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TeckNet Plug-In Digital Doorbell with Socket

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Brand: TeckNet / Type: Doorbell

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    6 Reviews
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      25.02.2013 12:33
      Very helpful



      Great value solution

      Postie from hell

      My postie is a miserable git. He's also a miserable git who loves rapping his knuckles on the leaded pane at the top of my front door. Several panes were loosened to the point that I had to get specialist craftsman in to solder some extra lead in.

      The thunderous knocking continued unabated. I've been forced to have direct words with him, pointing out we have a door knocker that even his tiny, troglodytic brain should be able to work out. It stopped for awhile, then returned. Along with my desire to throttle him.

      Part of his problem may well be a set of genitalia virtually invisible to the naked eye, another seems to be that he resented the fact that our doorbell didn't work. It was there, taunting him with it's press me and nothing happens attitude. I decided that I ultimately had two options. One was a claw hammer, the other was a new, inexpensive wireless doorbell.

      Plastic fantastic

      A quick search on my trusty tax-avoiding Amazon web site, and I ordered £6 worth of electronic bellitude. I was a little unsure what to expect, given the low price, but I am rather happy with what came (ironically) in the post.

      There are two bits. There's the plug-in unit for the receiver which contains the speaker and electrical bits and the doorbell itself, which can either be screwed in or stuck on depending on preference. "That'll never stay in place" announced my wife fatalistically. Two months later, it's still very much in place. As is my slightly smug expression.

      The frequency that the doorbell operates on can be changed, in case one of your neighbours is using the same. There are a range of tones available, from the slightly annoying to the very annoying to the one simple "ding-dong" that I wanted.

      When I first realised that the main unit was plugged in, my first thought was great - no batteries. My second was damn - one less available socket. But no. You can plug in direct into the main unit and still use the socket. A great idea. I regularly plug the hoover into this, and all works fine.

      The doorbell itself is utilitarian, rather than attractive. But it does the job. Even if this lasts a year, that's 50p a month. Great value in anyone's world.


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        06.11.2011 12:56
        Very helpful



        an okay gadget but there are better out there

        We have had quite a few door bells in the house since the time we got married and since we were together. Sometimes they have stopped working and other times we have just fancied a change. The latest one we have is the Teck Net plug-in digital doorbell which we bought from Home Bargains. I think this normally retails at around £8 but we got ours slightly cheaper for £5.99.

        It comes in two parts. First there is the plug in chime bit which you plug inside your house (for internal use) and it looks very similar to a normal plug if I am honest. It is white and has three prongs. This must not be inserted more than eighty metres from the wireless bell which you stick onto the door (front or back, we have both, each with different chimes, so we know if it is someone at either the back door or the front door). The button you press to make the doorbell ring is fairly soft and rubbery and gets dirty quite quickly and you cannot really clean it very easily. It is run by a 12 volt battery which seems to have lasted for ages really. We have had this for well over a year now and the battery has not needed to be changed as yet so it is long lasting.

        The whole pack comes complete with everything you need in the kit to install the doorbell, and it also has a really useful full page of easy to read clear instructions. It is so simple to install and once it is installed you have a great choice of different chime tunes to pick from. As I say, we have a diferent one on each of the house's two doors. The chimes are very loud and we can hear them even if we are far back in the house. I can hear it ring if I am in the attic but if I am down in the basement I cannot detect anything at all.

        Really excellent value for money and highly recommended.


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        23.10.2011 14:15
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good door bell from TeckNet

        When we moved into our house 2 1/2 years ago the previous owner left us with an old doorbell that had obviously seen better days. It was one that required batteries and although old and battered we decided to leave it where it was and use it as money was tight. This was fine until the batteries needed replacing, it was so expensive to do this that we decided to buy a plug in door bell. I was reluctant to get one of these at first as my parents had one that would ring whenever someone went to the house over the road, amusing at first but it soon got annoying, the bell would also start to ring on its own and refuse to stop, but the cost of replacing the batteries out weighed my concerns and we bought the TeckNet Plug In Door Bell.
        We got ours from a local DIY shop but they are widely available on line and currently Amazon are selling them for £10.99.

