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Energizer LED Keyring Torch

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Brand: Energizer / Type: Torch

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    3 Reviews
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      03.10.2013 10:47
      Very helpful



      handy torch if you like to 'travel light' ho ho

      This is a very handy present to buy someone, that is how I got it, as one of many small presents. This is actually useful though, unlike a lot of small gadgets, which are not always practical or effective.

      I only did this review to get the travel light pun in ...ho ho that will keep me amused all day.


      It is most useful for finding things in the boot of my car as the interior light is not very good or has stopped working completely I'm not sure. Having it attached to your keys is very handy, and the torch itself is easy to use having a long lasting LED bulb.
      When looking for the where to put the key in the lock in my car and my front door, this makes it easier. I would say if your car is parked down a dark street or your door is badly lit then this would be a good purchase.

      The battery is lithium which will last for a good couple of years I would guess with this size bulb, and being an LED bulb. It says 8000 hours use, but that is hard to average out when you only have it on for a few seconds or a minute or two at the most.
      You turn it on by pushing the button on the key ring and releasing it to turn it off.

      Will light up a the ground and a few feet in front, but you need to move closer to get bright light.


      This key ring runs on a lithium battery which you can probably buy online or through a jewellers small locksmith type shop who can also change the battery as you may need special tools in order not to damage the key ring.

      At only 35 for the key ring the battery suspect will be about the same or maybe even more, you may decide that after a couple of years you have got your moneys worth and bin it.

      I had a special watch that was bought for me that was a novelty gift / fun watch it had Elvis on the face of it ( no laughter please ) and yes I did wear it for a year ( again, no laughter ) . After only just over 1 year , when the warranty ended I guess, the lithium battery died. I took it to a jeweller as I had no idea where to get one, and he told me £12.
      I was shocked as this battery may only last another year ! This was a sad indictment of our throwaway society, it was cheaper to buy a new watch every year ! Shocking.

      The life span of the product may be linked directly to the cost of the lithium battery for thousands of products in some way, or I may be just paranoid.

      Whether the key ring or watch are good value is slightly subjective, but it would be nice to be able to keep a product that works and that you like , rather than throw it away.


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      27.08.2013 19:14
      Very helpful



      A dazzlingly bright keyring torch

      Anyone going through my spare drawer in my shed might think I have an obsession with torches as I have loads of old ones in there but I do find them so handy and can't understand how other people can manage owning none. I keep a torch in several different rooms in my house as well as in my dashboard and boot of my car. I also like to have one with me at all times and am currently using an Energizer LED torch which I have had for a few months now.

      I spotted this and thought it would be a great little addition to my car keyring. Because it was made by energizer I assumed that it would be a good little torch but as it was only a fiver I thought I didn't have much to lose if it turned out to not be very good when I received it. I bought mine online but it is also available in DIY and gadget shops.

      The torch is a simple enough looking item and it is also really small and compact. It is chrome and actually looks pretty stylish on my keyring and to be honest you would be hard pressed to even know that it was a mini torch because it doesn't look like one. Instead it just looks like a little attachment.

      The torch attached easily onto my keyring and it felt really secure when it was in place. I did notice that it weighed my keys down a little in my pocket but not enough to make it feel uncomfortable to hold or anything. It definitely feels much better quality and more solid than some other little plastic keyring torches I have owned in the past.

      The torch is so simple to use which is exactly what you want when it is dark as you don't want to be fumbling around for ages trying to turn the torch on. You just need to press down on the middle of the torch to get it to light up. There is no way to keep the light on unless you are pressing but it is comfortable to hold and press for as long as you need the light.

      I was so surprised with how powerful this little torch actually was. I was not expecting it to be as bright as it is. I thought it would just give off more of a glow but this thing actually lights everything up that it comes in contact with. The beam itself is narrow but it is easy to train it accurately to where you need the light. I am overall really impressed with the light it gives off. I thought I would only use it to see where the lock is on my car, house etc but I can easily see me just using this in the shed etc instead of finding a bigger torch.

      The torch is supposed to give 9000 hours of light and although I am pretty bad at maths that seems like a long time and so I think it makes it even better value for money than it already is. I would definitely recommend it and I am so impressed with it that I have already bought my mother one too as she is always having trouble seeing the lock at night at her house and she also thinks it is brilliant.


