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Fred & Friends Pizza Boss 3000

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Brand: Fred & Friends / Type: Cutter

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    2 Reviews
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      25.09.2013 19:44
      Very helpful
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      A brilliant product - useful, unique and very effective

      The Pizza Boss 3000 is a pizza cutter which was bought for me as a novelty gift that actually turned out to be one of the most useful items in my kitchen. I love pizza and this cutter, described as "the big cheese in pizza cutters" makes life a lot simpler. It is made by a brand which I'd never heard of before called Fred & Friends who make a variety of unique items for the kitchen and costs about £10.

      --- The Look ---
      The cutter has a very unusual design that is styled to resemble a circular buzz saw and this definitely makes it stand out from standard cutters. It is comprised of a very sharp, laser-etched blade which can be removed and is made of stainless steel. This is surrounded by a grey and navy blue covering build from ABS plastic which is engineering-grade. The whole thing is incredibly well-made and not at all like a cheap novelty item. All of the materials feel sturdy and high-quality. The cutter measures approximately 11.5cm (W) x 9.6cm (H) x 6.4cm (D) cm and weighs 0.45 lbs so is quite weighty but it doesn't have to be held for long so this isn't really a problem.

      --- How Well Does It Cut? ---
      This cutter is supposed to "show pizza that you mean business" and indeed it makes light work of any pizza. Unlike cutting with a knife, the cutter normally goes through the central, softer part of the pizza in a single smooth motion, although it can take a couple of cuts to break through the crust. I usually eat thin crust pizza but on the occasion I've had thick crust it cuts equally easily through it. You don't even need to apply much force and it is very effective. I always end up with neat, slices which makes it much easier to get all the slices equal size. It's also brilliant at cutting through toppings which can be tricky with a knife such as pepperoni, mushrooms or tomato slices. Before, I found that these types of things got thoroughly ruined by being dragged by the action of a knife and I'd often push them out the way to avoid cutting through them at all but with this slice it just cuts smoothly through. It's also really good at cutting through other food, particularly toasties and Panini's as well as garlic bread and pies.

      --- Maintenance & Longevity ---
      Even though it's not really suitable to wash in a dishwasher, it's still really easy to keep clean by just removing the flat sheet of grey plastic which overlaps the blade and wiping or scrubbing it with soapy water. The blade tends to get quite a bit of tomato sauce, cheese & crumbs attached to it but these come off pretty easily. Once you've turned the blade to make sure it is clean all the way round it is good to go. It's obviously important to be very careful around the blade as it is incredibly sharp.

      The pizza cutter is very durable and it has lasted me a good two years of regular use (at least once a week) without showing any signs of wear at all. The fact that it is made entirely of high-quality materials means it is set to last for a long time and I expect it to last me many years into the future.

      --- Summary ---
      Overall, I absolutely love the pizza boss. It is the most efficient pizza cutter I've used and ten times better than any knife. If you have pizza regularly or know of someone else who does then this would be a brilliant gift.


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        07.03.2012 14:49
        Very helpful



        Don't waste your time and patience using a knife to cut up your pizza. Bring out the Boss!

        Pizza Boss 3000 - Pizza Cutter

        Calling all pizza lovers! I like a pizza as much as the next man (as long as the next man is a big fan of pizzas) but I often find myself feeling inadequate when it comes to slicing one up fresh from the oven. For too long I have struggled with the common butter knife and have had similar misfortunes with other more macho cutlery. The paring knife, the carving knife and even the heroic bread knife have all failed to rescue me from the pits of despair when dishing out a stuffed crust meat feast. I usually end up with some less than uniform slices hacked apart and, in places, torn with raw frustration leaving me with a stringy mess in no way resembling the masterpiece shown on the front of the box.

        Fear not though because these days are a thing of the past. Or at least they will be once I have diverted your attention to this nifty and thrillingly named kitchen appliance - The Pizza Boss 3000.

        Many of my student days consisted of Italian produce - namely pasta and pizza - so the strains of the aforementioned woes soon became too much of a burden on my life for me to continue in such an appalling state. I was never one for those bog-standard pizza cutters and had my image to think of so was overrun with emotion and excitement (a degree in Economics can do that to you) when I first laid eyes upon the sheer genius of the Pizza Boss 3000.

        Designed to resemble a circular saw the Pizza Boss from Fred & Friends is a big middle finger to the humdrum bore-fest of conventional kitchen utensils. It is assembled from grey and light blue coloured plastic and has a thick metal cutting blade for slicing effortlessly through any pizza you care to throw in its path. Measuring at its widest approximately 115x50mm it stands at 100mm tall from the tip of the handle to the edge of the blade.

