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Precision Retro Alarm Clock

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Brand: Precision / Type: Alarm Clock

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2013 11:51
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      Telling the time in blue

      I am a bit of a stickler for things that look retro and therefore in his wisdom to buy me a new alarm clock last year for Christmas, my husband purchased this Precision Retro clock. Having now owned the said item for just under a year, I thought it was high time I gave it a review to express my opinions on it.

      My alarm clock came packaged in a small rectangular box and once opened the size of this clock could really be appreciated. The clock measures in at 9.5cm high by 14cm wide by 6cm deep and this makes for quite a petite looking clock in my opinion. In terms of looks, this product does get high marks from me. The look is retro with a modern twist and this is featured in the slightly rounded body of the clock with ribbed plastic features. The overall colour of this alarm clock is white and this colour extends to the buttons on the front of the clock. Around the body of the clock and the face, a shiny silver trims extenuates the features and this silver colour is also used on the dials with which to turn the alarm on and off and set the brightness of the numerals. On the front of the alarm clock is the LED digital time screen and this is black in colour. On the left hand side of the screen are two words, "pm" and "alm" which have a blue dot next to them when the time is afternoon or the alarm is switched on. This is great in my opinion as it enables you to see whether you have remembered to switch the alarm on during a dark evening. A nice touch in my opinion is the colour of the numerals which glow a bright blue in colour and are slightly different to the standard greens and oranges that you often see on alarm clocks.

      A helpful feature with this alarm clock is that every button or dial has text underneath it to tell the user what it does. This is excellent if, like me, you have a habit of throwing away instructions when you receive them as it means you are never struggling to understand what something does. The dials also feature red dots which when moved to the appropriate setting are an easy to use method for choosing which option you require.

      Although great in looks, when handling my alarm clock I do think you begin to feel the cheapness with which this clock is put together. The material for this product is plastic and this is reflected in the overall weight of this alarm clock which is very light. Whilst the lightness is handy when you are moving the clock around, it does mean that it has a tendency to topple over on my bedside table. The dials also seem rather basic and take a bit of effort to turn, which is only aggravated when trying to turn the alarm off on a dark morning.

      To use this alarm clock is really quite simple to do in my opinion. The clock is powered via an electric cable and this extends to just the right length to enable me to plug the cord into the socket behind my bed. You can also power this alarm clock with batteries which is helpful in the event that you do not have a local power point or the socket is already in use. Once powered, the numerals flash to indicate that you need to set the time. As with many alarm clocks, setting the time and alarm is as easy as pressing and holding down the time button whilst clicking the hour and minute button to the right hour. Annoyingly the buttons do click rather loudly whilst you are moving through the hours and minutes and this only adds to my opinion that this is slightly cheap. Once the time is set, you can choose which setting you want the numerals to glow, be it high in brightness or low and this is done by turning the one of the dials to the left or right. I do not notice a huge difference in the brightness although the high is a slightly brighter blue. Personally I prefer the lower setting to ensure that I do not have a blue glow waking my eyelids up at night.

      When the alarm goes off (which I hears most mornings unless I happen to wake up particularly early) the noise it omits is quite a nice bleep. The noise omitted from this alarm is quite good in my opinion as it is not too loud nor too harsh first thing in the morning. To turn it off, you can either hit the snooze button on the top of this alarm clock or, just move the dial to an off position and get up. This is where I would criticise this alarm clock as the dials are quite stiff, fiddly and really quite difficult to do without getting out of bed. Some might consider this a positive as you really do have to get out of bed to turn the dials off and therefore this alarm clock does serve its purpose of getting you up in the morning. However, I find it a tad annoying, particularly as the weather is getting colder. You can tell when the alarm has been properly turned off as the blue light to the left of the screen goes out.

      I believe that my husband purchased this alarm clock from Argos and indeed I have only seen it for sale there. It is currently priced at £16.99 which I personally feel is quite expensive for such a basic alarm clock. I would guess that you are really paying for the retro looks with this one and not the overall quality.

      Overall I would recommend this alarm clock if only for its cool looks and blue numerals which make it look great on top of my bedside table. However for quality and value of money I would have to mark this particular clock down two stars. As a result this alarm clock scores a good but not excellent three stars from me.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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