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Kuhn Rikon Safety Tin Opener

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Brand: Kuhn Rikon / Tin opener / Type: Can Opener

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2011 20:35
      Very helpful



      Can open any can with ease

      Kuhn Rikon

      ~~~ The brand ~~~

      Kuhn Rikon is a family owned Swiss company and have been making kitchen equipment since 1926. As the brand grows from strength to strength, they are now available in 40 countries worldwide not just Switzerland.

      This is a quote from Kuhn Rikon themselves - 'Cooks demand the highest of standards from ingredients and preparation. We apply this same principle at Kuhn Rikon and strive to continuously develop new, exciting and technically innovative products.' and this I believe is very true.

      I first became aware of the range while browsing on the shopping channel Q.V.C. I know they are in the business to sell things, but the high quality of the items they were presenting made me very interested, and I must admit to purchasing a set of Knives in the most beautiful vivid colours. The high quality led me to make my next K R purchase - the subject of this review.

      ~~~ The range ~~~

      All of K R's products are high quality, but most of all contemporary. They look good in a modern kitchen, and make the most dull kitchen gadgets fun, both visually and when you are using them.

      The range consists of the cook's tools (potato peelers, tin openers etc), to kettles, saucepans and pressure cookers. All made with quality you can rely on.

      ~~~ Tin opener ~~~

      My old tin opener was like everyone else's I'm sure. When you used it, it left a dangerously sharp edge to the tin, and most inconveniently, decided to die just as I started to use it - why is it they never do that when you've finished? :)

      Of course I had to rush out and buy a new one. I can never get the hang of using the tin opener thingumijig on my partners swiss army knife, so a dedicated tin opener is a must in our house.

      Upon browsing the shelves in Wilkinsons store, my eyes fell upon the K R brand tin opener at a very respectable £7.99. This is much more expensive than the basic metal ones, but much cheaper than other brands I could mention. It also gives the impression of quality at is has a two year guarantee. Having used K R products before, I made my descision quickly and paid my money. This is also available from amazon.co.uk

      ~~~ Ease of use ~~~

      Reaching home, I had to open another tin, and so put the tin opener to the test.

      The tin opener attaches to the tin around the rim but on the top of the tin. You will notice that there is a cog machanism on this gadget, as per others of a similar design, but this is small and smooth to the touch. There is no blade on this to slice around the tin, and remove the top section. You will instead, find a circular peice of metal with a black band around it, of a plastic substance.

      How on earth can this remove a lid, without severing it off when it has no blade? I hear you ask. This doesn't actually cut off the lid at all. It breaks the seal that was made when the cans were filled, and the lid was actually put on.

      To the right hand side of the item when held in your hands, there are rather tiny looking claws. When performing the task of removal, the lid isn't actually removed as such, just that the seal is broken, and now is the time to use the claws.

      You do this by sliding out the top section from the bottom ( just as you do on other brands), this opens the claw. You are able to grasp the edge of the tin can, the lip that protrudes, and once you apply a little pressure, the lid lifts easily away and can be deposited in the recycling after a quick rinse under the tap, without even having to touch the lid with your hands. You could if you wanted to of course, as there simply are no sharp edges to be found.

      As a test of the sharpness, I didn't want to try on my fingers (just in case), but I did try and slice a fresh tomato with the edge of the can, and it couldn't be done. This truly IS a safety can opener.

      If my explanation is a little confusing, the lovely people at K R have even put a 'How to' video about how to use it here: www.kuhnrikon.co.uk and search for safety lid lifter.

      ~~~ In conclusion ~~~

      This little gem has been working away quietly and unasumingly in my kitchen for well over a year now. It's something that you hardly even pay any attention too. I must say though, that this not only looks good (available in black, blue, red, lilac and white) it performs wonders, and lasts a long time too.


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