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Lakeland Quarter Pounder Burger Press

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Brand: Lakeland / Type: Kitchen Tools

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    3 Reviews
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      13.01.2013 14:32
      Very helpful



      A fantastic quarter pounder press from Lakeland.

      I love to do home cooking and baking and where possible I will always try to make a healthier version of a junk food snack. In the last year I've moved towards making my own meatballs, burgers and other meat related meals such as breaded chicken so that I can be sure I know what meat is going in to my meals and that the salt, sugar and fat is reduced as much as possible.

      I already own a burger press, albeit a small one, and I have used this with great success for ages now. My husband mentioned that he would like a quarter pounder burger from time to time and so I set about looking for a bigger press where I could make just one burger for each of us. I actually spotted one when shopping in Lakeland a month or two back and I paid just £8.99 for this quarter pounder press and 100 wax discs too. 500 replacement discs can be purchased for £4.89 but I decided to wait and see how I got on with the press before buying additional wax discs. There was also a small selection of recipes that came with this but to be honest I haven't bothered using them because my husband is fussy and I know what he likes.

      To make my burgers I like to take two packets of mince, approximately 1.5kg in weight, add egg yolks, breadcrumbs, onions, peppers and miscellaneous spices. Sometimes I also add some parmesan or cheddar for a little extra flavour. It takes me just a few minutes to prepare the mince and then I can set about making the burgers. Now dependant on the amount of additional ingredients that I add I can make about 15-18 burgers. I then freeze them with the wax discs in between to make it easier to take out the amount that I need, I always defrost them fully before cooking and find that they stick together very well.

      Now to use this burger press is very simple. I just place a wax disc in to the burger press, add my already mixed filling which I press down using a wooden spoon, I then add another wax disc on to the top of the mixture, turn over the press, place it on my chopping board or liner and then press down on it. The press comes up and left on the side is a quarter pounder burger complete with a wax disc on either end. This whole process takes just half a minute or so, sometimes less, and so when I am making up a whole batch I am able to do it with ease and in just 10 minutes or so. This is ideal as it allows me to save money, and weight gain, by preparing my own home made quarter pounders and then freezing them.

      After I have used this press it is very simple to clean by just rinsing it as soon as I am finished with it and then giving it a little soak with my normal washing up. This can be cleaned using a sponge and it takes just a few seconds. I don't have any problems with food sticking to it or anything like that either.

      In addition to making beef burgers with this I've also made chicken burgers, fish cakes, lamb burgers and veggie burgers when we had friends over. I've had varied success with this and the only time I've had burgers that have been crumbly and not stuck together is when I've not used enough egg yolk or breadcrumbs to bind it all together. I really find that the burger press is useful at compacting the food and making it stay together and when using the same mix by hand I've not had results that were as good. I would definitely recommend this and would say that the press and enough wax discs for 50 burgers for under £10.00 is a bargain really and it has kept my husband away from Burger King for quite some time now! I am rating this 5 out of 5 stars as I feel that this is very simple to use and clean.


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        24.04.2012 11:30
        Very helpful



        quick and easy burgers

        I've only just recently bought this burger press from Lakeland, but already I don't know why I've never bought one before. I always make my own burgers for a BBQ, and as a result they can sometimes fall apart. To solve this problem I did buy a burger grill to cook them in. However this little burger press goes that one step further and makes things even better and easier. Essentially by making all of the burgers the same, size, shape and thickness so that they all cook evenly and are all ready at the same time. It also makes assembling your own burgers both quicker and easier.

        This Quarter Pounder Burger Press was £8.99 from Lakeland. You get the burger press itself, you also get 100 waxed discs, and a recipe book. You can buy the waxed discs seperately for £4.79 for a pack of 500

        As the name suggeest this makes quarter pounder size burgers!

        The burger press itself is dishwasher safe, and comes apart really easily to pop in the dishwasher. The waxed discs are one time use only, and cannot be reused.

        This is so easy and quick to use, and it assembles perfect burgers in mere minutes.
        First of all make up a bowl of your favourite burger mix. Turn the burger press upside down and insert a waxed disc. Spoon the burger mix on top of the waxed disc and then press the burger mix down with the back of your spoon to ensure that it is firm and compact. Place another waxed disc over your burger. To release your formed burger just turn the burger press upright again and depress the plunger.

        The burgers are encased within the two waxed discs so you can stack them and store them in the fridge like this, or stack them and freeze them. If you choose to freeze them then it is easy to remove just one or two from the frozen stack due to the waxed paper between them.

        I've used this for more than just burgers, obviously it's perfect for any type of burgers; meat, fish or veggie. I find that it is perfect for assembling bubble and squeek patties or potato cakes. I always find that both of these tend to fall apart when I try and assemble them myself, however with this burger press they stay in one compact shape and piece.

        I can't believe how much use I have had so far out of what appears to be at first glance to be a bit of a gimmicky gadget. I can absolutely say that it isn't a gimmicky gadget and I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend this to anyone.


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        21.06.2010 16:31
        Very helpful



        A must have summer kitchen gadget!

        If you have read my review - Burgers - make 'em don't buy'em, you will know that I love to make my own burgers. There is nothing nicer on a warm summers day to sit out side with your family easting a BBQ. It is even nicer if the food cooking on your BBQ is home made.

        The Lakeland Quarter Pounder Burger press, is an essential part of my BBQ summer. This little gadget ensures perfect burgers every time. It is so easy to use - even small children can use it. I run a cookery club at the school where I work and burgers are always a popular item to make.

        The press comes assembles but can be completely taken to pieces for cleaning.( I always put mine in the dishwasher). It is made from white plastic, and the press comes with 100 waxed discs and a recipe book.

        How to use
        Make up your burger mixture.
        Place the burger maker upside down.
        Put a waxed disc inside the body of the press.
        Spoon the mixture to just below the rim of the burger maker.
        press the mixture down with the back of a spoon.
        Place a second wax disc over the mixture.
        Release the burger by turning the maker over and depressing the plunger.

        There.... that's it.... you have a perect burger! In seconds, you can produce perfectly shaped meat, fish and veggie burgers that keep their shape during cooking. Each burger is approx. 10cm in diameter.

        The little recipe book that coms with the burger maker has some lovely ideas....
        QuarterPounder beef burgers
        Lamb, fta and sun-dried tomato burgers.
        Thai chicken burger.
        Oriental salmon burgers.

        My favourite burger this year... (my own recipie)
        Lamb, mint and apricot.

        500g lamb mince
        1 onion
        50g chopped dried apricots.
        fresh mint chopped
        teaspoon of dijon mustard.

        I put all the ingredients in the food processor and whizz until everything is combined. The kids howver, like getting there hands messy!! Make sure they wash them first!! This mixture will make 4 large or 6 thin burgers.

        The Burger maker from Lakeland Limited costs £7.99. I think it is worth every penny. Making them yourself, means that you know exactly what you are eating. I am sure it is by far the healthier option, especially if you use meat with a lower fat content.

        You can buy this in one of Lakelands stores or on line at www.lakeland.co.uk


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