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Kitsch'n'Fun Football Bottle Opener

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Brand: Kitsch'n'Fun / Type: Bottle Opener

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    2 Reviews
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      21.05.2012 19:57
      Very helpful



      A fun and practical bottle opener for any football fan (even if you don't really need one).

      I think I stand alongside most people when I say that one of the few things my life really doesn't need is another bottle opener. My fridge door has already lost all credibility under a sea of novelty items with a small piece of metal embedded within. Then there are the kitchen cupboards which are littered with a plethora of devices for snapping the small metal cap off a glass bottle.

      Imagine my excitement then when I received yet another novelty bottle opener to add to my copious collection. I can't remember the offending individual responsible for such a well-thought out gift but if I could, rest assured they would already have received the Birthday present of a novelty key fob to show my gratitude.

      Being the nice chap that I am though I managed to stifle a large sigh upon receipt and utter something along the lines of "Gee. Thanks! Now I finally have something to open all my bottles." - Of which, by the way, I buy very few (certainly fewer than my plenteous assemblage of bottle openers would suggest.)

      >> Design

      Lack of necessity aside, I have to say that this bottle opener is certainly not another cheap piece of junk. It feels very well made and certainly looks more purpose-built than many of my other specimens. It is made mostly from plastic and has a reasonable weight to it - about the weight of a medium sized apple.

      It is designed in the shape of a football and bears the recognisable black and white pentagonal design. The whole thing is slightly smaller than a tennis ball at around 6.5cm in diameter and fits nicely in the palm of my hand. The back of the ball features a small flat area housing the bottle opener itself along with some magnetic blobs allowing it to perform its customary adhesion to a fridge door, or any other magnetic surface for that matter.

      This is not the end of the story though. An unexpected yet pleasant surprise is that the little gadget actually has another feature up its sleeve. I refer to the noise it makes when you use it to open a bottle. When clamping this device onto a bottle top (and thus completing the metal circuit) the miniature football will emit the sound of a man shouting "Goal!" as loud as his lung capacity will allow him. However, this monosyllabic word takes him a good few seconds to articulate since what he actually shouts is "Goooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". Anyone familiar with Spanish football commentary will be able to relate to this vocalisation and appreciate the added syllable on the end for maximum effect.

      Unfortunately, this is the only utterance he is capable of making though and it may get annoying for some after a while. However, you can easily stifle the man's exuberance by placing the ball flat on the table or back on the fridge door because the small speaker itself is hidden on the back beneath the bottle opening mechanism.

      I quite enjoy the noise though and I don't open enough bottles for this to get too annoying or samey. The man also has a slight accent (perhaps he is Spanish after all!) so don't think this sound will be reminiscent of the overly vocal member of your local pub - the one that is under a constant state of inebriation and seems to exist entirely on his fruit-machine winnings.

      Also worth noting is that the battery is non-replaceable however it is described as an ultra-long-life battery so you should get plenty of use out of the sound clip. I've had this for well over a year now and it still plays perfectly every time.

      >> Does it work?

      Short answer - Yes. I have had no problems when using this bottle opener and on each occasion it has simply been a case of gripping it onto the bottle top and pulling away from you whilst your other hand holds the bottle. The top is removed instantly alongside the clamorous cry of our friend with the one-word vocabulary.

      Another handy but perhaps unintentional feature is that the bottle top will then 'stick' to the small magnets on the back of the ball. This saves it from rolling along the floor and disappearing down a rabbit hole somewhere, only to re-emerge later for you to stand on in your bare feet.

      Of all the bottle openers I possess this is the only one to have this handy feature. It makes opening a bottle that much more pleasant and means that I can easily dispose of all bottle tops without having to take to my hands and knees to recapture the fleeing entity first.

      >> Practicality

      Bottle opening aside this football shaped gadget is also a practical little product. It will stick easily to your fridge using the small magnets on the back of the football. These are no weak sissy magnets like those that some of my other bottle openers possess. Instead, the magnetism is strong and the ball will stick convincingly to any magnetic surface whilst still being easy enough to remove again with minimal fuss.

