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Efergy Shower Timer & Alarm

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Brand: Efergy / Type: Timer

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    2 Reviews
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      14.05.2011 09:57



      Definately worth buying

      I bought this little gadget to help me reduce my shower times from over 30 mins to something considerably lower than that.

      It was easy to set-up. I do think having to estimate your average shower consumption before you start is annoying, you can always adjust it. If it's giving absurdly inaccurate readings, it's probably the user not the device...unless you get a faulty one. If you follow the instructions during set-up, it says to half fill the plastic bag and if you totally fill it, then it will definately be inaccurate. Just be careful during set-up.

      It sits there counting up the volume of water you've used which is enough to make you think about it while you shower and to help you reduce your water consumption. If you are using the device to reduce your shower times then you will be paying attention to it as you shower and so it's easy enough to remember that you need to shut it off. I like to see what my shower 'stats' are when i get out so have never had an issue with forgetting about the alarm and I would suggest that if you're forgetting to shut it off, you probably aren't paying attention to it in which case it wouldn't serve any purpose. It's designed to create awareness, so if you disregard it then why buy it in the first place?

      It comes with a lanyard and suction cup so if someone was having trouble with the suction cup they could simply use the lanyard. I've opted for both.

      I'm really pleased to say that this timer has helped me reduce my shower times down to about 5 mins and about 10 litres of water which for me shows that the device does exactly what it is intended to do. I highly recommend this product.


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      03.10.2010 14:09
      Very helpful



      A pointless little shower aid.

      With so many ways to save money out there; whether it be through innovative inventions, or merely through changing your ways. It's something that a lot of people are thinking about these days as a result of the recent recession and with Christmas only a few short months away, the need to save money is becoming even greater.

      I've always been a fan of long showers, there's nothing better than waking up on a freezing morning and jumping into a scalding hot shower and I can easily spend 30 minutes or more in there. What I've come to realise recently is how much shorter I could make these showers and as a result, how much money can be saved. It's with this in mind that I purchased the Efergy Shower Timer and Alarm for £3.50 from Amazon.

      This little invention ingeniously calculates how much water you're using in your average shower, in an attempt to encourage you to spend less time in the shower, alas saving water and ultimately, money.

      So I imagine you're now scratching your heads in confusion as to what the Efergy Shower Timer and Alarm really achieves?

      Well, in all honesty, nothing. Yes, nothing, but I'll get to that part soon. Firstly you're going to need to set this piece of equipment up, which is a lot harder than it sounds. The Efergy alarm is provided with a preinstalled battery (3V Lithium), which is housed in a water tight compartment and requires a coin or a screw driver to open. You're given an instruction leaflet and the instructions are fairly straight forward, however, putting them into practise is where you're likely to run into difficulties. There's a waterproof bag included with a 1 litre capacity, this is used to calculate how many litres you use in your shower. To set up you must insert the shower head into the bag (you'll need two pairs of hands for this), the second you turn on the shower you must hit the middle button on the alarm for it to begin calculating how fast the litre bag is filled up. It all sounds simply enough, however, unfortunately you may need to do this several times before you get accurate results. You see, the first time this process was completed, it somehow calculated that it would take roughly 2 hours to use 35 litres of water (which, according to the device is how much water is used in the average shower).

      Setting the alarm is all fairly straight forward and doesn't require anything different than setting up a usual alarm clock. The time feature comes in handy and is displayed at the bottom right of the screen, however, problems occur when you're asked to enter how much water you use in your shower. This wouldn't be a problem if you're allowed to work it out using the alarm itself once you've calculated the water usage with the bag. However, this must be done *before* the bag even comes into use, somehow you're expected to know exactly how much water you use in the shower off the top of your head. Well, seeing as this is the exact reason we bought the device in the first place, we had absolutely no idea and had to go with their average of 35 litres.

      As aforementioned, this device achieves absolutely zilch, would you like to know why?

      Well, with the inaccurate entering of how much water you use in your shower (which, isn't able to be changed subsequent to entering it), you can never expect to get an accurate result. Also, if you take quicker showers than the average water consumption assumes, then it's likely that you'll leave the shower and forget all about the alarm which will be set off when the water reaches its set amount. Therefore you could be long gone by the time the alarm begins to sound. Luckily the alarm will only last around a minute, however, if it's not switched off manually by pressing the middle button, it will continue to calibrate and will sound again once the water levels reach 99 litres. When the alarm has sounded twice, the alarm will stop calibrating your water usage and will go back to the default 'home screen' which is simply the clock.

      So apart from the obvious flaws and even if this alarm did work perfectly well in calculating your water usage there is actually no point to it whatsoever. It doesn't calculate how much water/money you're saving by taking longer showers, it simply sets off an alarm when you've reached a certain limit to warn you that you're using excess water, which is all well and good, but when you've got a head full of conditioner it's hardly likely to make you turn off the shower and step out through fear of using too much water. It has to be said that this device is utterly pointless, it's simply there to encourage you to take shorter showers which you can do without the hassle of this ridiculous alarm.

      In terms of usability, the alarm is something of a mixed bag. You see, to actually use it is very easy, you simply step into the shower, hit the middle button and it will immediately begin calculating your water usage, to stop, whether the alarm has sounded or not you simply hit the middle button again. When the alarm sounds, to turn it off, yep, you guessed it, you press the middle button. The two outer buttons are nothing but setting up aids. The alarm even has a rather attractive design, it's in the shape of a water droplet and its white on green colours blend seamlessly to create a very aesthetically pleasing little gadget. The buttons are made of rubber and are easily pressed without sticking and of course the entire device is completely waterproof. The screen is very well laid out, making it easy to read and it doesn't suffer from glare or reflections. When the device is in use it displays how many litres you've used so far and on the left is shows what looks like the outsides of a bucket, with water droplets pouring in and gradually filling up. An attractive design, but even that won't save this device.

      The packaging looks great, but what good is it if you can't get it up? (insert filthy innuendo if necessary). The shower alarm is supposed to stick to your bathroom wall through use of a little suction thing, you know the ones, the ones that stick onto windows. Unfortunately in a shower with water and condensation the suction isn't quite as effective. The alarm will fall down regularly and will often end up falling on your toes, which believe me, does hurt and this becomes the alarms biggest flaw. If it won't even fix to the wall for you to use it, what is the point?

      I can't answer that one for you I'm afraid, but if you were still wondering, there's no way on God's green earth that I'll be recommending this little nightmare to you. It's been an absolute devil right from the start and shamefully this shower alarm fails to even be classed as a novelty. Where's the likeable feature of this product?

      Definitely not recommended.


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      shower timer and water monitoring device / clock.

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