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Simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump

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Brand: Simplehuman / Gadget / Soap dispenser

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    5 Reviews
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      27.08.2012 23:51
      Not Helpful



      You don't need it but you'll probably want it.

      ...but I guess I'm glad we did.

      It looks cool. It squirts soap. What more can I say!?

      Design - sleek and very stylish. We've just had our bathroom done and it looks so lovely on the side of the sink. It didn't really look right in our old 1940s beige bathroom so it's definitely not suitable for everyone. It's easy to keep clean from the outside and has been well thought out.

      Usage - once set up(see below) its very easy to use. Not sure how well visitors get on to be honest. I think unless you own it and know how it works you'd be looking for a button. I like that you can put whatever smell and colour gel in that you like and that the storage section holds a good amount.

      Practicability - I like the product, it works well but will only work on your sink if you have a large flat edge. I can't understand why something so simple requires so many batteries though-4xAA. And I find it odd they are in the place most likely to come into contact with water.

      Set up - not the easiest product to set up unfortunately. It was a bit fidly in setting up the pump time (the amount of soap you want it to dispense in one hit) and if you leave it full for some time, as we did, the cap to refill it is extremely difficult to get off.

      We paid £30 when we had first bought our house. Today, I wouldn't dream of paying that much for a soap dispenser. It's definitely an added extra rather than an essential item and to be honest, you might want to save your cash!


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      16.04.2010 12:14
      Very helpful



      A simple gadget with excellent performance

      Simple Human is a company that designs products to make life easier and more efficient; they offer a range of kitchen and bathroom accessories and gadgets. All of their products look stylish and slim-line with features that make them unique although they are quite pricey.

      I had not heard of the company before, but as I was browsing on a money saving forum I read that the Simple Human sensor soap pump was reduced down from £29.99 to £15 in Argos, this of course tempted me to go have a closer look.

      Of course it looked like a gadget that I needed! However my partner was not convinced - but what does he know? And since when do I take notice of what he says. I reserved one and went to collect it; I wasn't actually sure at the time why I needed to spend what seemed like an obscene amount on a soap dispenser, even at the reduced price. As a nation we seem to enjoy spending money on unnecessary items and gadgets, some of which get shoved in the back of a cupboard and are forgotten. Would this be the case with this?

      -Packaging and Design-

      The packaging is nothing special with just a plain box with the dispenser being in a clear bag. There is also an instruction pamphlet which tells you how to set up the unit and how to care for it. The dispenser has a clean and simple design which will fit in with any décor and will look good in a bathroom or kitchen. The cylindrical clear acrylic reservoir holds 414ml (14oz) of soap; the front of the unit is black and is also made from plastic with a stainless-steel splash back area. The top is chrome plated and rust proof which is a nice touch. This will take up a bit more space than a regular soap dispenser being 15cm (d) x 7.9cm (w) x 20.8cm (h) so it will need to sit on a shelf, rather than on the side of the sink.


      * Sensor soap pump
      * Touch-free operation
      * Built-in timer
      * Continuous dispensing button
      * Easy to refill
      * 2 year guarantee
      * Stand alone

      It requires 4 x AA batteries which are inserted into the base of the unit. The batteries should last for 3 months, the sensor light will flash three times to alert you that they need changing. There is a dial on the top of the dispenser which easily unscrews allowing you to fill it with a soap of your choice. The opening is nice and wide making it easy to fill with liquid soap. You can use a cheap basic soap and no one will be any wiser and it will still look nice. This can also be used for hand sanitizer, or you can fill it up with your favourite cream or lotion. It is recommended that you don't use thick gel soaps, or soaps with beads or exfoliants as these may clog the pump. There is a volume dial on the base which has four adjustable settings, so depending on the thickness of the soap and how much you like to use depends on the setting. I find the lowest setting provides ample soap and if I want to use more, I can just put my hand under a second time.