        For your money you get a little white doorbell obviously for your door, this measures 9 x 3.5 cm's. This just sticks to the door or door frame with adhesive pads which are supplied, alternatively you can screw this on if you like. It has a little oval button to press just like most doorbells and requires a 12V battery which was also supplied. To insert the battery you need to remove the back of the doorbell which is easy.

        The socket unit is quite bulky really, it measures 7 x 11cm's and is 4cm's deep at its widest point. It has a small button on the side that you need to press to choose your tune, to do this the unit does need to be plugged in and the socket turned on. The bell has 16 tunes to choose from, some better than others, and there is just a regular "ding dong" if you want its just your personal preference.
        There are a few Christmas songs to choose from too which are quite nice to use at that time of year.

        The socket unit needs to be plugged into a socket no further than 80 meters of the door bell. It goes into a regular 13 AMP socket and the nice thing about this unit is that you can actually use the front of it as a socket too so if, like us, you are a bit short of plugs you don't use lose one with the doorbell.
        The downside to this is the unit as I mentioned is its a bit bulky and if you are using it on a double plug you might not be able to use the other socket, it depends what you want to plug into it. If its a regular size plug then there is just enough room but anything bigger and you may struggle.

        We have our unit plugged in in the kitchen, its made from white plastic so doesn't look out of place. This is an ideal spot for us as it means we can hear the bell in the lounge and also out in the garden too. We can easily hear the bell upstairs as well but obviously where you place it and how far the "ring" travels will depend on the size and design of your house.

        I have been very pleased with the TeckNet doorbell its proved to be ideal for us. We can hear it all over our house and garden and the only battery is in the doorbell part which so far hasn't needed replacing In my opinion its a practical unit that doesn't actually take up one of my plug sockets. There are several tunes/rings to choose from that range from classical to Christmas. All in all a good buy that works out much cheaper than replacing batteries all the while.


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          11.08.2011 13:10
          Very helpful



          A great door bell that is so quick to set up

          At the front of mouse is a large porch and there is an internal door that leads off the porch into the hallway. Now, as a rule, I tend not to bother opening the door unless I know who is calling or if I am expecting someone. However, despite quick liking the fact that I could never hear anyone call at the door because the external door was so far from the rest of the house, I kept leaving my guests standing out in the rain. To quell this problem, I decided to look into getting a door bell. What put me off was the thought of having to get a professional in to wire it in and the cost of it. Before I started looking at door bells I did not realise that you could but wireless door bells and pick them up so cheap!

          *Price and availability*

          I paid £8.00 from an online store and I used a comparison website to get the best price.

          *What's in the box?*

          In the box is the door bell button with 12V battery which is a small white plastic cased rubber button.
          The chime unit complete with three pin plug attached to plug straight into the main supply. This is quite cumbersome and measures around 11.5 cm tall and 4.5 cm wide. It looks a little ugly stuck in a plug socket but it doesn't take up a lot of room up if you are using a double socket unlike some plug in devices. Also a great addition to this unit is that it allows another plug to be plugged into it, as at the front it has holes to accommodate another uk plug. This is a great addition as it quells any upset that the chime takes up a valuable plug socket.
          Also in the box is a bag of screws, plugs and a double-sided adhesive pad so you can attach the bell to the outside of your house.

          *how it works*

          Simply attach the door bell to the front of the house using the adhesive pads provided. I was extremely shocked how sticky they are! Make sure you get the door bell on straight as you will struggle to pull it off again if you want to move it! I stuck mine on the side casing of the UPC door and it is noticeable but does not look obtrusive.
          The chime unit needs plugging in some where internal in the house that is less than 80 m from the door bell.