      The novelty factor also makes this product a great gadget to whip out at parties or other social gatherings. Smiles will be raised, laughs will be had and more importantly, bottles will be opened!

      Because of its size, shape and design you may be tempted into thinking that this is an ideal bottle opener to throw across the room to the next person in need of liquid sustenance. However, the plastic football is exactly that - plastic. It is quite hard and is probably not suitable for a game of semi-drunken throw and catch. I would therefore not recommend you test the catching skills of your guests unless you have the name of an emergency glazier on hand or are desperate to open a few personal injury lawsuits. Remember, where there's blame, there's a claim!

      >> Price and Availability

      You can currently pick up this particular bottle opener from amazon.co.uk for the price of £4.85. If football isn't your cup of tea (or bottle of ale) then there are many other sporting designs from the same brand. These include a golf ball, a tennis ball, a rugby ball, a racing helmet, a dartboard, a fishing rod reel and a cricket ball. Howzat for a selection? I cannot vouch for the quality of these alternatives myself but I would imagine they will be similar to the product reviewed here given that they are all from the wonderfully named Kitsch 'n' Fun brand.

      >> Do I recommend it?

      Yes. All in all, this is a very good bottle opener and one that I can definitely recommend. It is a fun and novelty product but is also very proficient at opening bottles, unlike so many I have experienced in the past. It would also make a great Secret Santa gift even if the recipient isn't immediately grateful (!)

      With a lot of competition it is no mean feat that this little gadget is now one of the most used bottle openers in my household; a feat achieved through its consistent effectiveness and fun factor. It's definitely one for the social occasions as well, where you will have all your guests smiling as they use it, football fan or not. Just remember not to chance fate though by testing the catching ability of your fellow party goers. Because nothing says party's over like a broken window or a concussion.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        08.10.2008 23:46
        Very helpful



        A Christmas present that went down a treat.

        Christmas preparations have begun for some people so I thought I would tell you about a stocking filler I bought my son in law last year that is still going strong now. It's not often I pick a novelty present that turns out to have a practical use as he refuses to use Homer Simpson mugs or Mr Grumpy slippers, but I hit on a winner with this football shaped bottle opener by Kitsch 'n' Fun.

        The bottle opener is perfect to stuff the stocking of any beer loving football fan. It is shaped like a perfect football and coloured the traditional black and white, it is a novelty gift which manages to look great rather than tacky.

        When you open a bottle the opener plays a crisp and clear cheering sound, the speaker is good in pitch and it sounds surprisingly reminiscent of a football match. The novelty of this does not wear off either, unlike many 'funny noise' gifts I've come up with over the years, and it's still as good to hear now after he has opened the umpteenth bottle of the year!

        I've used the bottle opener myself and can tell you it opens bottles smoothly and easily, it fits a wide range of bottle top sizes and has a reliable grip on them while opening. I have arthritis in my hands and actually find the ball shape of this bottle opener much easier to use than a traditional or novelty shaped bottle opener, I am considering buying myself the same bottle opener but in a tennis ball design. It's comfortable to hold and is the right size to fit most hands with the ridges in the football design giving a slight grip that helps you to lever the bottle opener.

        There's a strong magnet concealed in the football that means you can stick it to the fridge for safe keeping, my son in law thinks this is ideal as his beers are always in the fridge so it makes sense for the bottle opener to be nearby! It sticks well even though the bottle opener is fairly heavy and doesn't slide down the fridge as I expected it to.

        You can also buy this bottle opener in a tennis ball design (which I am going to get), rugby ball, cricket ball, golf ball and probably more clever individual styles. For a little £5.99 stocking filler I think this turned out to be an excellent present, I'm going to order my other son in law a rugby ball one for Christmas because he drinks bottled beer too and is a total rugby fanatic.

        You can buy them on amazon.co.uk with the prices ranging from £4.99 to £5.99 which I think is an excellent price for a present that will give so much fun, amusement and usefulness.


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        With Sound Clip.

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