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H&L Russel Triple Clothes Brush

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Brand: H&L Russel / Type: Clothes Brush

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    1 Review
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      05.07.2013 17:33
      Very helpful



      A clothes brush with a variety of uses - not just for clothes.

      There are some things in life that I just tend to acquire without having any recollection of ever buying. This triple clothes brush is one of them. But despite its mysterious inception it has gone on to prove itself as a handy gadget on many occasions.

      It's difficult to get excited about a clothes brush, but I'm going to try...

      Firstly, you may be wondering why this brush is described as a triple clothes brush. No? Well I'll tell you anyway. Unlike a lot of clothes brushes that just have the brush part, this one also has a velour pad (the red bit) and an outer Velcro strip. These three separate parts result in a multifunctional brush which should remove any unwanted addition from your clothing. In theory.

      === The Brush ===

      This is the 'general purpose' part of this triple-function tool. This is ideal for dusting down jackets that haven't been worn for months (or adequately stored) and also for removing hairs and other bits from most types of material.

      The bristles are soft but dense and therefore ideal for sweeping the dust from the shoulders of my 'Occasion Suit Jacket'. With its few and far between excursions to the world outside the wardrobe this particular item of clothing is often dusty when required. The brush is very effective here and I can eradicate dust from my shoulders within seconds. It's also extremely useful for removing dust and other light marks from trousers and other black clothes. Perhaps as part of the same poorly stored suit.

      Another good use of the bristles is for removing the tissue from my jeans pocket after they've been through the wash - an unfortunate but sadly frequent event. The bits of disintegrated tissue are then fairly easy to pick out of the brush bristles and dispose of.

      I also use the brush on my coat which after not being warn for a while will often need a good spruce up. The brush is very versatile and can also be used on most soft and hard fabrics, not just clothing. I use it to dust my computer chair and sofa cushions from time to time.

      === The Velour Pad ===

      What is the velour pad? Apart from being the only time I've seen the word 'velour' used in a sentence, this is the bit chiefly designed to remove fluff and other soft fibres from garments and other fabrics.

      I mostly use this for removing blanket fluff from bed sheets. My offending blanket sheds so much fluff on a continual basis that I'm surprised there's still anything of it left. Rather than buy a new blanket, which would be far too rational a solution, I partake in a regular de-fluffing routine - which is not the tedious chore that it sounds thanks to the efficacious velour pad.

      This red pad on the reverse side of the brush, when brushed from right to left, will pick up any such soft loose fibres very effectively. I can de-fluff a heavily fluffed duvet cover in less time than it takes to change a pillowcase. The only consideration here is that the pad needs cleaning regularly for it to maintain its effectiveness. The fluff that is picked up by the one-way fibres of the pad can be removed easily by brushing a finger or thumb along the velour in the opposite direction and then pulling off the fluff as it gathers at one side. A moist digit will work better here, or alternatively you can use a damp cloth.

      A word of warning though. Be sure to brush in the direction of the arrow printed on the brush's handle. Otherwise you risk depositing whatever is currently being held in the fabrics of the velour onto the very thing you're trying to clean. Also, this bit is not suitable for a suit jacket. I have tried and for some reason I only succeeded in applying an even thicker layer of dust to my jacket. And yes, I was brushing the right way. Serves me right for being adventurous I suppose. Back to the trusty brush bit it is.

      === The Velcro ===

      In my opinion this is the most useless part of the brush. This Velcro strip wraps around the outside edge of the brush head (this is the bristly coarse half of Velcro and not the soft fluffy half). The purpose of this bit is to remove unwanted knots and bobbles from clothing.

      Unfortunately, I don't find it very effective. The Velcro is just too harsh and does more harm than good by pulling on the fibres of my clothes whilst failing to remove most bobbles. Those bobbles that are captured then prove very difficult to remove from the Velcro's fibres, to the detriment of the brush's appearance. To display even more incompetence, the Velcro strip has also started to peel off from my brush, obviously wanting to disassociate itself with such a mundane existence and move onto bigger and better things.

      In a way, the Velcro would be better off somewhere else because it also has a tendency to catch on whatever fabric I'm brushing with the velour pad. I would have liked the velour surface to be raised up slightly from the brush to avoid this issue.

      There was one occasion however when the Velcro actually had a use, and even did a good job of it. This was removing dried mud from the bottom of my jeans before I put them in the washing machine. The course fibres of the Velcro removed a good amount of the mud leaving only the more ground-in particles for the washing machine to tackle. The mud even managed to come out of the Velcro, with a few encouraging whacks against the outside wall. The brush incidentally held up fine to this treatment - obviously a sturdy build.

      This was a rare show of competence from the Velcro though. It's just an unwelcome nuisance for the most part.

      === Price/Availability ===

      £5.49 - Amazon.co.uk (FREE Super Saver delivery)

      === Summary ===

      If you need a clothes brush then you could do a lot worse than this one. The brush part is very effective and has a host of practical uses thanks to its thick non-damaging bristles. The velour pad is a nice extra and although the Velcro strip lets the brush down somewhat, this is an overall useful product which I've used a lot more than I would have initially imagined.

      Besides the absconding Velcro strip the rest of the brush is well made and has stood the test of time. Its poor performance with regards to removing bobbles from clothes loses it one star but at little over a fiver it's still a worthy purchase. Albeit, not a terribly exciting one.

      Thanks for reading :)


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