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RAC Handcrank Torch

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Brand: RAC / Type: Torch

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2013 17:09
      Very helpful



      Go to Halfords and see if you can buy one for 50p!

      About a year and a half ago after a power cut at home I was shopping in B&M when I saw these torches for sale, I think they were only £1. Having had to use candles during the power cut as every torch we owned was either hiding, had flat batteries or no batteries, I thought it would be a good idea to splash out and buy two. Two because one was for my husband in the grey and one for me which is orange, why one each? Well mine was always going to last longer if my husband had his own and I hid mine :) Sure enough today we only own the one of these (mine :) ), I think my husbands broke, I don't know what he did to it to break it, just that it is no more :(.*

      The torch
      These are made from a hard plastic, with a seam down the middle, mine is an orange see through colour. It has twin led lights, a carry handle, and a bit that comes out of the bottom, which is the crank (hard to explain, but it's the bottom bit in the picture). This can be held in by a sliding plastic clip when you are not using it. There is also a slide button to switch it on. Printed on one side is RAC. Through the plastic you can see the inner workings, which to someone untechnical like me appears to be a series of wheels and what may be a round battery or transformer thingy, or may not :)

      Lighting my way
      To use it I simply unclip the handle, and unlike the wind up lights this one you squeeze several times turning the wheels, creating a whizzy noise, and making the light come on and off. This last part I find annoying, I don't know why but I'd rather it didn't flash on and off when charging. This does have some kind of battery storage, as it always just switches on when I'm using it even after several months of neglect, although when using it I tend to fiddle with it charging it as I go. I don't know how long the battery lasts, as I've never let it go flat. This is a small torch and is only about 3 and a half inches by 2 inches, it fits my small hands well, equally my husband seems to have no problem using it.

      Does it light up my life or plunge me into darkness?
      This is quite a nice little torch for emergencies, or popping out to the garden to check for slugs, burglars, plant thieves etc. It's not particularly powerful even with the twin lights, and I would say the light circle is slightly less then a metre when used in front of me. I tend to use it at the moment for finding things in the house if we've had a power cut, or most recently for checking on the garden as it's usually dark now by the time I get in from work (after 10), it does both jobs well. This isn't a particularly solid design and I don't think it would put up with much rough handling or being dropped, I'm also guessing it's not waterproof. It does what I need it for though and I like the orange design as it's easy to spot in my draw. I also like the hand crank design, I think it's easier to use then a wind up handle and takes less effort.

      This is also available online from Amazon for £6.57 or in Halfords for what seems to be an absolute bargain at 50p, I'm guessing this is a clearance offer as I think when I was in Halfords on Sunday looking for oil it was a £1. I'm guessing then these will soon be no more, which I think is a shame.

      * On questioning he says it stopped charging.


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