      There is also a small blue led light on the front which has an inbuilt timer that indicates how long you are supposed to lather the soap onto your hands (20 seconds). I have to say that I haven't used this feature; but I think this is a handy feature for young children who perhaps are a bit quick with washing their hands, as this will encourage them to spend a bit longer washing, making it slightly more fun.

      On the top of the unit is a continuous dispensing button, which is handy if you require a lot of soap - perhaps for making a nice bubble bath. The unit can be switched off at night to save battery life, although this is not something we remember to do. I am pleased to say that the batteries have lasted very well, and they have only been replaced once in 6 months worth of use, which I think is pretty good going with a family of four using it several times a day.

      -My experience and usage-

      So is it as good as it sounds, and is it worth the £30 price tag?

      Not really having a reason for purchasing this at the time, I can say it certainly gets a lot of use and has been very reliable. It may seem expensive initially, but it has actually saved me money in the long run. Almost everyone I know uses liquid soap dispensers these days, which can be quite expensive as you are paying for the convenience of the soap pump. However if you like to re-use the bottle to save money and the environment this can be messy to refill with the opening being quite small. I generally end up having the soap spill out and coat the outside of the bottle, which is not very economical. After prolonged use the regular soap dispenser bottles become grubby from use and can start to look tired.

      Strange as it may sound I actually keep my Simple Human soap dispenser in the lounge most of the time, you are probably wondering why. Well seeing as it gets used for hand washing after all kinds of tasks, and my house is tiny so it is just as easy for me to use it from my lounge and also my children are able to reach it with ease. Especially my 29 month old baby boy who gets quite sticky throughout the day and so it makes it easier for him to reach the unit and I don't have to struggle to pick him up. I really should get around to buying a second unit that way I could have one in use in the kitchen and bathroom.


      The idea of the sensor soap pump is to avoid cross-contamination; this is a handy gadget to have in the kitchen for when you are preparing food as you don't need to touch the unit in order to wash your hands. I also find this good as I wash my hands quite a lot through the day with two children to take care of. Before preparing food my hands are not necessarily dirty and only need a quick wash to freshen them, so I like the idea that I do not have to put my hand onto a messy pump that has germs on from being touched by dirty hands.

      The dispenser also encourages children to wash their hands, as placing their hand under the sensor and the soap being dispensed onto the hand is a novelty that children will enjoy.

      My 29 month old baby boy still giggles every time he puts his hand under to get some soap, and it makes it much easier for me to wash his hands when they are grubby as I can hold him with both hands as I don't need to help dispense the soap for him.

      I didn't actually realise before using this dispenser that you don't need quite as much soap as a regular soap pump dispenses, with this soap dispenser I set it on the lowest setting which squirts a tiny amount of soap onto my hand and I find this is more than enough so I am actually using less soap than before, which is saving me money in the long run. I buy the big containers of eco friendly soaps that are designed to refill soap bottles, and these are easy to fill the reservoir time and time again, so that is one thing less to buy during my weekly shop.

      It is reliable and I have never had any problem with it since using it, on a couple of occasions the sensor hasn't detected my hand moving under it so I have had to take my hand from under it and try again. With this only happening a few times over the many times it has been used, I don't think this is a problem. It is easy to keep clean and looks as good as it did when I first bought it.

      -Cleaning and Maintaining-

      If you wish to use a different soap in the dispenser then you can simply rinse the chamber with warm water, however you need to be careful not to wet the rest of the unit. For the outside a wipe down with a damp cloth will remove any marks, or you can dust it over with a dry cloth.

      I am really pleased with this product, and I think it was money well spent. Not only does it look stylish it also saves me money as I am using less soap than I did before. It is mess free and easy to refill so no soap gets wasted and it holds a lot more soap. I can now buy soap in bulk which is cheaper too and less waste for the environment, as I no longer need to buy pump soap dispensers.

      This product has been invaluable to me in the past especially during the couple of weeks where I was diagnosed with suspected swine flu, as I had to be more vigilant with my hand hygiene and had to wash my hands more regularly to prevent passing my illness onto the rest of the family. I felt more relaxed knowing that I hadn't put my germs onto the soap dispenser. Also with it dispensing less soap I do not have to rinse my hands for quite as long which is a bonus when I am frequently washing my hands.

