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Rolson 61744 10 LED Rubber Grip Torch

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Brand: Rolson / Type: Torch

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    3 Reviews
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      11.08.2013 21:57
      Very helpful
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      Efficient effective durable torch

      Although we have plenty of dynamo based small quirky torches lying around the house, and a couple of others that we've used quite a bit, this torch is particularly good, as long as you're not afraid of reading the instructions.

      The torch itself is quite solid in design. A strong plastic forms the basic torch housing part of it, while a rubber covering around the handle and the upper compartment increase the durability of the torch, a feature which I always prefer in torches, especially as we have small children and devices like this inevitably end up somewhere near them and are subsequently dropped or played with or launched, and as far as I'm concerned the more durable something is the longer it'll last in our home.

      It's quite a compact design as well, which has its positives, particularly for transporting around. However, we do have other torches, and so a negative of this is that it still doesn't take the place of a larger torch, one that could essentially light up an entire room.

      But this one is particularly economical on battery life. When we first bought this, I thought it wasn't working properly. Like a typical man, I first of all complained about the lack of a button and how the hell did they expect it to work if they didn't put a switch on at all! Then by pure accident I realised that you actually need to screw the top of the torch to activate it and turn it on, I just hadn't read the instructions. The only problem was that it still didn't work. Again, instructions should have been read but even then I just opened the base up to find out why it wasn't working. I saw batteries inside and closed it up again, but still it wouldn't work.

      A word to the wise, most devices such as this will not likely come with batteries. Those that do, and this one is included, are likely to add in a thin plastic tube/sheet into the battery compartment to stop the circuit being complete, probably to ensure complete battery life for a new purchase. Once I had, in my embarrassment, found this out, I removed the offending (yet practical) piece and hey presto the torch worked perfectly. Naturally, having done this I found that the annoying piece of small paper attached to the strap on the handle was a set of instructions...

      That's another positive for this torch as well: the strap. It shows that they've got damage limitation in mind. I've dropped the occasional torch over the years and having a strap would have certainly prevented a few breakages, I'm sure.

      The torch light is very effective. This torch has a good number of LEDs in the head, which produce a bright white light that illuminates at a pretty decent distance, ensuring that you're not just lighting up the immediate couple of metres but can actually see a bit further. It works very well for us, and we've used it quite a few times. Once our eldest son is a bit older we may well let him take this sort of torch with him when he goes camping as opposed to a cheap dynamo manual action torch, but for the moment this one can stay at home with us thank you very much, working just fine despite my stereotypical refusal to use the instructions and finding out how to use the torch the hard way! You can get hold of one of these for around the £5 mark on amazon at the moment, which is okay value for a torch like this but I have seen it available for cheaper.

      Overall then a really good torch, well designed, bright lights and practical design guaranteed to flummux those determined not to read instructions. Recommended.


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        13.06.2013 22:13




        I bought this torch for many reasons. The main ones are that I love to go camping, and torches are incredibly useful for night-time activities, or maybe even in dense woodland. Another reason is that in case of a powercut, I can locate necessary switches and otner things, and I usually place my torches strategically, yet out of the way. To do this, the torches must fill a certain criteria;
        -Must be very small or compact
        -Must have a very, very long battery life, or must be very easy or quick to charge, even with a solar charger.
        -Or, must have removable and replaceable batteries
        -Must have a grip
        -Must be cheap

        This torch fills all of the above criteria perfectly. I has a black rubber grip around a stylish red torch, connected to a wrist strap for ease of holding, and less chance of dropping. It comes with four D batteries, which I find is actually very useful and generous, while still remaining easily replaceable. The battery life is extremely long, as I have not had to charge it yet, but that is expected as it uses a number of LED lights instead of one large light, or a few standard bulbs in array.
        I have never had any problems with overheating, and it's small size means I can take it anywhere when I know it will be useful, or can be used in an emergency, I may not even use it in an entire trip, but it means nothing either way as it is so compact!
        In summary, this torch is simply perfect, unless you are looking for a torch which is incredibly powerful, the kind able to illuminate an entire field, park, or large area of woodland, but this is good as a small reliable torch for daily, occasional, or rare use, with very little maintenance at all! Five Stars!


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        06.06.2013 19:42
        Very helpful



        Five stars: excellent illumination, light weight, very affordable (depending on source), durable goo

        ~Why I bought this torch? ~

        I like to have a few torches scattered around the house in strategic places just in case they are needed urgently, in case of a power cut. I know this rarely happens in the UK, but this is just the way I was brought up in another part of the world. It is always handy to be prepared when one is needed. I always place one along our long corridor on the window seal and this always comes handy to use to light up the cupboard underneath our stair case when I take the electric and gas meter readers so I tend to use this frequently for that purpose. Last year my daughter dropped one of the torches from up the stairs, so was not working and had to be replaced.

