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Firebox 13 in 1 Multi Tool Pen

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2 Reviews

Type: Multi-Tool

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    2 Reviews
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      22.07.2012 01:59
      Very helpful



      Good multi tool pen for simple tasks, not for heavy use.

      === Where I got it? ===

      Sometimes it helps to have access to very portable tools, such as cutting and punching tools. It also helps to have tools, which can tighten the loose screws in glasses frames, and tools for removing staples. Sometimes you need to reset your broadband modem or router, and you wouldn't mind having access to an all in one portable multi tool, which can allow you to carry out all those tasks. Does such a multi tool exist, which can enable you to carry out those and maybe more tasks? If so, where is it sold and what is it?

      I bought this 13-in-1 Multi Tool Pen from an online seller about five years ago. I paid about £14, which included the shipping costs. I found two sellers; both selling the same pen, one was advertising it as 12-in-1, and the other 13-in-1. The price was the same, so I decided to buy the one labelled 13-in-1. The seller I made the purchase from still sell's on Amazon, under the name 'Alternative Gifts'. I believe the cost wasn't too much for the product quality, portability, durability and general usefulness.

      === What is it? ===

      It's a set of useful metal objects, and it contains a ballpoint pen. Its total length is 144mm, and weighs about as much as ten biros. Although the pen is supposedly 13-in-1, there are actually quite a few more uses to it. Some of the more common uses of the pen are limited to cutting, punching holes, picking staples, tightening and loosening screws, and filing down those rough edges on something (I never yet found any use for that). This pen can also be used for writing.

      There are about sixteen pieces to this pen. Not all the pieces are unique, and some pieces such as blades are in multiple quantities, because they can get worn or broken through regular use. There are toothed blades you can use as saws, and there are the plain blades. I only managed to break one blade over the five years, and haven't exhausted the ink. The ink isn't used as much as you would an ordinary pen, because you only feel the need to use the multi tool pen's ink for tasks relevant to jobs you use the tools for. This involves only making the odd few notes, drawing a line or marking something to cut, and such other simple tasks. If you're to use it as you use an ordinary pen, the ink would last more than a few days.

      A piece of this pen looks like a toothpick, which is useful for punching small holes into standard paper, card, cardboard or punching into wood. This is also useful for moving small component connectors, and for pressing the unreachable reset button in new digital watches and computing devices. It also works well for removing staples, and makes a good toothpick. There are also two small size screw drivers; a Philips and Flat, these are the same size as you would get in a glasses repair kit. The piece which looks like a micro-teaspoon is very useful when used alongside the toothpick for removing staples, but it can also be used to clean small components from stubborn dust, and works particularly well to clean under keyboard keys, without the need to remove them. I haven't made use of the other two pieces; one is a small flat screw driver, which is the type you'd get in a Torx driver set, the other is the pen clip, which can be used to pick a wooden splinter from your hand. My advice is- don't put the splinter there to start with, because I don't see removing it to be an easy task with this tool. It struggles with holding a wire steady for soldering; this is why I never use it.

      === Handling and Safety ===

      IMPORTANT: Keep out of the reach of children. The pen isn't a toy, it's a tool, and in wrong hands it can be quite dangerous.

      Be aware of health and safety when handling tools, especially sharp objects. Don't attempt to use tools of any kind on electrical appliances, unless you have switched off and unplugged them from the mains power. This multi tool pen isn't suitable for most computer components, and I wouldn't recommend it for computer repairs. When dealing with computers or other integrated circuit (chip) based components and appliances, always use the appropriate anti-ESD tools.

      ESD (electrostatic discharge) is caused by a potential difference in charge between two objects, which can damage chips. Although ESD isn't known to harm your health, it may cost you quite a lot of money in the long run, if you have to replace damaged components often.

      I would advise you to never carry this pen around outside your home, even though it's very portable. It's a tool containing a number of sharp blades, which has the potential to cause intentional and unintentional harm. It may not be your intention to use it to harm anyone, but someone who sees this in your pocket; may help themself to it and may use it as a weapon.

