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Guardsman Handwarmer with 12 Fuel Rods

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3 Reviews

Brand: Guardsman / Type: Handwarmers

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    3 Reviews
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      13.10.2011 22:27
      Very helpful



      Good hand warmer

      I was given this Guardsman Handwarmer kit as a secret santa present at work which was a nice touch as at least the mystery person who bought it gave some thought to the present and knew that I would use it. The gift limit was £10 so that gives some idea of the cost of this product however having not purchased it I'm not sure of the exact price.

      You do need matches to light the charcoal rods and these sit within the small metal case which has a thermal lining to it. It comes with 12 charcoal rods and you can purchase top ups when these have run out however I still have a couple left as I have used this product only on days when it was very cold and I was out hiking, it is not a product I would use in town as it does give off a smokey smell so it is not suitable to carry in confined spaces.

      If you want extra heat then you can light the charcoal at both ends and then you get about 4 hours of burn time, lighting it at one end only means you get around double the time but it takes longer to heat up. The heat level is a comfortable one, enough to warm your hands and have an impact without becoming uncomfortably hot.

      The box is easy to clean after use as the small amount of ash can be tipped straight out to dissipate in the wind however you should ensure that it is fully burnt out, I tend to ensure it is tipped out into damp grass or mud. The box is well made and secure and there is no risk of it coming open while in use, it also comes with a cloth pouch for storage.

      Overall it is a useful little product and good to provide an extra amount of warmth especially if you have had to remove your thermal gloves or first thing in the morning when camping out in colder weather.


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        26.03.2011 19:46
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Nifty but beware of the smell!

        As a seasoned hiker, one of the main issues I get in winter is when my hands get cold, it's hard to warm them up again, especially if I'm camping. I got these after trying various other products, including breakable warming sticks, good but run out, microwaveable pouches, no microwave in tent, and electrically heated gloves, too warm. I wasn't holding out much hope that these would be better.

        The product comes in a small case, which you open to light the characol rod (using a match), then shut and put in your pocket, so not really a handwarmer in the true sense of the world. It also comes with a velvet pounch whos use is unclear and is not suitable for the outdoors. I tend to set mine off at the begining of the hike and hold the case when I take a rest break to warm up, and then put it in my sleeping bag for a while at night.

        The website says they give 8 hours of heat, I would say it is more like 5 hours of proper warmth, after that the case gets cooler, but that is more than enough for me and you can always carry extra fuel rods with you as they are small. I've not found the case to ever get too warm, which is a benefit over other types of handwarmers. I have found it tricky to get replacement rods for the device localy, which results in buying online. Take note if you don't like online shopping. The rods also give off a smoky smell when burnt that can be very annoying, and is a reason I've stopped using them in the tent. The ash left after the rod has burnt can also be annoying to get rid off, especially in strong winds.

        Safety wise, in adult hands I can see no problems, the case is sturdy, though you need to take gloves off to open it, and I have never had any concerns about it coming open. The fuel sticks spark a bit and become very hot! This is why I would not recommend this product for children or families, little wandering hands could get a nasty burn.

        Overall a nifty little product that is better than most other solutions but beware of the draw backs, this is not a solution to keeping your hands warm on the bus!


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          14.01.2011 23:59
          Very helpful



          keeps your bits warm.

          "Every mile is two in winter."

          I hate being cold.
          Once upon a time I was used to it, but since living in warmer climbs, I find my immunity against it has lessened and when the winter weather comes, the chill gets into my bones and leaves me benumbed and shivering.
          I sound like a right geriatric, which I'm not; what I am is a complete wimp when it comes to frosty conditions...

          Anyhoo, I find this lovely gadget warms the cockles of my heart as well as my frozen fingers and keeps me warm and toasty.

          "Here's to the pilot that weathers the storm."

          The hand warmer.
          Now there are a few kinds of hand warmers on the market. There are those gel-filled pouch ones which are activated by means of clicking a metal disc within - they work pretty well, aren't expensive and are reusable, as long as you don't overdo the necessary 'reset' in the microwave and end up blowing it up! They don't last much more than 45 minutes though.
          There are also the zippo-lighter style warmers which use lighter fuel and work well, but are a lot more expensive; and there are other instant warmers that are not re-usable and, though they last a good 6 hours or more, they end up being expensive.