          *The tune*

          You can select different chimes by following the easy to read instructions that come in the pack. It is very easy to do. I selected a very simple "Dum Doing" sort of ring which is very impactive and I can hear it where ever I am in the house.
          I only have the door bell on the front but the good thing about being able to change tunes is that if you want to a door bell on your back door, you can select a different tune and then you will know which door you need to answer!
          I think the door bell is fantastic and the battery is lasting well. I love the fact that if I do not want to have the door bell on or if I am a sleep and need a lay in because I have been working nights, I can easily disable the door bell by simply unplugging the chime unit!
          I have recently bought one of these for my Gran who is amazed at how easy it is to set up and use.
          A great purchase and definitely worth the money.


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            03.02.2011 16:50
            Very helpful



            A fairly basic piece of technology which appears fit for purpose

            Ding Dong!

            No, it isn't Avon calling. Nor is it Terry Thomas or Leslie Philips. It's just the doorbell.

            For about 3 years now, our doorbell has been inoperative. It's one of those jobs that never seemed important enough to sort out. Regular callers know the bell doesn't work and just holler. We also have a knocker and a big cast-iron bell on the outside near the door.

            Recently, however, we missed an important delivery and had to go to some time, trouble and expense to go to the sorting office to collect the parcel. This was the kick up the jacksie that I needed to sort something out, so I did! Not before I had ordered a window/door alarm in error off eBay - stupid of me I know but from here on into dotage, I can get away with a few mistakes like this, I hope.

            Anyway, wiring seemed inappropriate so it was always going to be a wireless one. We decided to go for a plug in wireless one rather than the battery one we had had before - we figured it was going to be cheaper overall, even though this TeckNet one was £2 more expensive than the battery one we had been eyeing up in B&M bargains.

            I had a bit of a psychological hurdle to climb before buying a TeckNet product because I think it should be Technet with an h and a small n and not TeckNet with a k and a capital N. Quite sad, really, but I eventually overcame this spurious objection with a grumble and a mutter and we bought the infernal thing. (I don't like the capital B in eBay either, by the way)

            Now it has to be said that installing this thing did not stretch my DIY abilities in the slightest and I left to my darling wife the choice of electrical socket to use for the main unit, whilst I screwed the bell itself onto the door frame. Et voila! Time for testing!

            There is something in all of us that dictates that when there are 16 melodies from which to choose, the first thing you have to do is play all 16....twice!...before we finally agreed on a good old-fashioned ding dong. We're very cutting edge, you can tell.

            We had to wait for a day and a half before somebody came to the door and rang it. When they did, we jumped as we weren't used to it. Anyway, it has been rung a few times since and so far so good. There aren't a huge number of things that can go wrong with this. It has a range of up to 80m, but I would take that with a pinch of salt. Our wireless signal only has to travel about 15 metres to the central point downstairs where we have sited the main plug-in unit.

            The unit comes with a 12 month guarantee and costs, from memory about eight pounds.


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            19.01.2011 15:42
            Very helpful



            I do not think I will be replacing this unit for a long time


            I have lost count of the number of doorbells I have bought and discarded over the years, (none of which were cheap) simply because they ate batteries like there was no tomorrow and eventually gave up the ghost.

            ~~~~One Solution~~~~

            Several years ago, I bought a cheap, wired doorbell from the Pound shop, which when fixed to the side-entrance door has never given me any trouble, except that sometimes, in damp weather, it would ring without the aid of a digit on the button.
            To connect the bell push to the bell chime, fixed to the back of the door, I had to drill a tiny hole through the door through which to pass the wire. No problem because the door was wooden and well protected from winds and rain. However, when it came to the front door, I was not skilled enough to drill through a wall or brave enough to tackle the double glazed door, so had to settle for a wireless doorbell at the front.

            ~~~~Incidental Grouch~~~~

            Most of these electronic, wireless doorbells are annoyingly loud, with no volume control, playing irritatingly long tunes, or multiple chimes, it is no wonder the batteries of the chimer drain so quickly, even though the bell push battery kept its charge well.


