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Maglite Boxed Mini Mag AA Torch

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Brand: Maglite / Type: Torch

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    2 Reviews
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      20.05.2012 22:51
      Very helpful



      handy little torch

      I have had my mini maglite for around three years now it is a metalic blue colour there are a few colours to chose from and I carry mine in my handbag. It cost me £19.99 from a local store called Sheppards which sells hardware and houshold goods. But you can find them at most camping outlet stores and online.

      The mini maglite is 162mm x 18mm and comes in a nice box that protects it from knocks, I don't keep it in the box as it is quite capable of getting knocked about in my handbag and so far I have not had to replace any of the parts due to damage, I have replaced the bulb in the three years I have owned this but that was just due to the usage it gets.

      The top of the maglite twists so that you can turn it on and off, this also can give you a wide beam or a more direct beam depending on what you are using your torch for. I have it on direct beam which is a thin line of light so that I can see the lock on my house and car doors int he dark.
      I also use this for walking the dog at night so I can see him and the cars can see me on the country lanes whilst I'm walking.

      It isn't a heavy torch and weights just 108 grams so its light and useful, it comes in a few colours, black, silver, blue, red and white so there's something for everyone's taste.
      It takes two AA batteries which can last you up to 6 hours of light. It is shock proof and this I have to agree with as I have dropped mine a few times from my bag and it hasn't broken.

      I really rate the maglite range as if your looking for a long lasting torch then these are great for all kinds of uses and you can get them in different sizes, this mini torch is great for taking around with you in your bag and it makes a good birthday or christmas present for both boys and girls.

      You can buy replacement parts if you need them and my mini maglite came with a replacement bulb in the box when I bought it.
      You can twist the head of the torch right off and have it as a candle light effect of your in a tent and are looking for something or want to read by the light of the torch.

      I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this to you if your looking to buy a good torch.


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      04.10.2010 12:12
      Very helpful



      Handy to have around

      My boyfriend and I both have one of these Mini Maglite torches or should I call it a flashlight as it's an American brand. He has a silver one, and I have one in a gorgeous shade of metallic purple.

      The Mini Maglite comes in two sizes one takes two AAA sized batteries and has a slightly thinner handle. The torches we have take two AA size batteries and have a thicker handle to accommodate the bigger battery size.

      The torch is about six inches in length, the bottom of the handle is less than an inch in diameter - roughly about 2cm and the bulb end of the torch is about an inch in diameter. I find that for me the torch is a great size to hold and although it is made from aluminium. It doesn't weigh an awful lot at 110g including batteries so if you needed to hold it for a while it wouldn't get too heavy.

      The Mini Maglite:
      * Precision machined high-strength aluminium alloy case
      * Anodized inside and out for improved corrosion resistance and durability
      * Water and shock resistant
      * High-intensity adjustable spot-to-flood beam with a twist of the wrist
      * High-grade rubber seals in every size flashlight
      * Design balanced optics and power for improved performance
      * Spare lamp safely secured inside the tail-cap
      * Mini Maglite® flashlight converts quickly to free standing candle mode

      To switch the torch on you turn the bulb end clockwise (if it is facing away from you), when you turn it slightly the torch is in spot light mode, turn it a bit more and it changes to flood light mode, keep on turning and the head of the torch will come off and you can use the torch in an upright position like a candle.

      I keep my Maglite in my car in case I ever break down at night, I know I will have something there so I can find my breakdown membership and check the map to find out where I am. We keep my boyfriend's in the house and now the lights are getting darker we use it for going out to the rabbits at night. On floodlight mode it provides enough light for seeing the padlocks on the shed and to do all the bits and bobs we need to do such as filling their food bowl and topping up their hay racks. It's also great for use in a power cut.

      I have had my torch for almost three years, and it's still on its original set of batteries, but it doesn't get as much use as the other torch. I think the other torch is about 6 or 7 years old and I would say it's now on its set of batteries. In the winter months it does get quite a lot of use so this isn't bad at all. If the batteries are low, the bulb in the torch gets dimmer. This gives you chance to put fresh batteries in before they die completely.

      Putting the batteries in is simple; you have to unscrew the tail cap and put the batteries in positive end facing toward the bulb end of the torch. Then just replace the cap and tighten so that it is secure and the rubber O ring creates a good seal.
      If you use your torch less than once every six months it is recommended that you don't store the batteries in the toch in case of corrosion.

      What I think is great about the Mini Maglite is that it comes complete with its own presentation/storage case. The case is made from pretty tough plastic and measures 7" x 3" x 1½" / 16.5 x 8 x 3 cm. It is bigger than the torch as it has space to store spare batteries in it. In my car the torch lives in the case in the pocket on my driver's door, this means that should I ever need it I know exactly where it is and it also protects the torch from getting damaged rolling about. The same goes for the torch kept in the house, it has its own spot on the worktop in the kitchen and as long as we remember to put it back after use we know where to go the next time we want to use it. Of course we should keep a spare set of batteries in there too, but we're not that organised.

      The other great thing about the torch is when you first get two AA batteries come with it. Excellent if you're buying as a gift as there's nothing more annoying than wanting to try it out straight away only to find you have to scrabble around for some batteries first. You also get a spare bulb included which is stored behind the spring in the battery cap - although we've not had to replace one yet in either of our torches.7
      The torch also comes with a ten year limited warranty.

      My ex boyfriend was in the police force and they were issued these as part of their uniform which I think is a testament to their quality.

      I think coming up to Christmas these would make stocking filler gifts for people. They are so versatile and can be used for all sorts; they also come in a variety of colours including pink, blue and red.
      I've just noticed that not all of the Mini Maglite torches come in a presentation box; they also come in blister packs. If you are buying one as a gift and specifically wanted the presentation box it would be worth checking that's what you'll receive before you buy.

      The RRP for the Mini Maglite is around £20 but prices vary depending on where you buy from, Halfords are currently selling the blister pack for £15. Prices on Amazon are between £8.85 and £15.99 for both types of packaging and etorches.co.uk are selling for £10.99 (packaging not specified).

      The AA is also available in LED for £16.99 on etorches.co.uk, the LED version apparently produces a stronger beam and preserves battery life. An LED converter kit is also available for around £10 if you already have a Mini Maglite and don't want to buy a whole new unit.


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