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Talking Bottle Buddy

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Looking for a chatty wine buttler. The bottle buddy is equipped with his own phrases. Make your dinner party come to life when you start serving the wine!

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    1 Review
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      03.02.2009 16:02
      Very helpful



      Your very own drinking buddy!

      This 'Talking Bottle Buddy' was another one of my Christmas presents. I wasn't too sure if I was going to like it when I opened it, but he has grown on me slightly!

      The bottle buddy is a little plastic man which fits onto the neck of a wine bottle and makes comments when you pour the wine. The bottle buddy looks like a butler or elderly gentleman party guest dressed up in tails and smart trousers with a white shirt and bow tie. He is also wearing smart white gloves! He is in sitting position which means both his arms and legs wrap around the bottle neck.

      There is a button on his stomach which pushes in when you put him on the neck of the bottle and this activates him. I think this is good as he is not turned on all the time thus saving batteries. He then makes a comment every time you pour the wine, things like "Its drinky poo time", "Jolly good vintage" and several other phrases. He also lets you know when he thinks your wine is running out, "The plonk is running quite low!" The more wine you pour the drunker the old man seems to get. He tells you he is "very, very drunk!" When you take him off the bottle he says "Are you taking me to another bottle?". One problem is that it is sometimes quite hard to make out what he says sometimes as the sound is not that clear when he is speaking. Also he can be quite repetitive!

      After using him for a little bit he did start to get red wine marks on his white gloves, but these just wiped off with a little bit of water and a tissue. There were no stains left at all and it was really easy to clean off. You have to use a cloth to wipe him clean as of course he uses batteries and is not water tight so he cannot be immersed in water.

      The bottle buddy uses three LR44 batteries which are included when you buy it. There is a screw on the underside of the bottle buddy to undo so that you can change the batteries. My batteries are still fine and I have used the bottle buddy quite a few times, I guess it depends how much wine you drink though! Since he only turns on when you put him on a bottle, and only speaks when you pour the wine I think the batteries will last for a long time.

      He is quite amusing but it does get a little bit irritating after you have heard him talking all night! People who haven't seen it before seem to think it's really funny though. He is a good party accessory though I probably wouldn't use him when I was having a quiet night in with just a couple of friends.

      The bottle buddy has fit on every bottle of wine I have had, but these have been standard wine bottles. He is made of hard plastic and therefore not that flexible so he might not fit on all types of wine bottle necks.

      I took a sneaky peak online and the bottle buddy is priced at £12.99, which I think is quite expensive but if you really like it I guess it isn't that bad! It is available from firebox.com.

      I think this is fun, though I think it was more fun the first few times I used him. He does get a little irritating with his repetitive phrases but he is amusing. It's a shame you can't turn the volume off and just have him sitting on the bottle sometimes!


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    • Product Details

      Looking for a chatty wine buttler. The bottle buddy is equipped with his own phrases. Make your dinner party come to life when you start serving the wine!

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