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Hyundai Electric Clothes Dryer

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Brand: Hyundai / Type: Clothes Dryer

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    1 Review
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      03.10.2013 20:13
      Very helpful



      Does the job. I say £35 is definitely worth spending on this.

      I used to live in a flatshare with 4 other flatmates. During the winter drying clothes was not an issue, given the high number of heaters in the house which did a rather speedy and good job of also drying clothes. However spring and summer came, and give the rather rainy weather of Northern Ireland, we found it very difficult to dry our clothes. That's when I started searching and found this - as my flatmate used to call - "Mr. Attila's spaceship".

      This is clearly one of those products you find on-line and makes you seriously wonder whether you should take the risk of buying it. It's supposed to be made by Hyundai, but I still very much doubt it is, although you'll find it written in a couple of places on the box and the "sack" as well. It is packaged reasonably well, and the box even has a holder which makes it very easy to carry around when packed away. Inside you'll find a user's manual. Nothing fancy, rather brief but enough not to be able to sue them later on, in case something goes wrong. Then you'll find the sack which is blue, with holes on the top for air-flow, zipper on the top and the side. All in all, feels quite well-made. Next come the 3 legs of the "spaceship", aluminium with plastic orange end. The central column is also aluminium and comes in 2 pieces. The bottom part is basically a piece of pipe that connects to the top part that has an umbrella-arms type of structure that can be opened and closed. Top part is half aluminium, and half plastic. Again, the plastic is of orange colour. Finally comes the most important part, which is held by the 3 legs and into which the central column goes. It is the main part that blows hot air through the clothes. It has one 2-way knob on the side which sets preset times or always-on functions.

      It's rather easy to put together. If you have at least 1 micron of logic, you don't even need the user's manual for that. All you need to do afterwards, is to turn it on. Now, to be fair, they call this quite silent. Well, I'm telling you it is louder than you'd expect, so try using it somewhere remote to where you usually watch your movies or sleep, otherwise it will seriously bother you.

      Now, this is no "miracle dryer" so if you expect it to dry all your stuff in an hour or two, then forget it. Cost efficiency compared to a tumble dryer is debatable given the fact that its power consumption is 800W/h. The real efficiency is difficult to calculate mainly because the time it takes to dry clothes varies very much on the size, thickness and the type of fabric the clothes are made of. On top of that, there's also the factor which few count in, and that's the level of initial wetness right after taking them out of the washing machine. My cheap and rather old Beko is set to 1000 spins/m (clothes are still kind of wet). Based on that here are the times you need to dry the clothes afterwards in the Hyundai:

      Socks, underpants: 1-1.2 h.
      Hand-towel, thick jumper, quality jeans: 5-6 h.
      Shirts: 3h.
      T-shirts: 4-5h.

      So, nothing to write home about really, but I still consider it a good purchase for the following reasons:
      - packs away nicely compared to a tumble dryer which always uses up the space
      - less hassle to use than a tumble dryer (exhaust pipe and stuff), and does not ruin clothes while drying
      - the overall power consumption is not higher than a tumble dryer's
      - a lot cheaper to purchase (£35 vs £129)

      Note: if your washing machine is one of those that can do spins of up to 1600 or maybe even higher, the drying time in the Hyundai will dramatically decrease. Tested this out with a semi-dry bed-sheet. Drying time was a miraculous 30 minutes!!!

      Do I still own it? No. I moved to a new flat, on my own this time where I have the entire house to myself and all the latest technology, including a combo washing machine that also dries my clothes, however I still recommend it. My past flatmate is a very proud owner of it now, so I say £35 is definitely worth spending on this.

      ((P.S. Some parts of the review are copied and edited from my initial Amazon review.))


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