        The quality of this item really is impressive. I was expecting some cheap novelty item that was more likely to fall apart than cut through a margarita so I was very pleased when my fears were proven to be unjust. The plastic is very sturdy and certainly isn't one of those Kinder Egg plastic affairs. The main body of the Pizza Boss feels very solid and has a very good weight to it. Much of the weight is obviously supplied by the metal cutting disc (more on this soon) but the plastic itself feels high quality and strong.

        The top of the cutting wheel is covered by a removable piece of plastic which resembles the blade guard of an actual circular saw. This simply slots into place clicking into the flat plastic 'spark guard' and is easy to remove and replace to clean the disc and surrounding plastic after use. The detail on the Pizza Boss is quite realistic and whilst it isn't going to fool many people into thinking it's a real tool it does make it look much more than just a cheap novelty item. The handle for example is shaped like an actual saw handle and there is even a grooved pattern on the back of the main block to resemble the motorised mechanism.

        The cutting blade is the best part of this item and is very good quality. After all, you need something that's going to be able to cut through a heavily charred deep pan crust for the times when you forget that 10 minutes isn't long enough to go and check your dooyoo account whilst your pizza is cooking. The metal itself is considerably thick at 3mm but the blade edge is still quite sharp and thus able to cut through your pizza without just sliding the entire topping over to the other side. The disc is 75mm in diameter and is big enough to cut through any pizza without being so big that it resembles a dustbin lid.

        The disc itself is fastened to the plastic body with a strong 9mm metal bolt, keeping up the illusion of realism. There is some give in this join though and as a result the blade wobbles slightly but this is better than the alternative of it not being able to turn at all and in no way makes it any more difficult to use. Imprinted on both sides of the cutting blade is the product name itself as well as a friendly reminder of the company logo.

        So how does it measure up in the kitchen? Exceptionally well if you ask me. And even if you're not asking me, I'll tell you! It will make short work of that notoriously tricky art of creating uniform and tidy slices of pizza without messing up the topping you took care to arrange at the start of the cooking process. Be it thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, deep pan or any other crust this will slice through them all with consummate ease.

        Simply place your pizza on a flat surface and hold the Pizza Boss so that your thumb rests on the removable plastic guard and with the rest of your fingers clasped around the handle and main body of the cutter simply slide it forwards across the pizza whilst exerting downward pressure. Your index finger should rest on the small plastic knob shaped into the handle allowing you added control over the cutter whilst keeping up the illusion that you're using an actual power tool. Starting with a fairly firm push to break through the often stubborn crust, keep going until you reach the other side. Simply repeat until you have the number of slices desired and you're ready to eat. This process will take you no more than 20 seconds in total and more importantly, you will have enjoyed the whole process with a smile on your face.

        One note worth mentioning here is that the Pizza Boss has clearly been designed for right-handed people due to the shape of the handle - more specifically, the plastic knob on the handle. If you are left-handed then you will have to either hold the cutter slightly awkwardly in your left hand or use your less coordinated right hand. Neither of these will present too much of a problem for you though. I have tried using the cutter in both hands and in any which way possible and whilst I prefer to hold it how I mention in the paragraph above, it is straightforward to use however you find most comfortable.

        A very important aspect of the pizza cutter is the clearance between the edge of the cutting blade and the plastic 'spark guard' (the flat grey piece through which the blade protrudes). When level, the distance between the two is about 28mm and will easily clear most pizzas. Having said that though, if you have a particularly high pizza (well done you!) then you might find some of the topping gets stuck to the bottom of the cutter as you glide across it. There is a knack to keeping the cutter level when cutting so that the clearance between the plastic 'spark guard' and your pizza stays as great as possible throughout. Again, this is no real problem though - I rarely have trouble with this and you will be a dab hand at it after just a couple of goes.

        I have happily glided my way through many a pizza and have found it to be exceptionally proficient at handling a wide range of pizza crusts and toppings. It won't leave you with a semi perforated base like some cutters and instead will cut right through leaving you with nice clean slices. It will have no problem slicing through the cheesy topping and won't drag half of it away as it passes - a common failing of the butter knife. I've consistently sliced my way through pieces of pepperoni and jalapenos and have had no problem in dissecting mushroom and peppers. I can't think of a single edible topping that it will struggle with.

