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    1 Review
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      17.02.2004 05:48
      Very helpful



      Yes, it is true! You can buy the slim-line mouse phone today from any good electronics store. Once you have purchased it you will be dampened with excitement, sitting by the letter box waiting for it to pop through. It comes in a range of colours ranging from Virgin violet to rampant red. Of course my tale of knowing of this product is somewhat funny and starts on a warm summers day..... I was down with an illness, a friend had given me a 6 year out of date mars bar and i had been puking for many days. They felt guilty about what they had done and then even more guilty when i was rushed into hospital 4 days later. When i got home, with a semi-full bill of health i had to carry on my work on my dear computer, despite passing out regularry, and a few times getting a concussion on my fall. My friend decided that they had a responsibility to make sure i was safe and so decided that ringing my house phone was utterly pointless, since i never answered it. They came round one day with a box, not wrapped, with the words 'Mouse phone' written on the front in bold letters. At first i was dubious, are they trying to kill me i thought. But no, it was for real. How could i ever dream of such a wonderful electronic device ever exsisting. My friend help me to set it up and for the remainder of my ill health they rang me regularry. Once there was no need for the mouse phone my friend suggested i sell it on ebay, but i said no. Now i use it to have internet phone sex. Depsite the numbers getting stuck down occasionally through use, once i have cleaned the sperm staines off they work fine. Some models of the mouse phone you can have vibration installed for a minumal price. This can be handy in the case of a call when you are listening to music ect, preventing unwanted interuption. Also the vibration feature can be used when on swinger sites with your girlfriend. I often engaged in swinger activities using my mouse phone's vibration setting and my girlfri
      end. The best way to keep it on vibrate during this activity is to keep the number 3 pressed down at all times. It also makes an excellent mouse as well as phone! It moves smoothly, even across gravel surfaces. When testing out the the durability and smoothness of the mouse, I came across an old wise woman who told me that I was one of few wise people: "It is better to use one good mouse phone than many bad mouse phones a day." I didnt completly understand the logic of her ways, but what i did know is that she was saying i owned a top of the range mouse phone with address book and multi-use capabilities, including getting your woman off on web-cam without sex toys. The mouse phone also has 3 buttons like a normal mouse, these can be used to access an address book, speed-dial, instant internet connection, organised pub crawl dates, your next local swingers orgy meeting, an e-mail address book, and also that little wheel that lets you scroll up and down the page!!! I truly wet myself with excitement over this, and i suggest you all go out and buy one, especially for you ladies there who need to get more out of the web. I suggest you go out and get hold of one asap, you are truly losing out without this essential piece of erotic fantasy, stream line mouse combined with a phone. Go on, go get it now!!


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