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Moulinex Multifunction Grater

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Type: Slicer / Grater

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    2 Reviews
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      19.03.2011 22:02
      Very helpful



      Great product for camping

      This is a super little device that we have used a number of times when we go static camping, by this I mean we pitch up and stay put rather than hiking around and then pitching our tents as that means we are using different equipment and weight is an issue however when static camping with the large tent we can take a few gadgets to make life easier and this is one of them as no electricity is required just good only muscle power.

      The Moulines Multigrater is a great device for shredding salad or fruit while on a camping trip. Made from tough plastic the bowl is a clear plastic while the top and lever are a funky green colour, inside there are the silver discs that provide the slicing and dicing. The base of the bowl has a green edge to help keep it stable while you are operating it. It comes with a number of discs depending on whether you want the slices to be fine or thicker or whether you want the food to be grated, again you can distinguish between fine and thick and there is even one to crush ice.

      It takes a bit of working out to assemble as there area distinct lack of instructions which is strange but it is not overly difficult and pretty logical however I did have to experiment a bit with the blades to suss out which ones I preferred.

      The hand roller is comgfortable to grip and easy to use, you need to apply pressure to force the object you are slicing or grating through to the blades but the design makes it nice and safe and very flexible in the range of items it can handle and once you get the discs spinning it works really well.

      It is great for slicing onions as the onion is stored and hence your eyes do not run at all and it is also great for shredding carrots which I like in a salad as they give it a change of colour. The device is also easy to clean which is what makes it ideal for camping as well.

      It is a great device and as long as you have a stable work space to rest it on and a firm hand it is a great manual food processor that is also quite affordable as you can get one for under £12.00.


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        25.10.2010 13:16
        Very helpful



        Worth seeking out mechanical grater with good capacity and quality - but Moulinex don't give a damn.

        A couple of months ago I was invited along to a camping trip that I really enjoyed and upon finding my love again for air beds and sleeping under the stars, I was taken with a small gadget that was used to prepare shredded/sliced salad food and vegetables made by my host. I commented on the food's quality as being quite uniquely precisely cut and wondered whether she had prepared it all before we set off camping or had a battery operated system hiding somewhere amidst her foldable pots and pans. Then I was introduced to a little green gadget in the form of the Moulinex Multigrater, a manual food shredder/slicer she had bought many years ago but was a staple addition to any camping fan who loves to cook. These kinds of "chopped down" food processor type gadgets were forever on satellite shopping channels during the 1990's but have all but disappeared now - even JML had a cheap version for many years - and the bowls themselves were quite versatile. When I eventually saw the Moulinex Multi Grater, I was at two minds to buy it because it didn't have the same smaller capacity bowl as the one shown on here on Dooyoo. However having been invited on an impending camping holiday I figured what the heck, it's only £19-99 and since it is powered by roller mechanics by my hand, it could as Moulinex put it, be advantageous to keep since it can be "used at the table before eating." Now you can't do that with a noisy plug in food processor!

        This is a long review due to Moulinex's inability to produce a user instruction manual.

        In reality this is a mechanical grater gadget that is suitable for anyone who loves prepared raw food in terms of a fresh fruit salad or a green vegetable salad, or just preparing lots of veggies in one go either for a curry, casserole, stew or soup. It isn't as easy to use as a mains powered food processor but this is because you rely on the power to do the job rather than your hand. This isn't the suitable gadget for anyone with arthritis for example - not a gadget I'd get for my mum - but it is an able machine that can do what it is designed to do - up to a point - if you're fit or able to grip and move a turning handle.