        ~Product description - Size, Weight, Appearance and Special features ~

        The torch is made of toughened red plastic with contrasting black portions. It is quite visible compared to most of the torches I have had in the past which were predominantly black.

        It is about 25 cm long and feels light to hold. It weighs about 370 g with batteries included. The weight is not too much to handle even for children. Because of the light weight, it is perfect even for traveling and it won't take much space and add more weight to your baggage.

        The torch has a black rubberised sleeve which is secured round the full length of the torch. This is the rubber grip which makes it easier to hold the torch. It also has a black woven wrist strap, which makes it easier to secure the torch around your wrist so helps not to drop it as it can dangle on your wrist without causing much discomfort. **This is together with the rubber grip are really good features which protect the longevity of the torch by reducing the risk of the torch slipping off your hand and dropping.

        The torch requires three 3 D batteries and these come already loaded in the torch. I think this is very generous of the manufacturer to include batteries which is really handy rather than having to buy a torch and only to realise that batteries are not included.

        The torch has 10 small LED white light bulbs instead of the standard one big light bulb as in most standard torches.

        ~ Availability and Price ~

        The torch is available in most outlets which sell torches and on line like on Amazon. At the time of purchase last year, the torch was priced on Amazon, for £8.40 (excluding postage) which was a shock for me as I had bought mine for just for £1.25 from my local Tesco supermarket. Real bargain. What a difference and what could be the plausible explanation for this? This goes to show that shopping around pays.

        ~Operation and performance - does it work?~

        The torch comes with an instruction tag attached to the torch via the key ring slot which also holds the wrist strap. If you are used the other types of torches, it might be worthy just reading the few instruction lines otherwise you may make a fool of yourself. Generally it is fairly easy to operate and of course some people might easily work out how to use it. This particular torch is operated on a completely different system; it does not have the on/off button like other torches. You turn it on/off with a simple twist of the head section and the direction for the twisting is indicated on the torch just below the head. Firstly you need to remove the plastic tab from the battery compartment which separates the LED connections from the battery connections. **In my view this is a good safety feature to ensure the torch is not accidentally switched on whilst in the shop and left on which will cause the batteries to run out. You then need to ensure the batteries connections are correct as per the diagram on the instruction tag. Twisting the torch head clockwise will switch it on and anti-clockwise to slightly loosen the head will switch off the torch. Really easy and no fear that the on/off knob will malfunction one day.

        The torch works perfectly well and the LED produces a nice wide floody beam. The light beam is white and bright and good enough for general seeing.

        I read in one review that torches with LED bulbs are brilliant for longer distances (more than about 4m). I have not really tested this myself as I would not venture out at night that much.

        My daughter however used it recently when she went for a school outdoor trip. She really liked it and in her opinion it is stylish as well and ideal for girls. The fact that it was light to carry, it didn't add much weight to her back pack unlike the ones I used to buy for her. During the school trip, they went for evening walks out in the country side and she said its illumination was very good so she was really impressed with this torch. She also liked the wrist trap as she said it was easier to hold the torch that way without the fear it would fall off her hands.


        I have had this torch for almost a year now with no problem at all. I was afraid that it would come back bashed or malfunctioning when my daughter took it for her school trip. This is what used to always happen with the other torches, but no, it was still intact, a few scratches but working. At the timing of wring this review, the torch is still working perfectly and I haven't changed the batteries either so battery efficiency is really good.


        This is a very good quality, affordable, durable and practical torch. It does the job and comes with other bonus points too. The torch is not too bulky so can be stored anywhere, in the car glove box, drawers, back pack bag etc. I highly recommend it and as embarrassing as it sounds I went back in December and bought two more, real bargains for a quality product. I should say I was really surprised by the price £1.25 as I was expecting more considering that the torch uses LED bulbs which are generally meant to be more expensive than conventional bulbs.

        ~So what is so special about the LED bulbs?~

        By the way, LED stands for light-emitting diode.

        If you are keen to know more like I was and for detailed information about the advantages of using LED bulbs, please visit the link below:



        Five stars: excellent illumination, light weight, very affordable (depending on source), durable good quality torch which is fairly stylish as well. Highly recommended.

        Thank you for reading and rating.

        © hildah11 - June 2013


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