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Frostfire Mooncode Key Safe

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2 Reviews

Brand: Frostfire / Funtion: Safety Storage

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    2 Reviews
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      04.07.2012 16:07
      Very helpful
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      Safer than hiding a key and cheaper than breaking in to your house or vehicle

      We go surfing regularly but due to electronic car key fobs not being too good after you've frozen
      them to death for a few hours in the North Sea we needed a solution that kept the car keys on
      dry land while we play in the water.

      For years my way round this problem was a basic spare key without the electronics that could open
      or lock the doors so I could leave the proper electronic key needed to actually start it hidden in the
      car. This worked really well until I managed to lose the key and we spent an hour freezing
      cold and wet waiting for my other half to drive down with the spare. Thankfully 2 other surfers
      turned up and let us wait in their van and borrow their mobile just as we were about to smash
      a window.

      The Frostfire Key safe looks like a slightly over sized padlock with a hardened steel shackle so
      you can lock it to something and when it's unlocked there's a space within the body of the lock
      where you can keep a key or other small items such as a ring or folded bank note etc. The
      main body and dials of the key safe are made from strong zinc alloy. The key safe can hold
      a couple of basic keys although it would struggle with some of the separate alarm key fobs as
      I know my bike alarm fob wouldn't fit along with the key. The internal dimensions are 10 x 7 x
      2.8 cm and externally it measures 18 x 8 x 3.1 according to the site I bought it from.

      The key safe is ideal for surfers you can stash a car key in and then padlock the whole unit out
      of sight under the car etc. We usually attach it to one of the safety signs on the beach by looping
      the shackle through a small U style lock then locking that round the post so we can see
      it from the water rather than leaving it attached to the car in a deserted car park. I still only
      leave a basic key in this as hopefully if anyone does get into this they will then need to find
      the well hidden electronic key before the alarm goes off which will hopefully be enough to
      delay most thieves.

      The key safe has a 4 digit combination lock so all you need to do is remember the code. My only
      complaint with this is the digits are tiny and hard to see and even harder to operate when
      your hands are numb with cold after a dip in the North Sea in October. The lock seems to be
      reasonably sturdy and once my hands have thawed out so far it hasn't been sticky or difficult
      to unlock although I do still keep a spare key in my wetsuit pocket just in case so at least there's
      a back up plan if the safe doesn't open. This might seem over cautious but I don't fancy the repair
      bill for breaking a window and I don't fancy walking home either.

      While it's a great gadget for surfers it would also be handy if you needed to hide a key for family,
      cleaners,workmen dog walkers etc as it's a slightly safer option than leaving the key under a bin
      or doormat. I would only recommend this as a temporary solution though as we used one to store
      a spare key at my mum's when she was ill so nurses could get in if she couldn't get to the door.
      Although thankfully it was never needed the key was rusty when we got round to removing it
      from the safe a couple of months later and wouldn't have opened the door so it might be worth
      investing in a better model of key safe if it's for leaving a key for more than a couple days.

      We paid £34.95 for this including postage and it's currently available on Amazon and several online
      stores for the same price we paid. Although it's slightly expensive for what it is in my case it's
      worth forking out for it does the job and it's still cheaper than having to replace a window in the car.


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        04.10.2010 10:22
        Very helpful



        You are sure to be happy with your purchase!

        Although at first look you might think this is one of those boxes security guards are seen with walking out of banks, this isnt the only use for the Mooncode Key Safe. We use it when we go camping, or are carrying a number of valuable items and wish to keep them safe. You would also be forgiven for thinking this is an over the top and bulky solution to what you may suggest is a complete overreaction. I sometimes become uneasy when leaving valuables in a car or in the caravan whilst in an unfamiliar area, and the Mooncode is the ideal solution.

        The dimensions of this key safe are 25.8cm X 17cm X 3.8cm. Yes, those are the correct dimensions, and this appears to be a very small version of the bank boxes you see security guards carrying! If you imagine a large padlock with the ability to store valuables inside then you wouldnt be far wrong. The box is very plain and this is what you want with this kind of product. It allows me to secure the box to a secure item in the car (seat etc) and have peace of mind that the box is going nowhere and will not be opened either. Another scenario could be that you partake in a lot of watersports and lock the box onto your towbar as you enjoy your time in the water not having to have your car keys on you in the water! All you need is to remember the 4 digit security code.

        Excellent build quality, very sturdy and durable and not too bulky either. At this price (around £15) it is sure to be on the shortlist of anyone looking to safely secure items of value on a trip out. Recommended!


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