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Official Borat Mankini Thong

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Brand: Mankini / Type: Novelty swimwear

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    2 Reviews
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      27.01.2011 16:56
      Very helpful



      A funny gift

      I sure that when most people see the Mankini, they know what it is and where it originated from. If you do not know, this was worn in the film Borat, by the lead character and it is in no way a yummy outfit for men to wear!

      The Mankini is a green thong, with extra long straps which extend the thong up over the shoulders. It is made of a strange synthetic matieral, which is a little bit shiny. There is not a lot of material on these, and trust me they do not leave much ( if anything at all ) to the imagination!

      My partner was bought a mankini for a jokey christmas present a couple of years ago by his mother ( I know, odd right??!!) and seeing as he owned it, he thought he might as well use it. So one night he actually put it on, and oh my what a sight it was! From the front it didn't look too bad, as far as a Mankini goes, but the back is.. well a thong!! The thong continues up to the shoulders and then continues down the front.

      We found that all the while my partner is standing still, everything is fine and covered, but the second he moved things were no longer held in place and everything was on display!! I was quite glad he didn't wear it out in public, he may well have been arrested, and not just by the fashion police!! Just to get our own back on his mother, we thought it would be funny to text her a picture oh my partner wearing it ( without things escaping! ) and it magically ended up on facebook LOL!!

      I did try this on as a joke over my clothes once, and it was not a very comfortable fit I must say lol. It is a really bright green too, so you have to have the right skin tone to pull it off. I honestly never thought anyone would wear one of these in public, but I have actually seen a few blokes on a night out wearing these! I asked them how they kept everything in place, and apparently the answer is boob tape!! Now that has to hurt to remove that!!

      As a joke and novelty item, these Mankinis are pretty cool, but I would not take it as a serious fashion item, there is just no way these things will be sold as a real item of clothing in stores any time soon, or at least I hope lol. I have seen these for sale in Burtons, usually around christmas time and you can also buy them on Amazon. They cost around £5 but do differ from place to place.

      All in all, the Mankini does it was it is meant to, but it loses its novelty apparal very quickly and is sort of a waste of money in my opinion. I am glad it was not me who spent my money on it. I give this a 4 out of 5, as it does do what it is intended to do, but the problem of keeping things in place causes me to drop 1 star on this product.


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        19.01.2011 00:53
        Very helpful



        A fun gift for the stylish man about town

        ~The Borat Mankini - An Original 2006 fashion icon~

        I have been going through some of my product suggestions here on Dooyoo of late, one of which is the super stylish and highly desirable Official Borat Mankini Thong. I really was surprised that the Official Borat Mankini Thong was not already listed here on Dooyoo to be honest, as at one time they seemed to be springing up like a plague of super slinky lime green wonders all over the place. They seemed to have been worn by masses of super funky fashion gurus and stags all dressed to go out on their last night of freedom, all wearing their Mankinis with wild abandon. As I have bought not just one but two of these fair beauties one of which was a gift, one of which still resides with me, I feel I know enough about them to share my thoughts and talk about the quality item that these so obviously are!

        If you are looking for THE perfect beach wear item to wear next summer, look no further than the super stylish Borat Mankini Thong ~ The beach wear fashion icon that really makes a statement about who you are and where you are going! The Official Borat Mankini Thong comes neatly packed in a see through clear plastic semi solid type packing which shows it is the real deal and a completely 100% genuine Borat endorsed product. The Mankini box even has a picture of the man himself lounging on the front so you know you are getting the real deal. I feel that if you are buying this as a gift, (as I did for my teen who thought it would make the perfect fancy dress item to wear at a party) it will make a smashing item to give to any one with a figure to wear it and will bring a smile, or a tear to all who see it being modelled boldly by its new owner.