        The biggest attractant visually is the fun pastel green colour and large capacity bowl not to mention the amount of stainless steel discs you actually get and the actual capacity of the bowl - it easily quashes mini food choppers on capacity of 1.4 litres (my own findings) and possibly many compact food processors on the market too. The discs are evident on the bright box that the grater comes in and I've kept my glossy card box to keep all the attachments in, even though all the discs can be stored in the tough feeling carrier bowl - which has a matching green rubberized perimeter on the base to keep the bowl steady and gripped onto surfaces when in use - whilst the green top has a feeder hole and a side hole to where the hand roller mechanism is inserted. It is important to keep the box since unbelievably you won't find ANY instruction manual with this product. Not only is this frustrating to say the least, but also on the box itself you're only given very basic information with no info about the slicer/shredder discs on offer other than the fact that they are not dishwasher safe. Infact, on the box itself it shows unhelpful decals showing five lots of different food prep stating what disc to use such as "fine slicing," "fine grating," "thick grating," " slicing" and "crushing ice." That would be all very well to understand if each disc is marked but there are no markings on the disc to link to the pictures and unless you're a user of food processors already, you'll have no idea what disc to use. Another downside to the "so-called instructions" on the box is that there are diagrams on the inner flaps of the box showing you how to put this gadget together but it could be a great deal clearer. It isn't helped by the fact that Moulinex have clearly sold this product in France as this is the first language you'll see on the box followed by European identifiable capitals to distinguish each country such as France, Great Britain, Dutch (NL), German (D), Spanish (E), Portuguese (P), Italian, Finish, Russian, Ukraine, Polish and Arabic. Phew! Handy for the multi-cultural society we have in place.

        So to put this together (and feel free to print this out) you take the handle part and insert it into a tiny black rubber geared wheel before sliding it into the top lid. There is a plastic screw ring, which locks and unlocks the main roller to the lid. But, before you do this, you have to slide a disc of choice underneath into the main disc holder and ensure that the disc sits in above the disc holder parts at the end of each partition underneath. It's a bit of trial and patience but once you get the hang of it, removing the discs are very easy because each one has a permanently bolted single screw corresponding green geared wheel that meets the smaller black wheel from the roller handle and they also act as a "grab" knob so that you don't cut yourself when fixing the discs in. Once everything is locked in via the single twist ring (which is thankfully fairly weak and not that stiff to twist) the unit is ready to be used although the top lid may feel rattly since the discs however locked in, still bang against the top part of the lid underneath.

        According to www.housecharm.co.uk and www.amazon.co.uk where both these companies are selling this gadget, the discs are primarily used for fine and coarse grating, slicing and parmesan - which doesn't even say this on the box! Luckily I could already tell which slicing disc was for what but you'd have to waste a bit of food in the process/trial and patience if you didn't know what shredder plates to use.

        So when it comes to actual use, it's not all plain sailing compared to an electrical food processor that takes the effort out of spinning blades and actual food prep but what I like about the product is that it is genuinely and generally well made for the price. The top lid which houses a curvy and almost hollow grip lined food pusher is very easy to use as well as uniquely shaped and thickly made for most cylindrical or slightly oval shaped vegetables and general food prep. When I first used it to slice onions, I had to quarter large onions and half small onions before pushing them down to fit and picked the most viewable slicer disc which has three slicer blades and three corresponding wavy lines on top and twisted the lid around the bottom catch which is permanently part of the bottom carrier bowl's design. Some of the bowls like the one photo'd on here on Dooyoo has a viewable circular push button that simply locks the lid onto the bowl rather than twisting and if you have that bowl design then it has a smaller capacity of 500 litres. I've used both bowls and mine has a larger capacity - but they have the same mechanism and the hand roller is very comfortable to grip with no sharp edges.

        As the box says, "gently" push vegetables down, the onions were extremely easy to push down with one hand kept on the lid whilst the roller part could be used with my other hand to get the blade spinning. After a few attempts I realized that whilst this product is well made, it does need a gentle hand just to get the vegetable or whatever food prep to make contact with the spinning disc. The biggest advantage is that whilst the bowl has some degree of air tightness, there were few tears expressed when slicing onions and upon removing the lid with a slight twist each onion sliced all had uniform and precise slices. I also apparently forgot to take off the skin on one of the onions and was left with a scarred but rather large piece of skin which clearly hadn't been sliced - how very handy to just pick out! Pity the lid isn't completely airtight due to the hole made for the feeder - this would make an ideal storage bowl.