      Although the Simple Human soap dispenser may seem expensive, I think they are a great addition to the home as they will save money in the long run. I will definitely be purchasing a second one so I can have one for the kitchen and bathroom. They also come backed with a one year guarantee so once you have purchased your Simple Human soap dispenser you can register it on their website and if you should experience any problems with it they will repair or replace it.

      A brilliant gadget, I never knew I needed!

      Website: www.simplehuman.com


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        14.04.2010 11:36
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A stylish alternative to normal soap

        We bought three of these last year on our wedding list and they are definitely a good talking point! Because you fill up the soap yourself, you can choose what colour or type of soap you want. And we use one for moisturiser as well.

        The dispensor is battery controlled and operates on 4AA batteries. You put these into the battery compartment at the bottom of the dispenser.

        You fill up the soap dispensor at the back and then when you put your hand under the nozzle the soap is automatically dispensed. There are four settings on a wheel at the bottom of the dispenser so you set it according to how thick the liquid is as some soaps or moisturisers can be thicker. This ensures that you get a good amount of liquid out each time - otherwise you could end up with hardly anything at all, or far too much!

        Everyone who came round to our house was very impressed with them and they are great but I will say that they don't always work every time you try to use it, and sometimes I find that I have to push the manual button as the automatic feature doesn't work. They can get clogged up as well so you have to pull a little nozzle just where the soap comes from to try to unclog it. There is a light that lights up on the machine which tells you when soap is being dispensed.

        I also think that they can be quite difficult to clean well as they get dirty looking pretty quickly, with water marks on it. Probably because it is chrome and black then it looks dirtier faster.

        But they are a stylish alternative to soap dispensers.


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          25.01.2010 15:02



          Best soap disenser out there but prepare for dissapointment when it stops working.

          I bought one of these for my bathroom, with the hygiene madness that seems to be sweeping everyone at the moment I thought it would be a good investment.
          It is a great product, until it breaks.

          We got great reactions from everyone who came round and used it. It is easy to fill and set up and looks really stylish, as you can change the colour of soap inside to match your bathroom.

          Then one day the little light on the front (the sensor which controls the dispensing of the soap) started flashing. Instantly I changed the batteries to 4 brand new good quality ones and cleaned it all out really thoroughly. Unfortunately this has had no effect and it just refuses to work. I have no idea what has happened to it so no idea how to fix it, and buying a new one is quite costly compared to buying a regular hand wash from the supermarket.

          My brother in law also purchased this product and his also stopped working for no reason.

          It's such a shame as the product is amazing, but seems to have a definite shelf life of just over 12 months, but if you want 12 months of a great product it is really worth purchasing, but so disappointing when it breaks.


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          27.11.2009 10:23
          Very helpful



          A fantastic hygienic soap dispenser for all the family.

          In this day and age the whole world seems obsessed with hygiene and cleanliness and the recent Swine Flu outbreak has just gone to heighten the awareness and in some cases paranoia concerning daily hygiene. With this in mind it's understandable that while some companies are going bust during the recession, hygiene companies will undoubtedly be making a decent profit with all this hype (necessary or unnecessary) that the media are feeding us.

          When you think about it logically, it can't just be soap and hand sanitizer gel sales that are escalating, the way we dispense our soap has become almost as important as which soap we use and how. Some people still opt for the old fashioned soap bar which slips out of your hands on a regular basis however these days most homes and public conveniences now use soap dispensers with liquid soap which ensures both ease of use and a higher level of hygiene.

          *** What is it? ***

          The Simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump is basically a hands free way of dispensing soap into your hands, therefore without having to touch anything to get soap you will not be picking up germs from the pumps that are normally found on regular dispensers.

