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Screwdriver E-Cig- MKII

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Type: Giving Up Smoking Aids

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    1 Review
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      02.06.2011 02:50
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      Great device that works extremely well as an alternative to smoking.

      ***Please note that this is listed on dooyoo as a cessation device but it is not marketed as one nor is it intended or designed to be one. It will not stop your nicotine addiction or the feeling that you are smoking. Only your own willpower can do that! If you want to give up seek advice from NHS Direct!***

      I was first introduced to the electronic cigarette back in January 2009. A well meaning friend told me that a colleague of his was happily 'smoking' one in the office and , miraculously, had stopped smoking traditional cigarettes. Being desperate to somehow cut the amount I was smoking, I took a step into the minefield of the e-cig world and ordered myself one that looked good from youtube reviews.

      I was lucky enough to have picked a good model, and within two weeks I had completely stopped smoking cigarettes, instead happily chuffing away on something that looked like a black cigarette with a blue light-up end!

      That was the start of my love affair with the electronic cigarette, which one company now refers to e-nic devices, or electronic nicotine devices.

      That is exactly what they are. What ever the brand or model, they are all designed to do the same thing; they mimic the smoking of a cigarette, and deliver a dose of nicotine to the lungs. I haven't smoked a proper cigarette in two and a half years and I don't intend to ever again, now I am not putting the 4000+ chemicals into my body.

      To explain more clearly, the user puts a little 'e-liqiud' (which is nicotine, flavourings to suit, and usually proprylene glycol) into a part of the device called the atomiser. The e-liquid is heated up and becomes a water vapour with nicotine. The user inhales this vapour into the lungs, exactly as they do with a cigarette, and the nicotine is instantly delivered into the blood stream, just like it is when smoking. It feels like smoking, it looks like smoking, but it isn't. It does not contain all the harmful chemicals that a cigarette contains, nor is it harmful to those around the user (unlike passive smoking). You don't smell like an ashtray, and there are amazing flavours to choose from.

      In short, it's genius. But as I said at the start, it's also a minefield when it comes to buying one. The market is swamped with duff cheap chinese models, all with odd names, often sold at prices way beyond what you should be paying. They're appearing more often on market stalls, popping up on dodgy looking internet pages, and sold over the counter at off-licences. Pick the wrong one and it's likely you won't be impressed, some of them really don't work so well.

      This review is for my particular favourite, a model sold by a company called Totally Wicked. They are very reputable and are a UK company, even having a very successful forum to help out new users get to grips with using the devices. The company sell a range of e-cigs to suit all pockets and styles for all, and I guess it's a matter of preference because they're all good models. But I think this one has the edge over the others for me, because it's simple to keep and simple to maintain, and very cheap to run/use. I give my thumbs up to this model.

      The Screwdriver E-cig is a sleek model that looks nothing like a real cigarette, and because of that it appeals to me. There are no lights to flash on when you inhale (some models do have this), and it does look like a screwdriver, hence its name. It feels good in the hand, fitting neatly into your palm, and the on/off activation button is eay to activate using your index or middle finger (some use their little finger). With the battery inserted, it feels a nice weight. The overall look gets a 5/5 score from me, it's classy, and not mistakable for a real cigarette if you're in the publics eye.

      The model takes cheap 901 atomisers, which usually last me between 2 and 6 weeks each, and cost £4 to replace. They are a nice atomiser that prosuces tons of vapour for the full 'throat hit' feel as if you were smoking. You are given two to start off with in the kit. Again, 5/5 for the type of atomiser. The mouthpieces are alos a nice shape and feel in the lips. The kit comes with five of these (also called cartridges).

      The batteries are fully circuit-protected with a safety feature to prevent any mishaps. These are lithium batteries (as found in laptops and mobile phones), and cheap batteries can explode (thats why they warn you to buy authentic laptop batteries). Because these are protected they are very safe. Recharging takes about 2 hours and the batteries will last you for ten hours use (which is brilliant). A battery charger (wall) comes with the kit. Buying replacement batteries is quite expensive, so if you want more than two that come with the kit, not so good. 4/5 marks.

      Also in the kit, you get some e-liquid to get started with, a cap to protect the button from accidentally firing off in your pocket, and a neck lanyard so you can keep your precious gadget close at all times! You can also buy a little leather holder for it separately, which is cool, and a good price at £7.95.

      Everything with this model is fuss-free. You charge a battery, slot it in, screw on an atomiser, pick up your e-liquid and you're good to go. The battery lasts long enough to give you a full days use without messing about changing or recharging batteries at work or on the move. You can use it without drawing attention to yourself, because it doesn't look like a cigarette. It produces great vapour and staisfies all nicotine/smoking urges.

      Finally, the kit comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet which is extremely easy to follow and understand.

      This model is NOT cheap but it is one of the best you could possibly buy on the market, and very safe to use, with a good brand reputation. If you've been pondering about this model I can recommend it, although it probably wouldn't be the first choice for anyone new to e-cigs (there are other good models that may be more suited to the first-time user). Having said that, I know a few people who bought this as their first ever e-cig and were delighted and I've just lent my spare model to a friend who's getting on great with it. I just think smokers who are new to the whole electronic cig thing often prefer their e-cig to look like the real deal.

      My last note is one of price. It is steep in price but, it's like comparing the cost of an i-phone to the cost of a cheap £10 pay-as-you go off the shelf at asda. You are paying for a really good quality device, but if you are new and you don't know whether its for you, the price tag on this model is maybe too high. My marks here are 5/5 on price unless you are a new user.

      The price for the whole kit which includes a screwdriver, two atomisers, five cartridges, two batteries, a battery wall charger, a button cap and lanyard, and 10 mls of e-liquid is £54.99.


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      Giving Up Smoking Aids