        When it comes to shredding cheese, the results are pretty impressive using mature cheddar and on a second occasion standard mild cheddar cheese which isn't as naturally, crumbly. Where the shredder/slicer discs are concerned, the results in the food sliced or shredded is generally excellent but you can't attack the food quickly - all it needs is about four to six turns of the roller slowly before each food prep you put in is quickly devoured, keeping one hand on the lid where the central pusher is and the other on the roller. The design of this bowl processor effectively trains you to push on the lid with a downward force that ensures the bowl constantly sits on the worktop surface you have this bowl on. In terms of the last part of the cheese, it is infinitely easy to reverse your hand's turning in order to get the last part shredder or sliced instead of ending up with the famous "dieter's nightmare," door stop part - but on this model - I was left with a mere shaving of cheese compared to an electric mains powered food processor!

        The Parmesan shredder produces tons of "angel hair" like shreddings but unless you're doing a large family lasagne or pasta, it is far more efficient to just rely on a standard hand shredder since the large bowl capacity of the Moulinex appears to take out too much effort. That is clearly one large and discernible downside - unless you are making large capacities of food in one go, this isn't ideal for small food prep but when used, it does take very little time and effort including washing up, which can all be done in soapy hot water or placed in a dishwasher without the shredder/slicer discs which is a slight disadvantage.

        If there is one final advantage to why this design works so well for me, it is simply because there is no spindle in the middle that prevents sliding the food out after use. In this instance it means that the actual liquid capacity you get is the same as the food capacity and the Moulinex is easy to just tip the bowl's prepared food without a horrible central mount where spoons or spatulas can't be inserted properly. I was able to make a winter salad as well as a whole host of sliced and shredded cabbage with peppers and tons of other different types of hard and soft vegetables all ready to just chuck into my slow cooker for a home made soup brew - far faster than making it in a food processor where the actual capacity is limited by the central spindle. Also, the mess generated by the Moulinex is far smaller than the mess generated by my own electric food processor because once the lid comes off the grater, you've only got to remove the messy slicer/shredder disc if you need to and put on another one before firmly twist locking the top lid back on. With a normal food processor, the worktop gets bits of veg from the lid, then the blade has to be taken out, then a another bit slid in before the shredder plate has to be locked in, then the top lid back on, then twisting it so that it locks into the electrical safety lock AND then the buttons can be pushed. What a nonsense!!

        So to the joys of Moulinex and the case of the missing user manual:

        Moulinex UK are the worst company I've dealt with online and offline. This is because that their home company website (.com) deals with so many different brands under Tefal worldwide and Moulinex itself. Upon contacting their premium rate number customer service department from the website (http://www.homeandcook.co.uk/default.aspx?pageId=7) which is an automatic "outer website" that you're taken from www.moulinex.co.uk, this product isn't even online in the UK website despite the fact that the cust services acknowledge that the actual food prep manual system is available to buy in the UK. There is no product number that is viewable on the box, thus getting a user instruction for this model increasingly difficult to find. The basic info is given on this product and Moulinex customer services report that the product info has to be relied upon on the box. From our phone conversation, I can tell you that the bowl isn't microwave safe, heat proof and isn't freezer safe. I have already lodged a complaint and will be contacting their Head office in France - however this isn't the first time I've had problems with Moulinex and I doubt it will be the last. Despite how good the gadget is, if you can't even get an instruction manual from the company who sell this product, then it is clear that I will not be buying any of their major appliances and frankly they've picked the wrong customer to fob off!

        That aside the Moulinex Multigrater is a good appliance even though it needs a steady and heavy hand to keep it in place. It is a pity that the home company don't put an instruction manual in place as this would make the machine a much greater and far easier to understand appliance to own. I find this a great machine to use even though it doesn't have an actual blade like my own mains powered electrical food processor. Handy and versatile, it really does pay for itself especially given its larger capacity and versatile five discs on offer. Handy for camping and you can even eat out of the bowl! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010

        Moulinex make it but you wont be able to find it on their UK website.



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      • Product Details

        Moulinex / Manual slicer machine that can be used on the dinner table.

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