      === My Conclusion ===

      As long as you take care to understand the potential tool hazards, and operate the tools safely; you may find this tool very useful. Using the tools requires a bit of common sense, so you don't need any specialist qualifications or experience to use them. If you need to cut a carpet, you may want to use the plain blades, which are sharp and strong enough to cut through carpet. The blades may break if you press them against the floor boards while cutting, replace the blade and continue cutting. Apply less pressure to avoid breaking more blades. In five years, I broke one blade.

      Most of the other tools have also come in handy, although not all. Some aspects about the tools work better than expected, while the quality of others doesn't appear as good. I found the blades to be weaker than the standard carpet knife, which one blade can last many years. The screwdrivers are as good as any you may purchase at a hardware store, which are better than the quality found at supermarkets.

      If you wish to purchase this multi tool pen, then you need to firstly consider if you require so many tools in one. If you don't need so many tools, then go for a different stronger multi tool. This is because you can get the lesser number of tools in one, which will cost you about half the price, and those tools last longer. Sometimes it's better to buy individual tools, rather than multi tools. This is the case with heavy tool use. When buying tools, it's always best to buy from a reliable tools company.

      === To sum up ===

      I bought this multi tool pen five years ago, and the only part of the tool which broke over these years is one blade. The quality is very good, but there are those with less number of tools, which are better quality. Individual tools are generally much better quality than multi tools, keeping in mind the reliable tool manufacturers.


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        26.03.2011 20:53
        Very helpful



        A very good quality novelty gift that i'm really glad to own

        Recently at christmas, me and my mates decided to do a secret santa. We don't usually buy anything for anyone but this year we thought it might me vaguely fun to do a secret santa. I personally didn't have a clue what to buy and finally brought some gourmet jelly beans and a a dancing santa for an office table. which at the time was very funny but ended up being "accidently" chucked out the window by my friend.
        Anyway I actually got a half decent present and secret santa came good. I now don't go anywhere without this 13 in 1 pen and is always in my top pocket ready for everything occasion imaginable and some!

        13 in 1
        So what does this amazing 13 in 1 pen actually have. Well, obviously it has a pen, ( which i'm doodling with now!) But it also has a Blade ( both long and short), steel file and saw which are brilliant for cutting small rope and some wire, perfect for any job outside. Both a flat head and phillips screwdriver, good for DIY and very helpful as i can never find a screwdriver when you need one! Also it has feature perfect for office use, they are a hole-puncher and wire-sleeve remover and then pen (which i know i've already mentioned but pens have many use) Also it has ear pick, tweezers and nail remover, these are all items that are usually scattered around the house but here they're all in one. Finally it has a fork which is probably not the most useful as i already have plenty of forks but none the less it surely will one day come in handy

        My Opinion
        I never go anywhere without this pen and as i ahve already said it is a secret santa present that is actually useful! I'm always finding that i can never find what i need but now with this pen I already have everything i need in one! It also very durable i have used the blade for opening bottle several time and it showing no sign of breaking so it's not just one of those tacky presents.
        What i would like to see however would be some more useful untensils (that i personally can never find) such as a bottle opener or a corkscrew as well as a scissors and nail clippers. The addition of any of these would be very useful and make this product even better
        The only problem i have with it is that its all in seperated pieces making losing some parts very easily. i have lost and found again many a time and have wasted hour upon hours looking for lost items. making them all join together in some way would make this product only better.
        Overall this product is a very useful addition to my life and i'm glad i joined in on that secret santa (also i got to eat soem gourmet jelly beans which were very tasty!.) I would most definitly recommend this to anyone even if thya are just looking for a gift that useful and a bit different


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    • Product Details

      Ballpoint Pen, Hole Puncher, Stainless Steel File, Long and Short Cutting Blade, Flat and Philips Screwdriver, Wire Sleeve Remover/Small Nail Remover , Ear Pick, Tweezer, Stainless Steel Fork and Saw

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