          This charcoal hand warmer is an old friend for soldiers, fishermen and outdoor sportsmen.
          It's a case, similar to that of a glasses case that measures approximately 11cm by 7cm. The case itself is covered in velvet making it soft and cosy to the touch. The one in the picture is red, but mine arrived green....goes much better with my eyes! It opens much like a glasses case would, by pressing a small button located under the felt and it snaps shut easily and securely.
          Inside the case is a metal surround on both the top and bottom part of the lids and the hollow within the metal surrounds is insulated with fibreglass. There is a slight indentation in the soft fibreglass material which is what houses the charcoal stick, keeps it in place and maximises the heat.

          "Knowing how things work is the basis for appreciation"

          This particular case comes with 12 spare charcoal rods.
          Each rod is around 8cm long and 1.5cm wide.
          To get going, just take a match, or preferably light a candle to give you more burning time, and hold it at one end of the stick. It will not flame but will begin to glow. Make sure that the entire end of the stick is lit and blow gently on the stick until the glowing embers extend about half an inch along the rod. Then place it in the case and snap it shut. Be sure the stick is well lit before you put it in the case or you run the risk of it going out.

          It's best to light these a good 20 minutes before you need the real benefit of the heat they give off as it takes a little while to get warmed up. The case also comes with a soft pouch in matching green velvet and with a drawstring top. For added security, it's best to put the case inside the pouch...although it would be hard to imagine it coming open in your pocket, it is possible....you want to be warm, not a third-degree burns patient! There is a thick elastic band with the kit which for added security I put around the case before putting it in the bag....I like to be safe, not sorry!

          "Endurance is nobler than strength"

          The rods that come with the pack are said to last up to 6 hours...I find they last a maximum of 4 if burned at only one end.
          You can burn the rod at both ends, which gives off more heat, but doing this reduces the heat time to about 2 or 3 hours.
          Other sticks are available which burn longer...see below.

          Turn up the heat!

          The pocket warmer starts of pleasantly warm and the heat grows to become almost hot - never uncomfortably so, but enough that you may want to move it to another pocket for a while.

          "Science... never solves a problem without creating ten more."

          Yes, there are some minor complaints: the charcoal rods that are supplied with the kit can spark quite a bit when they are being lit so be careful where you are when you light them....you wouldn't want to scorch your wife's best rug!
          These rods are of inferior quality to other rods which can be purchased as refills. One such superior quality refill is by 'Relag' - their charcoal is covered in a silver-coloured coating. I have no idea what this coating is, but they do not spray sparks about when being lit, they last a good hour or 2 longer and they don't smell as strongly.
          Yes, unfortunately the charcoal gives off a bit of a pong which smells a little like smouldering tobacco leaves and wet coal...while some may find this odour pleasing, it 'aint exactly Channel No. 5.
          However, odour a la 'bonfire' is not really a problem when outdoors, and is barely noticeable really...but probably not something you would want to use for prolonged periods in a closed space.
          Still, as I say, the Relag sticks are much less odorous. They come in packs of 12 or 24 and cost around 5 pounds for the box of 24.

          "We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now"

          Anyone who feels the cold, suffers from arthritis, chills, rheumatism and so on should have one of these gadgets. They're great for outdoor activities...a huge plus whilst on a particularly long ski-lift in blizzard conditions at Aviemore! Good too for fishermen, golfers and archers who need their hands to NOT be frozen stiff, as well as for walkers and climbers in cold parts or camping enthusiasts who insist on actually sleeping in a tent ....strange people...
          Keep the warmer in your breast pocket and it's like having a little water bottle strapped to you at all times - very warm and comforting, or keep it in a your jacket or trouser pocket and take it out periodically to warm cold fingers. Just be careful no one else sees or they'll want to wheedle it off you.

          "One timely cry of warning can save nine of surprise."

          - Don't give this to kids. It's a cool toy and a little box of fire - something a kid would love to get his hands on but probably shouldn't ....certainly not without supervision-playing with it is way too tempting.
          - Keep it flat when you open it to avoid fall out.
          - Watch out which way the wind is blowing if you have to open it outdoors...you don't want hot ash or dust blowing in anyone's eyes.
          - Dispose of the ash when you are sure it is completely cold.
          - Tap out the old ash well before lighting another and periodically hoover the inside to keep it as dust free as possible, therefore providing more space for air to help your charcoal burn and not go out.

          Buy from Amazon for around 8 pounds or from many outdoor sports or fishing shop.

          Thanks for reading!


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