        As for crusts, even the thick crust deep pan shows little resistance. Sometimes you may have to apply a few shunts into the crust to initially break your way through but once you're in, the crust will give way. Unfortunately, this often results in a slight smattering of crumbs across the kitchen side but I think this would still happen with any type of cutter - it's simply a result of the crust and not a failing of the Pizza Boss. Besides, if you're eating pizzas every other night of the week then it's highly unlikely that you're someone who is going to be perturbed by a few crumbs on the kitchen floor.

        I would always prefer to cut a pizza on a completely flat surface rather than a plate which tapers up at the sides. This is because it's simply easier to push the cutter across without having to worry about an uneven surface. You can easily tip some plates up pressing down too hard on the side of them and the last thing you want to end up with is floor-pizza!

        So after you have devoured your perfectly sliced pizza and come to the washing up, what have you to expect? Well, the Pizza Boss probably won't wash very well in the dishwasher so you'll have to get the old scrubbing brush out. I don't have a dishwasher myself but washing it by hand doesn't take much out of my day to be honest. Simply remove the plastic blade guard which washes separately and then use a scrubbing brush or a scouring sponge on the metal blade. The food residue will consist mostly of tomato paste and the odd bit of cheese - the largest bits of which fall off when washed under the tap. The rest is just a case of washing normally like you would anything else whilst being careful not to cut yourself on the blade (it isn't overly sharp though so you will actually struggle to cut yourself). The plastic is easy to wipe clean and you won't find that you get pizza stuck anywhere in the cutter that you can't get out.

        The back of the blade is the trickiest part to clean because you will have to keep turning the blade and wash each part of the blade as it becomes visible since the majority of the back is hidden by the plastic body of the cutter. Again, nothing too taxing and the whole affair will be over in about the same time it would take you to wash a knife had you used that to cut your pizza instead. When dry, reattach the blade guard and sit it proudly in your kitchen for all to see.

        If you don't eat pizzas then don't assume won't have any need for the Pizza Boss 3000. I have used mine to cut up toast and even the odd sandwich. It really is more versatile than you might imagine. Needless to say it will glide through buttered toast with ease and providing you don't have a taste for lead sandwiches then it will easily cut those for you as well. I've tried it on peanut butter and ham sandwiches and it's worked well on both occasions. However, if your sandwiches are made with thick sliced bread or you fill your sandwiches liberally then you might have to squash them down a bit because the clearance as previously mentioned is around 28mm - no problem for the thickest of toasts but not infallible when it comes to a large sandwich.

        Finally, how does it compare to a conventional pizza cutter? Well style-wise it's no contest in my opinion. I would much rather have a circular-saw-shaped tool in my kitchen over something that looks like a measuring wheel. I have used those boring pizza cutters before and whilst they do an okay job and you will generally pay a bit less for them the Pizza Boss 3000 is just so much cooler and does a much better job. The metal blade is much thicker than any pizza cutter I've seen before and so will never fail to break that stubborn crust. The handle won't suddenly break either as the Pizza Boss is built to last. It would easily withstand a plummet to the kitchen floor - I think the kitchen floor would come off worse if this were to happen - and during cutting it never feels like any pressure is being exerted on the plastic of the cutter itself unlike those conventional ones.

        The whole thing is fitted together very firmly and no amount of prising or maltreatment will overpower its solidity. The only slightly vulnerable part of it is the removable piece of plastic over the blade (the blade guard). The small bits of plastic which stick out to click into place on the main body of the cutter are liable to snap off if you're not too careful but having said that, as long as you are careful when removing and reattaching this you will have no problem. They are still much sturdier than other similar mechanisms I've seen.

        In summary, I would definitely recommend the Pizza Boss 3000 for all your cutting needs and especially if you enjoy more than the occasional pizza. Even if you don't have many occasions to use it, this novelty cutter will provide plenty of intrigue to your guests and will never fail to raise a smile. Built to last and much more than a cheap gimmick this will put regular pizza cutters to shame and no more will you have to use a bread knife to hack up your pizzas. It originally cost me around £9.50 from Amazon and is currently available at Amazon marketplace for between £9-11, at firebox for £9.99 and generally priced at around £10 from various online gadget stores.

        So if you want something different from the usual conservative range of kitchen utensils the Pizza Boss 3000 is definitely for you. You will never have to put up with a cheesy massacre in the kitchen again!

        Thank you for reading! :)


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        Novelty pizza cutter in the shape of a motorised circular saw / Short name: Fred Friends 3000

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