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Pink LED Rubber Mini Torch

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Brand: Team Ingwe / Type: Torch

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    1 Review
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      05.01.2012 15:48
      Very helpful



      A handy little item

      I seem to be gradually working my way through my Christmas presents to review at the moment, anyway a present I received in my stocking from my parents was a Pink 9 LED Rubber Mini Torch, now this might sound a bit of an odd thing to have in your stocking however my Mum actually only picked it up because it was pink and she thought it would be useful, I have only had the torch a couple of weeks and it has already proved to be extremely handy and in my opinion an excellent present.

      I do not think the torch actually came in any type of packaging, or at least it wasn't wrapped up in any when I received it. The Pink Rubber Torch is basically a cylinder shape, it has a shiny pink metal base, inserted in the middle of this is the on /off button which is made from a textured pink rubber, this is handy if you were trying to turn the torch on in the pitch black as the button is a slightly soft yet more texture rubber than the rest of the torch making it very easy to find without having to actually see it. The main body of the torch is also made from metal, however this has a tight fitting rubber case covering it giving the appearance that the torch is made from rubber, this has a thin pink metal ring going around it about three quarters of the way down. The rubber casing is quite a light pink and has a criss cross pattern carved into it giving it a textured appearance, however the main body of the torch is much smoother than the texture rubber of the button on the end of it. Right at the other end of the torch is a third thin pink metal ring this forms the border for where the actual light comes from.

      This particular torch as I have mentioned is an LED torch, the beam of light comes from 9 small LED lights inserted into the end of the torch, these are positioned in what I would call a flower pattern, these are then covered and protected by a piece of clear plastic, this prevents the LED lights from becoming damaged but does not distort or fade the beam of light produced. The LED light are just clear to produce regular beam of light, however personally I think that when the light is shone onto something in the distance the light has an almost blue appearance to it, I'm not sure if this is the case or just me.

      The beam of light produced by the Pink Rubber Torch is extremely bright, not realising quite how bright the torch would be I did accidentally shine it straight in my own eyes when I first turned it on, it actually made them ache!!! I was particularly impressed with how bright this little torch was its ideal to have around the house in case of power cuts or even if you need to go outside in the dark and do not have an outside light.

      When my husband and myself put our Christmas decorations away the other day we decided that we should make a start on boarding the rest of our loft, however at the moment we do not have a light up there and have to rely on either feeling your way around or using a torch. I decided that boarding the loft was more of a mans job so left Mark to it whilst I sorted things out downstairs, he needed some sort of light to do this as he couldn't see well enough to get the boards in the right place, the batteries in our regular torch had run out so I gave him my new Pink LED Rubber Torch with strict instructions not to get it dirty or damaged.

      I nipped up to see how things were going and I was very impressed with how well this small torch lit up our loft, even he commented on how good it was, I wondered if it would be bright enough for him to see what he was doing but the LD light produced such a bright beam of light that it lit up the whole loft allowing him to see perfectly what he was doing

      The torch is battery powered and takes 3 AAA batteries, these did not come with the torch. To put the batteries in or change them you simply unscrew the end of the torch which has the on off button on it, inside where is a small black case which tips out, this holds the 3 batteries, once you have clicked them into the case you replaced it back inside the torch and screw the end of the torch back on, changing the batteries is very quick and simple, obviously the amount of time the torch lasts for depends on how good the batteries are, however ours just has cheap batteries in it and my husband had it on in the loft for a good couple of hours and the same batteries are still working now and the light has not faded at all which makes me thing the torch is quite economical in the way it uses the batteries, torches I have had in the past have dried the battery power very quick which really isn't practical.

      The torch has a small carry handle this is attached to the end of the torch where the on off button is, it is attached by a small silver ring. The handle is basically a loop of tough black fabric, it is not massively long but just big enough to fit your hand it (obviously hand size permitting) this is useful if you are using the torch outside maybe when walking in the dark as it means you will not drop the torch and can have it securely in your hand with the strap around your wrist. The handle cannot be removed as it is held in place by a metal clip which cannot be taken off, however for me this is not a problem.

      My Mum brought my Pink LED Torch from a local cheap shop (like a Pound Store) so obviously that's what she paid, however I have since seen them being sold on Ebay shops, here they are being sold for just over £1.00. Personally I think this is a bargain and it is definitely worth the money, I would have thought it would have been sold for a bit more than £1.00, however I am not complaining.

      The torch is of an excellent quality for such a cheap price. As I have mentioned my torch is pink in colour, however there are other colours available such as green, blue and silver, personally I prefer the pink though.

      I would definitely recommend the Pink LED Rubber Mini Torch, I have only had mine a short amount of time and have already found it extremely useful. This is ideal to have in your home in case of emergencies or just to see in the garden/ shed when it is dark. They are very reasonably priced for such a high quality item and are much more economical battery wise compared to regular torches, I'm not sure if this has something to do with the LED lights or not but they definitely do not drain the power in the batteries. The light produced is extremely bright and really does light up the room. Overall this is a very useful product to have and one I would highly recommend.


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