          *** How It Works ***

          The dispenser holds 414ml (14oz) of soap and dispenses it in a shrewd and innovative way. You simply place your hands under the sensor which is clearly indicated and soap will instantly be dispensed into your hands, as little or as much as you require. There are different settings that you can change easily which enable you to alter how much soap is dispensed and there is even a built in timer which lasts 20 seconds (the minimum amount of time you should spend washing your hands).

          *** Setting Up ***

          The dispenser couldn't be easier to set up, it requires 2 AA batteries which could be a downside for some people as it means an extra expense but we have now had the device over a year and have only changed the batteries once so they don't suck up power like you'd expect them to. The batteries are inserted in the bottom of the dispenser, to insert the batteries you will need to unscrew two small screws. This seems like a bit of a job but it's easily done, however I personally feel that a normal clip which you find on most battery compartments would have been more than sufficient therefore I think the fact that this device requires a screwdriver is a little over the top and unnecessary.

          Once the batteries are inserted in the correct way you then need to insert the soap. Fortunately this is a lot easier than inserting the batteries and all that is required of you is to turn the top in a clockwise direction which opens the compartment enabling you to easily pour soap in. Once the soap is in you simply screw the top back on and you're away. Be careful where you're pouring the soap and don't fill it too fill, the top does go down into the soap compartment by a couple of centimetres therefore if you fill the compartment right to the brim with soap you're likely to be greeted with a bit of a mess.

          The devices on/off switch is located at the back, at the bottom of the dispenser and is a click wheel. On the click wheel you'll notice the word 'Off' next to a cluster of dots. These dots indicate how much soap you require to be dispensed, they go from one dot meaning off, two dots is the smallest amount of soap that can be dispensed, three dots and finally four dots which is the largest amount to be dispensed. At home we have it on the four dot setting as we find this is an appropriate amount of soap that you'll need for a decent hand washing. The click wheel is incredibly easy to use and access and we have had no problems whatsoever with turning the device off or changing the settings.

          *** Ease Of Use ***

          As you've read, with the exception of the battery compartment the device is extremely easy to set up. One of the great things that I discovered about this device is that it doesn't require you to turn it off after uses. I assumed you would need to turn the device off after every use but after the soap has been dispensed into your hand it simply goes back to standby mode where the front light is off therefore saving the batteries but is ready for the next person to use at any time.

          A brilliant feature with this dispenser is the timer that it incorporates. As aforementioned, the timer lasts 20 seconds, the 20 seconds are indicated by the light situated above the dispenser and it means that you simply wash your hands until the light is no longer illuminated. This is a fantastic hygiene accessory however it's not one that we use on a regular basis. I believe that most people know the correct way to wash their hands and for how long therefore no matter how much I like the inclusion of the timer I can't help but think it's a bit of a novelty item.

          Luckily the dispenser itself isn't a novelty item, it can be used anywhere in the house, we currently have it in the kitchen but of course it would sit perfectly on the edge of the bath if you wished to house your shower gel in it. It isn't messy which was one of my main reservations when buying this item, once the soap has been dispensed into your hands no excess soap is released onto your surfaces which is brilliant. The blue light indicates exactly how long the soap will be dispensed for and means that there wont be any mess.

          The sensor is, dare I say it, very sensitive and it works from the slightest movement therefore if you're planning on moving the dispenser or replacing the batteries make sure you turn it off at the back to save yourself from accidentally activating the dispenser.

          *** Who Will It Appeal To? ***

          I personally feel like this soap dispenser has a wide appeal and will suit any home, it has a very modern touch and look to it and will smarten up your kitchen wonderfully. That said I do feel that this device will be a great asset for certain people; elderly people who have limited strength in their wrists, the device requires no strength at all so could be perfect for the elderly. Also parents with young children, this device will definitely encourage them to wash their hands as they'll love the innovative design of the sensor.

          *** Availability ***

          When we purchased this device around 12 months ago it was selling at £19.99 from Argos, since then the price has shot up to £29.99. I feel that the price is far too high and will possibly discourage certain people from purchasing it. Therefore if you see this device at a discount price then snap it up because it's an excellent device to have in your home.


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