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True Utility LockLite Key Torch

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Type: Torch

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    2 Reviews
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      19.06.2007 07:26
      Very helpful



      Turns your door key into a mini torch

      Having read the other review on this item, I was moved to buy one for the same price, £3.99 including postage and packing from, you guessed it, ebay.

      Despite being a sucker for a gadget, I do actually happen to have a specific reason for wanting a key-ring torch of some kind.

      If I approach my front door in the dark, the initial impression that it’s well lit by the street lamp opposite is immediately swept away by your own shadow, and no amount of manoeuvring will let you both see the keyhole and reach it!

      Once delivered, first impressions were favourable, as indeed last impressions were too. It’s the journey between one and the other that was a challenge.

      The item as unpacked is a neat stainless steel button torch pre-assembled around a plastic replica of a house key.

      “Aha!” you’d think, “take it apart, swap the keys over, bung it back together and Robert is your Dad’s brother, right?”

      Hmmm, wrong in my case although you may be luckier.

      The instructions for this little gadget are quite explicit – “fits all round-headed household keys”, they say. Well, I beg to differ. Maybe if they are Union or Yale or Legge branded keys they fit, but my keys (which up till now I’d always thought of as bog-standard) were too large in many ways.

      Firstly, the design called for a thinner key than mine, so off to the shed I go to hone the edges down and file off any raised trade marks etc.

      My keys were also a tiny bit too wide in diameter, so back to the shed I went to file off the edges.

      At this point I’m starting to feel like the apocryphal Irishman in the joke where he was creating counterfeit 10p pieces by filing the corners off 50p’s.

      Once all this was done, it was time to try to re-assemble the torch/key but no, it still wouldn’t fit. It seemed to me that the ‘neck’ of the key (where the circular ‘handle’ meets the ‘locky bits’) was a tad too bulky just where it disappears into the torch as the use of brute force was pushing the Locklite apart, making it impossible to get the lid back on.

      Two careful cuts of a millimeter with a slim hacksaw created the necessary slots, and then at last I’m in business and finding that putting it back together is still fiddly as the other reviewer has suggested. However, after all my trials and tribulations, I could do ’fiddly’ standing on my head! The worst part is trying to refit a ‘circlip’ which locks the lanyard to the casing and keeps it all together.

      Why file the key down?

      a) I refuse to be beaten by a bit of metal.

      b) I’d ruled out making any alterations to the metal work of the torch for the simple reason that stainless steel sheet doesn’t file easily whereas…

      c) The brass of the key is a damned sight easier to file and

      d) I’d got two spare keys and only one torch.

      This may seem a lot of bother for something costing a mere four quid, but I do happen to like the finished article, and the ergonomics of it are great.

      Just as you are about to fumble for the keyhole, the button falls conveniently under your thumb and maintaining pressure on it is a natural consequence of gripping it to turn the key. Thus, lighting the keyhole and opening the door is a one-handed operation, not two as it might be with a separate torch.

      The two lithium batteries supplied are a common size, and combined with the use of a white LED (not a bulb) many thousands of hours of useful life are claimed.

      The pool of light created by the torch is just right for purpose. I’m glad about the ‘thousands of hours’ bit – that means I won’t be taking it apart very often!

      I’d recommend the Locklite to anyone with branded door keys (or patience, fingernails, 30 minutes and a hack saw and file!) who doesn’t want the extra bulk of a mini torch on their key-ring.


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        11.06.2007 16:43
        Very helpful



        A really useful gadget which doesn't cost the earth

        Have you ever stumbled home drunk and wondered who moved the keyhole in your door? I bet you have! Well, I can’t say I have given that I hate drinking (!)....but it's still hard to find your keyhole in the dark, and this task would be made infinitely easier with a light. My boyfriend figured this out a couple of years ago and bought himself a mini keyring torch, forgetting that you'd need to point the torch AND the key towards the door at the same time....kinda fiddly! Whilst browsing iwantoneofthose.com (not for this product I might add, but we always end up with about 5 things we'll never need) we noticed that the geniuses at True Utility had created a torch which would attach itself onto your key!

        Priced at only £3.99 we found this gadget to be a bit of a bargain and bought one for each of us and two as potential small presents for friends because it fits any round key and should prove very useful after a night out.

        The LockLite comes unpackaged with a small no-frills cardboard label attached to the keyring and a plastic key in the gadget as an example. It’s a really simple looking thing which is basically just a sturdy little stainless steel container with a black rubber top showing the True Utility logo. All of this is attached to a fair sized metal ring at the top, and it’s handy that they have included a connection between the gadget and the ring which allows you to swivel the key through 360 degrees. The black rubber top presses down with an easy cushioned feeling to emit the bright 6mm LED light, which apparently reaches 3 metres. I haven’t measured it exactly but it is definitely better than no light if you find yourself stuck in the dark somewhere, and it’s also great if you’ve dropped something underneath the seat of your car!

        * THE ASSEMBLY - When you unfold the cardboard label there are assembly instructions. You might think that something this simple wouldn’t need instructions but trust me, it wasn’t easy and I was doubting that I was following the instructions properly. True Utility admit themselves that the initial steps for taking the gadget apart and attaching it to your key are a bit fiddly but to me that was an underestimate! I think that possibly the difficulty lay with my longish fingernails that I wasn’t willing to break, as my boyfriend managed to unclip the gadget eventually though it still wasn’t easy. However, given that this device includes 2 long life Lithium batteries with a combined life of 100,000 hours I think you’d have to be seriously bad at finding the lock, or live a very long time before those batteries would wear out and you’d need to remove the key. I suppose if you’re renting as we are, then you’d need to be able to remove the key when you move house but I still can’t see that being too much hassle. I think it was difficult to attach the key to the LockLite as it needs to be impossible for the two to become separated without you realising – and this is definitely the case. The only way to lose your key would be to lose the LockLite as they can’t come apart unless you take them apart.

        Once attached the LockLite really doesn’t add much extra bulk to your key, which will be a major advantage for anyone who carries their keys in their pocket as opposed to a bag. The whole thing is just 2.5cm diameter by 1cm. Being stainless steel and very sturdy feeling I can't see my LockLite breaking or being damaged in my lifetime. It's been in my bag for over 6 months now with soft things, hard things, other keys and stuff, and still it looks pretty much the same as when I bought it (apart from a little bit of sparkly makeup on it!) It's built to last and I'm sure it will.

        I know this is a short review, but it's a simple thing that needs little explanation so there really isn’t much else to say about this, other than that it’s a genius invention and everyone without a security light should have one so stick it in your basket next time you’re at iwoot, Firebox, Amazon or anywhere you notice it being sold. Even people with security lights may find this handy for those situations I mentioned above, like losing little things in poorly lit situations.

        I can’t say that I am looking forward to removing the key when we move house, but then what are boyfriends for?


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      • Product Details

        Transforms any standard round ended key into a flashlight. Super bright white 6mm LED bulb, guaranteed for life. Only 11mm thick inlcuding the key. Hangs off key ring or around the neck, spins on a key ring. 2 x long life lithium batteries included.

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