        ~Stretch, size, fit and feel~

        Having purchased two of the Official Borat Mankini Thongs with one given as a gift I am happy to tell you that the quality of this little piece of man wear seems quite good. Although I wasn't able to see the second of the two Mankinis in the flesh I have been able to feel the material of the first one, have a look at the design and make sure it looked like it was well made and suitable for wear as a fancy dress item that it was bought as prior to its first outing. Ok so what I really mean here is that I couldn't let the mankini go out to a party with my teen wearing it unchecked, as felt it was my duty as a parent to carry out a quality control check before handing over the Mankini to make sure it covered all the areas it should and as such I gave it a good look over whilst chuckling to myself, well who wouldn't?

        Based on my findings and the fact that I have washed and cared for the lime green wonder, what I can tell you about the Official Borat Mankini Thong is that the lime green material used for the item is very stretchy indeed and this does mean that the fit will be a little shall I say droopy on shorter wearers. This is mostly due to the amount of material used to create the long deep v shape at the front and the back of this over the shoulder beach thong. Having bought this for someone who is of average height and seen it in the flesh/ in situ (as it was immediately modelled proudly, which was eye wateringly funny...honestly kids!) I do feel that if you wanted the perfect fit from your Official Borat Mankini Thong you may have to alter it slightly.

        As the Mankini was going to be worn over other body hugging clothing and not on its own it seemed like it would stay put well enough so I left it as it was. The best way to alter the length of the Official Borat Mankini Thong would be at the top of the shoulders as it is the only place that you can easily alter without ruining the fall of the material, although I didn't bother to do alter the fit I feel it could easily be done. Altering the Mankini in this way with a few nifty stitches by hand would take up some of the slack material and make the whole thing fit like it should. Taller wearers should have no issues with the fit of the Official Borat Mankini Thong as it is long in the body and has so much stretch that even a giraffe would feel at home in it.

        The back of the Official Borat Mankini Thong is shall I say, well air conditioned and thankfully the Mankini is fully lined where it matters most to hide some if not all of a chaps blushes if you really feel the need to wear it on its own. If the Borat Mankini Thong needs a wash it can be washed by hand if wanted (err no thanks) or flung into the washing machine with other synthetics. After having washed the lime green Mankini in a general wash at 40 degrees I found that the colour didn't run and the Mankini didn't shrink at all. I was tempted to tumble dry the Mankini although in the end I opted for placing it the airing cupboard as I felt the gentle heat there would be kinder to it and make sure that it didn't shrink to nothing. I had no part in the care of Mankini number two so I cannot comment much on how that has faired when being washed.

        ~Price and rating~

        As a two time buyer and one time carer of one of the wonderfully stylish Official Borat Mankini Thongs I am able to say that there is some difference in price depending on here you buy. The first Official Borat Mankini Thong that I purchased was from Amazon and it was bought in advance for a fancy dress party for a cheap as chips £5.50 including delivery, although having checked prices more recently it has now shot up by a whole 55p to £6.05. The second Mankini was bought on the spur of the moment for the friend of my teen who wanted one to wear to the same party when we saw it in town and as it was a high street purchase it was priced a little higher at £8. Had I thought about buying the second one in advance I would have bought online as prices are cheaper, although I don't feel that £8 was too much it was a little more than I feel the Official Borat Mankini Thong is worth.

        As for rating the Official Borat Mankini Thong all I can say is that my teen thought it was a good idea to get one when we bought the first one, we didn't think twice about buying the other one which went down equally well. Having checked out the thickness of the material and felt the quality of this fine garment I know it is made from a super stretchy lime green nylon type fabric that will fit a number of shapes and sizes with plenty of room to move about in. It actually does look as though it has been as well made as something like this can be, with neat stitching and a lined gusset to save a chaps blushes and it will wash well in a washing machine with no shrinking if you dry it with care. I have reviewed this item based on the fact that it was bought for my teen to wear for fancy dress and as I have washed and cared for the garment I feel able to discuss its merits in the same way that parents review childrens clothing, baby items, things for their pets etc here on Dooyoo. I feel that as a fancy dress item for the man in your life who likes to look stylishly attired at all times, or as fun gift item, the Official Borat Mankini Thong makes a super silly choice. Which is why I am going to award it a 4 star product rating.


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