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NScessity TiO2 UV Plasma Air Purifier

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Brand: NScessity / Type: Air Filter

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    1 Review
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      14.05.2013 16:58
      Very helpful



      Excellent product if you can find replacement HEPA filters.

      A couple of years ago I decided to get an air purifier for the bedroom as my Husband suffers with Asthma, Allergies and Rhinitis. After a look around on the internet I came across the NScessity TiO2 UV Plasma Air Purifier. I paid around £100 for it and they are currently available on amazon uk for £130 + £4.95 postage.

      The air purifier comes in a sturdy box and needs no assembling. The purifier dimensions are 49cm x 26cm x 21cm so it takes up very little room. The air purifier is made from brushed silver effect plastic so fits in discreetly with most rooms; it is not available in other colours.

      The air purifier plugs directly into the mains via a power adaptor, the adaptor has a green LED on so you know when the power is on to the air purifier. We have stuck some duct tape over the LED as it glows very brightly in a dark room.

      On the front of the air purifier are the controls. The controls are incredibly simple. The power button turns the machine on with one press and off with another, again there is a green LED above the button so as you can see when it is turned on. The next button along is the speed button, this runs at slow, medium and fast. One press of the button each time will move you along the speeds and again there are LED's to indicate which speed you are on. The last button is the timer. I find this a very handy facility as my Husband likes to set the purifier running at bed time and has it set to turn off after four hours. The timer can also be set for two and eight hours, there are more green LED's to indicate which time you have it set to.

      The purifier has been used anywhere between four and twenty four hours a day for the last three years. It has always ran faultlessly and the quiet hum of the <15DB motor is now unnoticeable to the whole family. The higher the speed you have the machine on the louder the motor runs, but in my opinion even at the highest speed the level of noise is more than acceptable.

      The air purifier works by sucking air in through the inlets at the sides of the machine. Once the air has been sucked in it the passes through a thin carbon fibre pre filter. Then through a HEPA filter, then through an activated carbon filter and then over the plasma filter and sterilization filter then it whizzes past an Ion generator before being gently blown out of the air outlet at the top of the machine. This is a continual process that allows the purifier to turn over the air in a 25m2 room three times an hour.

      My house is an incredibly dusty old place despite a strict regime of vacuuming and wet and dry dusting each day and on sunny days you can see the dust particles being drawn through the air and into the purifier. I always have the purifier turned on and to maximum speed when I change the beds as I like to eliminate the dust before it gets chance to settle.

      Each of the filters does a different job. We all know that HEPA filters remove airborne particles and these are no exception, the filters in this purifier apparently remove 99.97% of particles. While I can't be exact I would say that the amount of airborne dust is reduced considerably while the filter is running. The carbon fibres claim to eliminate 90% of odours. I got the windy Husband to test this theory rather unsuccessfully so I would have to say I don't know if this works but my bedroom never has that stuffy sleepy smell that my children's rooms can get in the mornings. The plasma and sterilisation filters supposedly destroy 97% of viruses and bacteria, I add the supposedly to this as my Husband is very prone to viruses and colds where as I can't remember the last time I was unwell. Somewhere within all that filtering 90% of volatile organic compounds are removed. Volatile organic compounds are gasses emitted from certain household gases and liquids such as cleaning products, paints, equipment such as printers and copiers, glues, permanent markers etc. The last thing the air is subjected to is that it is passed over an Ion generator. An ion is a molecule that has gained or lost an electron. The Ion generator in the air purifier de-ionises molecules causing them to attract air born particles, the ions will then fall to the ground, therefore removing more particles from the air. This gives the room air in the room a refreshed feeling.

      The air purifier is simple to keep clean, I give it a wipe over with a damp cloth each week and then vacuum the HEPA filters about once a month. I like to change the HEPA filters once a year and I am currently having trouble locating replacements. I will update this review if I mange to find a reliable stockist.

      All things considered I feel this is an excellent air purifier. It covers many aspects of air improvement in one machine and has vastly reduced the amount of dust in the bedroom, therefore reducing the amount of runny noses and sneezing fits from my Husband. The only draw back for me has been the excessive use of green LED's, it looks like an alien invasion in the corner of the bedroom and we cured this with the use of more duct tape over the LED's.

      Thank you for reading.


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