stay stuck to the wall. It is not fit for purpose.

        The timer was advertised as waterproof, but the instructions also say "Do not spray water with showerhead onto the product". It is difficult to locate the timer inside the shower without splashing a bit of water onto it, however careful you are.


        The shower timer is an excellent idea and I will definitely be buying another model - just NOT the Ecosavers version.


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