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HeadsUp Design Coo Clock

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2 Reviews

Brand: HeadsUp Design / Available: Various designs / Type: Clocks

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    2 Reviews
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      24.09.2013 15:49
      Very helpful



      A quirky cuckoo clock with a twist.

      OK, so this is a clock aimed at children and I don't have any but... I cannot resist quirky, cute items and lets face it this is a very cool clock!

      The Product
      Heads Up is a design company based in the United States with products also available in Europe and Asia. Their clock range includes the CooClocks which are a fun modern twist on the traditional Cuckoo clock. Each clock is made in brightly coloured high-quality plastic with an animal character replacing the cuckoo, each animal makes it's own sound when it pops out on the hour.

      The animals available are:
      Cow, chicken, sheep, pig, monkey, horse, dog, elephant, duck and cat.

      Football themed:
      England, Germany and Italy.

      The clocks have a light sensor that detects when it's dark meaning that there's no need to worry about it going off during the night. To test it there is a button on the side of the clock which makes the animal pop out and plays a sound when pressed. A pendulum also swings to mark out the seconds.

      Main clock - 1 AA battery
      Animal and sound - 3 D batteries.

      The clock functions with just 1 AA battery if you do not want the sound and motion element.

      Size: 12 x 9 x 4 inches

      £32 - £40 online and instore.

      My Experience
      I spotted the cat version of this clock on a shopping trip to Bath and loved the wacky design! The Tommy Tango MeowCoo clock is made from green plastic with blue and purple trim and a flower pendulum. On the hour the doors open and a ginger cat holding a cuckoo pops out and meows. The quality is very good and it can be wall mounted or used as mantle clock.

      The sound produced is rather loud and can be heard clearly in other rooms, I thought this was fantastic but others weren't quite as convinced! There was initially some concern that it would carry on meowing throughout the night but I used the test button whilst covering the light sensor and it proved to work well. There is a ticking sound from the clock face and the pendulum also makes a slight sound but I found they were fairly quiet and not distracting.

      The level of light required to allow the clock to work is difficult to measure but I would say during the spring and summer you can expect it to start working at 7 am with standard lined curtains. If you have very thin curtains be prepared for an earlier wake up call. Should this be a problem then a tiny dot of blue tack can be placed over the sensor during the night.

      The batteries last quite a long time but the sound power does deplete before the main clock. Luckily as each system is independent from the other the clock will continue working without power to the animal. I think the animal batteries lasted about three months before needing replacement and the clock batteries lasted for around five. However this depends greatly on what brand of batteries you are using.

      I love this entertaining and quirky clock, whenever it goes off I can't resist smiling to myself! The only possible disadvantage I can see is if a child was as enamoured with it as I am they might not be able to resist pressing the test button over and over again... Maybe hang it out of reach?

      CooClocks won the UK's gift of the year for these clocks in the Best Gift For Kids category. I think this is well deserved and think they're also a great gift for adults with and active inner child.

      I recommend this clock to anyone wanting a fun clock that brings a smile to your face whether you're an adult or a child.


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        01.02.2011 08:48
        Very helpful



        Ewenis rules!

        To begin this review I will tell you a few strange things about me to explain why I ended up with this particular clock!

        Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a cuckoo clock - don't ask me why - it is just something that has always appealed to me.

        I have always loved sheep and lambs - now I live in Wales I see them all the time.

        Now let's put these two facts together............

        A few years ago hubby and I were discussing the fact that I had always wanted a cuckoo clock and I happened to say - wouldn't it be brilliant if someone made a cuckoo clock with a sheep in it? Now this is the wrong (or maybe the right) thing to say to my husband because, after a few minutes searching on the Internet, he proudly announced that he had found such a clock for me!

        Within a few days I was the proud owner of a Ewe Coo Clock!

        The clock is made by a firm called Heads Up Design and they must be popular as they are constantly adding more animals to their range - Moo Coo, Cluck Coo, Bark Coo, Meow Coo, Ele Coo, Orangu Coo, Oink Coo, Whinny Coo and Quack Coo.

        The company also make a range of football clocks in the same design as the Coo clocks and bird house alarm clocks, together with an amazing looking Sasa clock. This looks fascinating but I'm not sure that I could tell the time with it!

        But I digress..........

        Anyway, back to the Ewe Coo Clock. The address to take a look at this clock is http://www.headsupco.com/clocks_ewecoo.html where you can see an excellent picture of the clock and also hear the sound that it makes. Obviously you can see and hear all the others on the site too, incidentally the elephant one is amazing!

        The current price is £49 with free delivery within the UK. I have seen them in shops and they are also available on other websites so it is worth shopping around.

        The clock itself is blue and is made in the shape of a little house. The picture at the top of this review shows the Orangu Coo Clock but the Ewe Coo one is exactly the same design - just a different colour! The clock is made from high quality plastic and the main body of it is pale blue with a darker blue roof and base. The dial is white with four black numbers on it - 3, 6, 9, and 12 - and a green and yellow flower in the middle. Above the dial there are little green doors and beneath the clock there is a pendulum with a matching flower on the end. The clock itself is twelve inches tall (excluding the pendulum) by nine inches wide and four inches deep. It requires 3 D and 1 AA battery to run both the clock and the pendulum, although the batteries do last a good while so you don't have to keep replacing them.

        On the hour the little green doors open and a sheep comes out with a single bleat. The writing on the box of the clock reliably informs me that the sheep's name is Ewenis Wooley - it gets dafter doesn't it?

        The clock has a clever night time sensor which automatically shuts off the sheep during the hours of darkness so that she doesn't disturb anyone's sleep! She is a very thoughtful sheep you see and of course she needs her own beauty sleep too!

        There is a small button the right hand side of the clock which you can press to make the sheep bleat on demand providing it is light enough for her to do so.

        I have my clock in the kitchen of our cottage and often say hello to Ewenis when she bleats the hour! Yes, I really am that daft! I was thrilled when the clock first arrived and I still love it now - eight years later. Life just wouldn't be the same without Ewenis!

        The really funny thing about this clock is that the sheep sounds very realistic and when we have someone new in the house and she bleats the hour it can be very amusing to see the look on their face! We currently live within the Great Orme Country Park where sheep and goats roam free so I am sure people think that we have kidnapped one of the sheep and have it in the back garden!

        I even got caught out myself once in a shop in Rhos on Sea. I was waiting to pay for my purchase and hadn't noticed their Coo Clocks on display when I heard a horse galloping so I looked out of the window to see where it was. I then heard the familiar sound of clock doors opening followed by a very realistic whinny and I looked up to see the Whinny Coo Clock had just sounded the hour!

        I know that these clocks are a bit pricey but they are essentially childhood clocks which will last a lifetime - look at me, I had mine when I was 48!

        So there you are then, you have been introduced to Ewenis Wooley and if you want as good laugh pop over to the website and take a listen to the clocks!


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