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GBC Laminator Heat Seal H310

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2 Reviews

Brand: GBC / Type: Laminator

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    2 Reviews
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      03.10.2011 22:29
      Very helpful



      I Say Laminate Away!

      Introduction about GBC Heat Seal H310 Laminator

      This review is about the GBC Heat Seal H310 laminator which my workplace brought in June 2010. I will write about my experience with the laminator over the year and a half!


      So far, the GBC laminator has been extremely reliable. There has never been an occasion where it has not laminated and there has never been a fault with any of the functions.The laminator has been manufactured in China.

      Ease of Use

      The laminator is very easy to use. There is a start/power button to start lamination. There are also up and down arrows to increase the heat settings for lamination. I tend to use heat setting 4 and not 5, as 5 makes the laminating sheet curl over. When laminating you have to insert the sealed edge of the laminating sheet first .
      There is a release button on the right if you want to release laminating sheets.

      Value for Money

      The GBC Heat Seal Laminator has now been discontinued. However, my workplace purchased the H310 GBC lamintor for £160 in June 2010 from Office Depot. It is definately value for money and it is doing a perfect job of fast lamination! Laminating sheets costs roughly about £35 for about 100 sheets from Office Depot.

      Printing Speed

      The laminator takes about three minutes to warm up. Once it has warmed up, it roughly takes 20 seconds to laminate one sheet.


      I would definately recommend the GBC Heat Seal Laminator as it is very user friendly and you can learn how to use it instantly.

      I will also be posting this review on ciao under my same username Angela150.


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      01.11.2007 21:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great machine that works every time

      During the course of our business (graphic design) we have a great need for laminating documents. We have gone through several laminators and would recommend the GBC Laminator Heat Seal H310.

      First of all, what is a laminator and what does it do:

      A Laminator is a machine that uses laminating pouches to encase documents in a plastic covering, protecting them and making them more rigid. These documents then have a much longer life and will not tear, become dog-eared or fade.

      The GBC Laminator Heat Seal H310 is ideal for our uses because it takes up to A3 size paper. It is also a heat-seal laminator which means that it melts the two pieces of laminate together using a heat process, making for a tight seal…one piece of warning here though is that once a document is sealed, it cannot be reopened…you get one chance at it. This laminator also creates photo quality documents, meaning that you get a fine glossy finish.

      It is really important that you are able to vary the temperature of a laminator as different types and thicknesses of paper require different temperatures to bond the laminate. I have watched as many a photograph has melted under temperatures that were much too high. The GBC Laminator Heat Seal H310 is fully controllable and allows you to vary from cool to extremely hot.

      Something to look out for when choosing a laminator is the thickness of pouch that it can accept as laminating pouches vary in thickness…80micron is thin laminate (suitable for documents such as certificates etc.) up to 250micron (125micron each side) suitable for menus, business cards, file dividers etc. The GBC Laminator Heat Seal H310 takes up to 250micron.

      Anyone who has used a laminator is well aware that sometimes things can get stuck and you can end up in quite a stew trying to get a document out of a laminator (it always seems to happen to one-off documents that have not replacement), however this laminator has a quick release button, allowing you to remove a document before it is mangled and melted beyond recognition.

      There are a few other things that are worth mentioning about this laminator.
      1. It has a red glow to let you know that it is ready to use
      2. It comes with a 2 year warranty
      3. It only weighs about the same as two bags of sugar so can be easily transported.

      Another important thing to remember about a laminator is that in order to use it, you need a space that is more than double the size of the paper that you wish to laminate, you need space to feed in the paper and space to receive it at the other end.

      Laminating is great fun, kids love to see their treasured artwork encased in plastic, it is ideal for protecting certificates, photographs, any personal documents, school projects or any kind of document that requires protection against tearing or fading.

      I would recommend the GBC Laminator Heat Seal H310 as an efficient machine either for home or office use. Price ranges from 100.00 pounds to 140.00 depending on where you buy it. It comes with a small sample pack of laminating pouches but that will never be enough because once you start using a laminator you become a bit obsessed and everything suddenly has to be laminated….you have been warned.

      Good machine that does what it says!


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    • Product Details

      Photo quality A4 hot laminator for personal office use / Laminates ID to A3, accepts pouches up to 250 micron / Fully variable temperature settings / Two-hot-roller technology, ideal to laminate all papers and photos / Carrier-free operation / Anti-jam release / lever positioned on top for easy access / Automatic switch-off after 1 hour / ‘Ready Glow’ indicates that machine is ready for laminating / 2 year warranty / WxDxH: 476x173x117mm / Weight: 3.75kg.

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