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      22.08.2013 18:15
      Very helpful



      Take the power of light with you wherever you go.

      There are numerous times in my life where I find myself thwarted by a lack of light. Either I'm scrambling around on my hands and knees trying to recover the latest object to have inexplicably bounced and rolled under the settee, or I'm peering into the inky abyss down the back of the cooker where yet another kitchen utensil has absconded. Then there are the times when I'm taking the rubbish out on a night only for someone, in passing, to decide to conserve energy by turning the kitchen light off - thus extinguishing my sole source of illumination when I'm in the back yard - leaving me to gingerly navigate my way back through the darkness towards the hazy outline of the back door. Hoping that I don't step on any slugs (or worse) in the process.

      What I wouldn't give to have a torch handy when such situations arise. However, carrying a regular-sized torch around at all times is not a very practical solution. On the other hand, a mini LED keyring torch costing just £3.86 is the ideal solution.

      == Design and Size

      The Energizer LED Keyring is a chrome metal device with a black rubberised 'on' button at the top and the word 'Energizer' engraved into the metal just above it. A single LED light protrudes slightly from the front, but this is very sturdy and I have no fears of it breaking whilst being carried around in my pocket. The keyring attachment is fixed through a generous semi-circular hole at the back end of the device.

      I wanted something small so that I could carry it around in my pocket wherever I go. Measuring in at approximately 50 x 24 x 10 mm, the Energizer LED torch is very compact and is about as wide as my front door 'Yale' key (and a bit shorter) and no thicker than my memory pen which is also attached to my keys. The increased bulk that this torch adds to my pocket is not significant enough to cause any problems so I can carry it around on my keyring comfortably. The only issue could be the extra weight; weighing about the same as three £1 coins. This doesn't make much difference to me but is worth considering.

      == Light

      The main reason for buying any torch is to illuminate the darkness around you and this device belies its small size by giving off a strong bright light and doing just that. I was initially surprise how bright one LED could be. I've had multi-LED torches in the past that haven't been as bright as this single-LED torch. It easily has the strength to light up the space underneath the settee and is equally effective at revealing the murky bottom of the space behind the cooker, although in hindsight it might have been better off left unseen. The beam of bright white light is also strong enough to shine up to several feet in front of the operator, this makes it ideal for navigating my way through the darkness of the back yard on a night. It also comes in handy for finding my way through the loft in the dark - the main light of which expired many moons ago and has yet to be replaced (but I'll get round to it one day).

      The Nichia* white LED claims to last up to 8000 hours (a claim I have no desire to test out) and is powered by a single Energizer 2032 lithium battery. The product fails to specify how long the battery will last, but I would hazard a cynical guess that it won't last 8000 hours. There are 4 small screws on the bottom of the torch perhaps suggesting that changing the battery is possible, but you will need one of those impossibly small screwdrivers to do so - the type you get in one of those sets out of a Christmas cracker and keep for this exact purpose but inevitably lose long before you need it.

      There is one issue I have found with this torch and that is the requirement to keep one's thumb pressed firmly on the 'on' button to emit the light. For the purposes of pocket transportation, this button design is favourable to an alternative on/off switch, which might result in you unintentionally leaking away those precious 8000 hours by activating it in your pocket. However, with this design I find that I need to press very firmly with my thumb to keep the light on. I've found it all too easy to release pressure on the button whilst going about my endeavours, with the light going off as I do so. Not only is this quite frustrating but I could also be unsuspectingly sending Morse code messages to my neighbours as I take out the trash. Bending my thumb 90 degrees and pressing down with my thumb nail seems to fare a bit better but I wish the button was a little more sensitive so that it didn't require a thumb-war-esque technique.

      == Quality and Summary

      In terms of build quality this little torch is very impressive. The metal design and rubberised button give the device a high-quality feel and the LED torch is not short of brightness. Compared to the other keyring torches I have acquired in the past, usually as some free give-away advertising something or another, the Energizer stands head and shoulders above the rest in all departments. It's a shame that the 'on' button isn't a little more user-friendly but if you want a quality, compact and bright torch to carry with you wherever you go then this device would be a very useful acquisition. It's certainly made my life easier.

      == Price

      £3.86 from amazon.co.uk (sold by Fast Batteries UK)

      Thanks for reading :)

      * Nichia, for those who are interested, is a Japanese company specialising in the manufacture of LEDs.


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