            One day I visited an elderly lady who, like myself, had similar problems with her wireless doorbells, she had the additional problem of being slightly deaf, so never knew when she missed hearing her bell through fault of the battery or her hearing aid. On this occasion, I noticed a brand new bell push and the doorbell, though loud, issued a proper doorbell sound, "Ding-dong, Dig-dong." - Okay so it did repeat but not excessively so.

            She went on to show me her new acquisition, given her by her daughter who, I suspect, was fed up with having to change the batteries for her aging mum.
            The bell push was like any ordinary bell push, screwed onto the outside edge of the doorframe. The chime, however, was enormous, twice the size of regular wireless units, and was plugged straight into an electrical socket next to her armchair. Perfect.

            Since the lady did not know where her daughter bought the unit, I went on line to find one, having drawn a blank at my usual electrical store. Amazon as usual came up trumps, with a large assortment of wireless doorbells from which to choose. I was not looking to spend a fortune, so chose the Teck Net plug-in digital doorbell, with the added feature of a socket allowing another electrical item to be plugged directly into the chime.

            ~~~~The Teck Net Plug-in Digital Doorbell~~~~

            The whole package arrived about a week after my ordering it through Amazon from BV Electronics. Total cost was £8.99 plus £2.00 postage. In the parcel was a bell push with 12V battery, the chime unit and an accessory pack, which consisted of two small screws and raw plugs and a double-sided adhesive pad. The latter for attaching the bell push to the outside wall or doorframe, rather than with the screws. Also included was an A4 sheet with comprehensive instructions on how to install the bells and select a ring tone.

            I was greatly amused to see an additional, thin strip of paper with a note thanking buyers for purchasing the item and asking for a positive feedback and (I quote) "Do a good rating on Detailed Seller Ratings. Please don't leave Neutral feedback. If you have any problem, don't leave negative feedback just contact us first....." "If you are satisfied with our products, please do a 5 stars Review...." Quite an unnecessary plea for good rating really, for I cannot as yet find fault.

            ~~~~The Chime~~~~

            The chime, encased in a sturdy, white plastic casing, is 11.5cm tall, 4.5cm width at the base, and 2cm wide at the top. At the bottom of the rear is the three pin plug, which can be inserted into a domestic socket within an 80meter distance of the bell push. At the front of the chime is a socket into which another 13Amp, three-pinned electrical gadget can be plugged.
            Inset on the left side of the chime is a small, oval shaped button, used to select the required ring tone from a selection of 16 different tones, although I would describe them as tunes.

            Power supply to the Door chime: 230Volts AC. 50Hz
            Power supply to the bell push: 12V battery
            Battery type: 23A
            Selection of Ring tones/tunes: 16


            Nothing could more simple. I inserted the 12V battery into the bell push case, stuck the adhesive pad onto the back and positioned the whole thing on the doorframe outside.
            The chime, I positioned in the kitchen, by plugging it into the spare socket where I would normally plug in the vacuum cleaner. I can then plug the cleaner into the socket on the front of the unit so that the chime stays on at all times.

            ~~~~My opinion~~~~

            Having installed the unit and tested it thoroughly, I find that wherever I am in the house, I can still hear the chime. It is just as loud as any wireless doorbells I have used and some of the tunes play for several seconds. However, on reflection that is not such a bad thing, especially for the hard of hearing who may not have registered the first few notes of the tune. I have not gotten through the whole repertoire of tunes yet.
            The main advantage of this wireless bell for me, is that I will not need to check and change batteries every two or three weeks.


            I have discovered another useful employ for this chime. All dog owners will know that their pets will sometimes feign deafness when they do not wish to obey a command. My collie is no exception when out in the garden, barking at next door's cat sitting on the fence. However, apparently there is one thing he enjoys more and that is to meet and greet visitors at the door. Therefore, when Moses refuses to respond to my calls, I just press the button on the side of the chime, to sound the chime, and hey-presto one eager looking; tail-wagging dog is at my side in seconds.

            I have had this going now for eight months, and have not yet had to change the battery in the bell push.

            Feb. 2013 update: I still have not needed to change the battery in the bell push. This bell has paid for itself, I'm sure.


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